Friday, July 22, 2011

Painting at Drift Inn Beach ME

Drift In Beach

Is full of local Mainers

Enjoying the very breezy, nice day
The scene reminds me of the watercolors of British artist, Sir William Russell Flint
A 1920's artist who painted quite a few beachy scenes like this one (along with quite a few topless flamenco dancers...)
The locals drop by to watch us painting
Even BEAR is onsite to watch the show
Our instructor, David paints the rocks
David's palette always amazes...
Voila! Terminee.
I am terminee aussi.
Shirley Cook paints Drift In beach. Shirley's thumbnail sketch.
Alison Cattan's Drift In Beach.
Time to break for
Lunch (a Haddock sandwich as you suggested) at the Dip Net Inn.
Post-lunch demo
Another 'thumbnail' of Bob's house.
It's too chilly and windy here so we go inside for our afternoon crit.
The end of another perfect day - Ginger Ice Cream. At Dorman's Dairy Dream. The light is so Homer.


  1. I adore the paintings Carol but....Did you say ginger ice-cream??? xv

  2. Aren't David's skies scrumptious ! Who knew a peach sky could look so perfect~ you must be having a marvelous time. And it's cool, even chilly~ while everywhere else, people are having such awful hot weather. Your timing couldn't be better. So glad you are sharing this experience with us.
    hugs~ Bugs !

  3. Yes, Ginger ice cream - very creamy with undertones of ginger and a few ginger bits.
    No like?
    Yummy indeed Vickie

  4. When I saw the paintings, I thought luminous...then I saw the GINGER! ice cream and the SIZE OF IT! and thought...WHAT A CONE! Seriously, tho, as always, you are an inspiration to me. I don't post as often as I would like but I love love love your work/blog/insights, etc. and now I'm done gushing!

  5. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Okay, now there are two of you in Maine doing fab art things! I love that shot of the buoys, consider it flickr-faved! :)

  6. I so remember Shirley Cook--I LOVE her painting here! Do tell her hi for me--she was so sweet and so talented. That is one gorgeous painting she did. I still remember some of her previous paintings--she really stood out to me. I had googled her and saved her website, too, when I went back home. It sounds great, Carol!

  7. Another day of gorgeous pictures - both the watercolors and the live shots. Wow. How wonderful it must be to be there!

  8. From here that looked like the perfect day. How was the haddock?
    a big YES to ginger ice cream.

  9. I stumbled upon your blog while searching google for icecream photos! I'm so glad I did! Lovely!

  10. This has been a treat following you on your Watercolor workshop vacation. So much Talent here. I will miss these postings. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  11. Thank you for taking me on a mini vacation this afternoon. Love the paintings, the photos, and the essence of the entire post! Inspiring, to say the least. kt

  12. I could go for some of that ginger ice cream right about now. It's 100degrees here in NJ. Oh how I wish I was in Maine, on the shore, blissfully eating ice cream.

    Oh well, in my mind, I am. :)

    I'm loving all the watercolor posts, Carol. I am especially fond of thumbnails - a discipline
    I've never really mastered.

    Love haddock, too. Ha!

  13. Thanks Yevettte,
    One HAD to do the thumbnails or face the guillotine.
    I can be negligent as well, but no more.
    Yes I too could do with some Ginger ice cream right his minute!
    The temperature is rising in Maine :((

  14. Everything is so FANTASTIQUE!
    Love the photos,
    which often reflect DD paintings, in feeling,
    ala "contrajour."

  15. It looks beautiful there. The ocean looks so inviting in this heat.
    Good to see BEAR!
    I hope that you have a great weekend!

  16. the photos are marvelous, enjoy your trip!

  17. Anonymous10:47 PM


  18. I love your yearly trip to Maine. My best friend lived North of Bar Harbor for 10 years where I was invited often. Now your art trips make me wish I was there again

  19. Ginger ice cream? I'm in heaven. We are in Maine a couple times a year. I'll have to look for that ice cream shop.

  20. Carol, we are setting records here with temps over 100, so I really laughed at your comment that it was too chilly for an outdoor critique session up there in Maine!

    Your painting and those of your colleagues just looks so free and beautiful.

    And as for that giant ginger ice cream cone...yummmmy. xo

  21. Thank you, Carol,
    for another uplifting post from a place where summer reigns in all her mastery!

    I love that first picture especially.

  22. Am totally loving your shots and sharing your experience in Maine. Delightful! Thanks so much for taking us along!

  23. It's a small world. Here I sit in Maine trying to find inspiration for what to pack for my husband to wear this summer in Paris, I stumble onto your blog and view pictures of the coast!

    Tres bon!

    1. isn't it a tad soon to be packing/planning for a summer trip?
      I tend to pack the day before or the morning of the trip...preferably a couple of hrs before so I can panic

  24. A good part of the fun of traveling is the planning (dreaming)! It's a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

    Yes, the actual packing will take place the day before but I strive to bring only essentials and need to plan well. He's harder to pack for.


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