Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shop Image Graphics in Paris

Yesterday SoozNooz said...
My list to go to Paris is getting so long - I will not know where to start. More lists today of must-sees in Paris.
And they're all in my favorite Paris book,
 I love to collect Paris trash from where ever. Here it's all collected for you in a lovely organized manner shop by shop - 97 of them in fact.

Granted it's loads of fun to collect bits and pieces as you make your way promenading through Paris.

Kusmi Tea This book also tells where to find the best stuff (if you can manage to get it bien sur). I loved my Kusmi Tea cabas till it broke in the airport. Nevermind that, Kusmi is still a great shop to seek out.

Fragonard Fragonard is another one j'adore. Especially their little map of all their shops in Paris well worth holding on to.

Fauchon Fauchon is my all-time favorite Paris shop - really it's an emporium of goodies and it gets 4 pages in Shop Image Graphics.

 Shop Image Graphics in Paris is a Japanese book put out by Pie Books. No wonder there's such attention to detail.

Au Nom de la Rose is a big favorite of anyone who goes to Paris.

I've never been to Diptyque, though Fr Girl has their candles sitting all around her place -another must-do.

Foucher I have been to les chocolats Foucher, an adorable old-fashioned art deco style shop. I reported on it here.

Olivier Pitou Fleurist Olivier Pitou I told you about.

Mariage Freres And Mariage Freres many times, so I'm not completely behind the 8-ball.

Shop Image Graphics did not include Aux Petit Bonheur de la Chance - a big mistake IMHO.

In fact they forgot to include a lot of my favorite Paris places. Is there going to be a follow-up book Pie SVP? Plus there are no maps to all these wonderful Paris places. Well the book is created for graphic designers I suppose. My book, on the other hand will have nice maps to be sure. Someday.


  1. I can't wait for that day! A PB book would have a treasured spot on my shelf ---

  2. Carol:

    Your book will have nice maps and I know very , very nice art to go with!!!
    and a bear print or two I'm sure...



  3. I've been reading PB for over a year, and my longing to see Paris again grows every day!

    I wanted to share my story of how I got to Diptyque. In 1989 a good friend worked at Book Soup in LA, and had a customer with the most wonderful perfume that reminded her of orange blossoms (one of the best smells of southern California!). Turns out it was from Diptyque. I had my first trip to Paris planned that year. This friend joined me and Diptyque was one of our must-see-stops. I bought the perfume (Olene) and had it for years - it always transported me to the orange groves.

    ... I would buy your book, too!

  4. I'm looking to head to Paris pretty soon, and this book is a must have before then. Cheers for sharing me dears.

  5. A lovely blog !
    And I love Paris too;-)
    Bises from Provence
    Oscar & Lila

  6. that book looks fantastic. I've been using Clothilde's edible adventures book from Chocolat and Zucchini for restaurants but this one would be great for shops.

  7. PS. when scrap is that gorgeous how CAN you throw it away?!

  8. With lots of illustrations please Carol.....xv

  9. The book has plenty of food shops too CLEVER PUP, but the focus is on all-over design concepts, which is why I go anywhere anyhoo

  10. Definitely, Carol,
    we neeeed your Guide to Paris Shops!
    May I hereby officially order my first copy?

  11. Clearly, you must do the follow-up book yourself! Who knows Paris ephemera better?

  12. Oh Carol this is fabulous !!!I did not know of this book. I will put it on my wish list at Amazon.
    I would love to follow you around Paris someday! Did you watch Gossip Girl last night it was shot in Paris. Same time as when I was there this summer.
    Marie Arden Pink Living.

    I knew there was something WRONG last nite!!!
    I forgot to watch GOSSIP GIRL :(
    Bet it's the new season too..
    quelle tragique
    I will try to find it somewhere or other
    I'm a fan though I don't know why???

    1. Anonymous11:30 AM

      Sorry to join in but I love GG too!
      The part where Chuck greets Blair with her favourite macaroons brought from Paris,
      what a guy! *swoons*
      Thoughts as to why you like it: the very chic PB, Bear (he's designer after all), the people you meet and places are very GG?
      LG :)

  14. I vote with the folks that are hoping that you come out with your own book!
    I think it would definitely be a better design, too :)

  15. great post!! i am going to Paris in October and I will be sure to visit these shops. BTW if you open anything in Astoria, NY I will be there!

  16. I would like to order a copy of your book – you must write it. A list of all your fav places ,and maps and wonderful watercolours. Small enough to take with me to Paris.
    Can’t wait.

    Your jottings lift my day and keep me dreaming of life in Paris

    Very Best Regards

  17. How interesting. I found you on another blog. Love the pictures of the people eating outside cafes.


  18. Carol, This book would sell out in seconds. What a refreshing way to discover both Paris well known and hidden treasures. It appeals to all senses ! You say ...someday...I hope sooner than later

  19. Love this new graphics in Paris book! Thanks for
    highlighting it!
    I am sure we have very similar lists for Paris Fragonard is
    one of my all time favorite places--have lots of their cloth
    draw string bags for lingerie--shoes--all types!
    Is the Musee de la Chasse et de la Nature on your list?
    And the Memorial de la Deportation
    Behind Notre Dame—small gate—bit difficult to find. You
    descend a blind staircase—to a simple chamber at river level—
    to the Memorial de la Deportation a tribute to the thousands
    deported to death camps during World War II –names of the
    people deported and poetic quotes
    Open daily: 10-12 and 2-5
    And of course 9 Quai Des Fleurs— where Heloise lived there are
    tiny sculptured heads of Heloise and Abelard on the door
    I have stayed at an apartment a few times on Quai Des Fleurs
    with all around fabulous views on all sides of the apartment--
    Notre Dame, the Seine, Sacre Coeur--ah Paris--have a wonderful

  20. I love every one of your posts--so much fun for a crazy Francophile like me--went to school in France, do translation and communication for folks who have homes in France and live here and a few advanced private conversation
    students--primarily doctors who have business in France or an opera singer with an apartment in Paris. You bring so much fun into my life--we get to France about once a year--but you bring it to me daily. Mille mercis!


  21. You'd be nothing without all of your "trash" Carolg...............

  22. Caroline10:46 PM


    I would totally buy your Paris guidebook!! Especially with your charming drawings illustrating it.
    Such a fun post. I want this book too (I'm a sucker for pretty graphic design).

  23. ... Ephemera ... that's it ... the practice of saving paper not meant to be saved ... I go to big Ephemera shows all the time, love paper ... this is a great book. And you are a great Ephemera collector ... love love love

  24. Ohhh... I love these collage-y images - tres inspiring. (Wish I were a little craftier...)

  25. Your book will be fabulous--we all know that, Carol. Can't wait.

  26. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Carol, I have said this before- I would buy your book.
    So have other readers! So please please make one!
    It will be spectacular! You could even ask Pie editors to help you
    produce, edit and publish it!
    Best wishes!


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