Thursday, July 07, 2011

The French Man...

Of late The French Man has been getting a bad rap, well some of them, ahem. Yet French men do have many redeeming qualities. We must not overlook these by focusing too much on la French femme don't cha think? For ex. French men have A LOT of hair. Is it their diet or their genes? Are they hairy everywhere? One sometimes wonders... Yet they are effortlessly chic/classe/cool. And a French man carries a man purse so perhaps he understand us better?
It's a well known fact French men notice if you change your hairstyle, hair color or get a haircut. The American guy may not yet have realized you have hair.
                                 Viva la difference!
French men never tire of noticing French women of a certain age... Nor do French men have a problem entering all-pink patisserie Fauchon and helping his ladylove choose desserts.
French bouquets were put on this earth...
For the French man to show his appreciation to the French woman. American guys, as a rule only remember flowers on Valentines day...hmmm

Showing affection in public?
No problem for the French guy.
Many French dads are out and about strolling with their offspring.
Let's face it. Go into any Parisian cafe and you will meet up with a French man.
Eat in most French restaurants and you'll be eating the fruits of a French man.
French pastry?
French men mostly own that turf and who could complain?
My own French Monsieur showers me with flowers and champagne. He always carries my pastry bags too.


  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    Interesting observations. I think the term you want is "bad rap" however.

  2. I only know one French guy, and he is special, indeed.
    Yours is nicely tied up in stripes, good job, Carol! ;-)

  3. you have made a very persuasive case pour l'homme francais!

  4. Merci Anonymous
    I fixed it!

    Yeah Merisi, my Fr. guy wears stripes - he's a prisoner of Zenda here :)

  5. Oh, French men....
    It's very true - they seem quite attentive! And well dressed...

  6. If only there could be as much style adorned upon North American men, but I guess it is just not in their genetics nor in their culture.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  7. That first photo could be an older version of excellent Portuguese (gay) friend Rogério (he's 41). What a hunk (both of them)! And R. is also sensitive, attentive, generous, and I'm sure would be happy to carry my pastries... Btw, a great post, Carol!

  8. Oh I love french men....they looooove women, are never too timid to flirt, and très charmant (on peut dire trop charmant lol).

  9. le Justine4:37 PM

    L'Homme Francais
    Bon vivant!
    comme ca

  10. I totally agree about the French man but imagine my delight when I found out that Argentine men are the same !!
    And taller lol ... besos, C

  11. Miam miam...and I'm not talking about the pastry...

  12. Great photos, Carol.
    I like the Public Display of Affection shot in the metro - nice candid shot.

  13. Anonymous6:18 PM

    I thi anonymous likes to lurk and point out mistakes, why else Anonymous, hmmm
    This is the 2nd post I have read about French men this week. I don't mind reading about them, commenting on them and glancing at them :)

  14. I do believe in yer latest post you meant to say "Frenchmen look at women no matter what their age." or something to that effect. (?)
    That's why my last name is "Ternay."

  15. Finally! You share the formidable French Man! You've been keeping him all to yourself!

  16. Ohlala,"Dancing With The Stars" Autralia...Manu Feildel..what a frenchman....

  17. Oh gosh you had me laughing...especially about the hair. My dad didn't notice my mom changed her hair to red,lol.

  18. someone once told me,

    "Go out with an American guy and he will talk about himself the whole nite.

    Go out with a French guy and he will ask you about YOU!"

    Viva la difference

  19. Delicious more than one way! I screamed when I read the line about wondering if they were hairy all over. Waaaaaa! Perhaps you should forget pastries next trip to Paris and do some French man research? Hmmm? Whip up some paintings for us?

  20. "Carol... LOVE PB!!!

    My daughter took French in high school, and called me the other day to say your PB blog made her want to marry a French man!

  21. Yes,
    a French man I dated must have been the hairiest man I've ever met!
    What you say about French men is so true!

    Uummm . . . do I sense a book in the making, perhaps?

    Thank you for sharing


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