Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Roberta di Camerino

Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny Back to Venice today to the Museo Fortuny and an exhibit of Roberta di Camerino.Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny Idiot moi did not even know who de Camerino was - a famous Venetian fashion designer.Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny
Particularly famous for her trompe l'oeil bags that graced the arms of Callas, Princess Grace and were adored by Dali. She died in December of last year at the age of 92.
Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny La Museo Fortuny with it's ancient figure sculptures was the perfect setting for her collections..
Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny And Grazie tanti to Liz in London who sent me a Donna Leon signed (!) copy of her latest, Drawing Conclusions. Mio dio! I haven't read it yet but Commissario Brunetti never disappoints.
Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny Camerino's jersey dresses fool the eye/trompe l'oeil...

Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny With their printed drapery.

Roberta di Camerino - Museo FortunyAnd criss-crossed faux pleats...

Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny Especially over the derriere.

Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny Here a faux cardigan and skirt set all in one-piece...

Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny So witty, so convenient. Who has not left a cardigan in a restaurant or somewhere else? No chance of that when wearing a Roberta di Camerino!

Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny If you have a di Camerino bag do you need to wear anything else?

Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny Did the painting come first or the jersey dress?
These glasses turned upside down sitting out in the sun at a nearby Venice cafe reminded me of di Camerino's brilliant colors.
Roberta di Camerino - Museo Fortuny


  1. Gorgeous fabrics and dresses!

    (I secretly reached down to your previous post and stole a Maison Blanc Petit Four, hope you don't mind.)

  2. Add moi to the idiot list! I had not heard of her either, despite faithfully absorbing Vogue for at least 4 decades (quit around age 50)! Do you think the t-shirt with tuxedo printed on it was a knock-off? Love the saturated color!

  3. Exactement le opposite ma cherie.
    Everyone else knocked her off including MANY famous bag dsigners like Gucci, Botega Veneta etc.

    She was the first!
    92 -been around a long time...

  4. Those are amazing! I love the "built in" accessories on those dresses - no necklaces or scarves to get caught in the harp when I'm playing!

  5. LOVE this designer!
    These are my kind of clothes.
    Just fabulous


  6. Justine2:51 PM

    Very wittiy indeed.
    You can see the Dali influence in the faux drapery.

  7. Fantastic post Carol....enjoy Venice...wish I was soaking up that colour with you....xv

  8. Gorgeous! I miss Venice...
    I must admit that I had not heard of the Museo Fortuny or di Camerino....


  9. Love it!

    (Word verification:


    Would that be multiple Sistine Chapels?)

  10. Very nice looking designs - I like the prints.
    That museum looks like it's tucked in a cellar :) A bit dark.....
    You did a great job with the fashion photos and the last shot - the glasses on the table - is very inventive.

  11. Hello Carol,

    On my one and only visit to Venice, I wandered and wandered, and lo, I came upon the Fortuny museum, where I fell in love with those fabrics but also enjoyed the exhibit of works by Fornisetti.

    Two discoveries in one afternoon. Memories forever.


  12. Wow, that bag and those gowns are stunning. Thanks for sharing....Have you seen Midnight in Paris yet? Such a treat, I think you'll love it. XO

  13. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Love your post today. European desing is certainly something out of the box. We don't come across it in Oz to much. I am having a quiet love affair with it even though my instincts usually choose something more subtle.
    - lovely. The glasses image is superb.
    - Suzi ( in Seville )

  14. theres magic in your blog....



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