Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Watercolor Workshop Maine

Monday- first day out painting in Rockland, Maine with David. This is our subject matter or whatever you feel like painting.

David starts his demo at 9AM with a thumbnail painting of the two chairs.
David talks and paints while we watch. And listen.
I doodle.
Then on to painting!
At 4 o'clock David crits our work
Shirley Cook did this wonderfully loose watercolor (with Alison in the hat)
Sue Del Ponte's lovely page combining drawing, paint swatches and large thumbnail.
My combo thumbnail/watercolor of the two chairs. The first day is always the hardest, getting your feet wet in watercolor.
Speaking of feet, the majority of workshoppers are wearing Keen's shoes. Next time.

And then la piece de la resistance of the day
FRIED CLAM SANDWICHES at the Rockland Cafe

Official LOBSTER DAY for us is on Thursday so we must wait.
But it's impossible to wait for ice cream cones.
Maine deck chairs are everywhere, even miniature versions.


  1. Wow! Love the blog.
    can't figure where you were?????

  2. Down the road from the Owl's Head General Store at the harbor
    comme habitude

  3. Anonymous8:38 AM

    How wonderful to be sitting at the feet of a master...your work is wonderful and I am proud!
    Cant wait to hear about lobster. x

  4. Carol, thank you so much for bringing us all along. I have never been to Maine. Did you know our David McCullough is a painter too? I so admire these paintings. Have a wonderful time!

  5. I am delighted to be the first one of your fans to (A) be envious, and (B)be so happy that you are once again in Maine, painting with DD. Happily, I was painting just a few hours above where you are every morning about 2 weeks ago, on Deer Isle. I also find on my first day of getting back into water color, especially on-site, I do some reeeeeeel stinkers.
    But love what you've shown us so far!

  6. how wonderful!

    love it all...

    not sure about those shoes...



    how fun to paint outdoors!
    {{ thinking
    i would
    prefer paris
    that is Just Me! }}

    hope you R
    having The Best Time!

  7. Lucky you, Carol~ painting in Maine~ and this is ALWAYS one of my favorite of your blogs (well, and going to Paris~ and anything with Bear in it). Your shoes are nifty~ I want a pair. Hugs~ Bugs ! (Still in the Mojave).

  8. Wow, this is awesome work, like your blog.. keep up the good work!!
    Painter, Riverside


  9. I LOVE taking DD's watercolor class vicariously every year! THis year is especially nice as we are in the middle of 10 straight days of heat warnings, with temps in the 100's. Just a glance at those cool, calm landscapes is refreshing.

  10. What a wonderful week: doing what you love, egged on by peers, in a beautiful environment, with good food rewards. Oui, parfait!

  11. How exciting and inspirational! It's always, always good to learn new things and get a fresh well of ideas filled up. I love your painting!

    My Mom swears by Keen's shoes. She wore hers all over Paris and never had a foot problem. Not so stylish, but they really saved her.

  12. Out doing art en plein air and fried clams? Perfect vacay!

  13. Did you do this last year? Oh this looks like so much fun..all the works are beautiful..

    Love Maine:) have fun!Never heard of these shoes..Thanks!

  14. I have those shoes. Well, the Land's End version of the green ones. And I also have a serious case of Fried Clam envy. And watercolor workshop envy. And being in Maine where I've never been envy (or anywhere where it isn't over 105 - the official human heat threshold above which all life is miserable - as it is here in AZ). But I did order his book because I very much like what I have seen from your annual trip photos!


  15. Dear Carol,
    your painting classes with DD have become a beloved summer ritual for me tee, albeit vicariously. I am looking forward to it, enjoying it while it lasts, and hoping for a bite of that lobster sandwich on Thursday!
    Enjoy yourself!

  16. A great selection of paintings by the group - yours, too, of course!
    A very talented bunch.
    Great shots of your mentor, too!
    I wish that I was up there - it looks like a great place.

  17. I follow your blog daily and went to Paris for the first time last September and fell in love with the city of lights. Reading your blog everyday takes me back to that wonderful week I spent
    there and makes me realize how very little I actually experienced.
    My husband and I have spent lots of time in Maine and use to take the ferry from Rockland out to Vinalhaven where the family summer
    house was. We made many a trip to North Haven for ice cream and and to peek in the island shop.
    I strongly recommend the trip if you get the chance to head out to the islands. There are so many beautiful places to paint out there. Thanks for sharing the pics of Rockland. It brought back many great memories.
    Have a great time

  18. Why do you do the "thumbnail" ?
    and then the other painting?

  19. Do you ever do a test run of yr recipes?
    you plan out the big painting in the mini painting.
    A kind of rehearsal for the show.


  20. Maine looks gorgeous as do the paintings.

  21. If you have a chance to come up the road to Rockport on Wednesday evening (6 to 8), Linda Norton will be talking about some of her paintings at the Rockport Public Library. Or just stop in to the library to say hello (and have a superb lobster roll or crab roll at Graffam's). Sorry we're giving you such hot weather this week, but it makes the ice cream that much better.

  22. Thanks for taking us with you. Its going to be fun seeing what you post. Great beginning.

  23. Fun to see what I remember so well! Love the chair paintings! Have fun, Carol!

  24. You are so very clever - your chairs are pretty! Oh! how interesting to see Keen shoes - they are the in walking shoe here - comfortable and stylish


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