Thursday, September 09, 2010

Breakfast in Paris

I would so LOVE to have breakfast in Paris this morning.
Bear agrees. Bear suggested rue Royal. He's good at suggestions.
Tea seems very appealing this morning.
Although we'd both happily settle.
For a lesser venue if need be.
Bear does insist on his hot cuppa at cafe Le Select.
My first day in Paris, I had a lot of breakfasts.
Then I wised up and started shooting other people's breakfasts.
Their leftovers look good don't they? As still lifes I mean bien sur.
Even if I don't smoke or drink coffee.
I would so love to be in this Parisien's shoes.
Wouldn't you?
Yesterday my computer BLEW UP!
The inside of my head looks a lot like this.
The good news is I had to clean up my studio to find stuff.I haven't seen this bare table in perhaps years.
I had to clean up the back wall recently for a video conference with an overseas client.
"Necessity is the mother of invention"
Fortunately I'd already bought my ticket to Paris, the day before the computer died. I had to go buy a replacement.
Otherwise qui sait?
Come mid-October I will be leche le vitrine/licking the windows in Paris.
Then I will have a REAL Paris breakfast.
Meanwhile I have a big learning curve in front of me -
Windows 7. But I do have a clean studio to show for it all
One must look on the bright side of things right?


  1. I will be having breakfast in Paris next week...I'll keep your seat warm.....

  2. Oh, I so wish I were having breakfast in Paris today. Thanks for giving us the insight into the "messy" office; I have one too. And for your cool and calm reaction to the computer dying -- always a killer for me. I love Bear.

  3. Sorry about your computer, it will be ok & you will adjust to Windows 7. I always love taking a peek into your studio!

  4. I can't believe I even got a PB post out today! :)
    The new 'puter IS VERY fast.
    I HAD used up 100 gigs of a 101 gig hard drive...ahem
    All sympathy is much appreciated.

  5. Oh Gawd yes ... Cafe de la Marie ... let's go ... perfect, Paris in mid-Oct, my fav ... what brand computer did you buy? I'm about there myself, and need a direction. Bon chance

  6. @Karen in CT
    I wanted a tiny netbook but I needed a DVD player and more gigs, so I got a quite reasonable HP Presario CQ62 with 250 gigs/2 RAM
    15 1/2" screen I think..
    Windows 7 Premium
    5.5 lbs
    costs $300 and a bit
    Pas mal?

  7. wow .. big gig upgrade ... good reviews and the right price .. nice choice ..

  8. oh i wish i was there too! even though it's time for bed and not breakfast here.

    bummer about the PC, i had a similar thing happen earlier in the year, and now i'm glad it did. love W7!!


  9. Lovely set of photos. I so love looking at all the different Parisian bistro & cafe tables, not just what is on them, but the tables themselves!
    Have a wonderful Thursday!

  10. Sorry about computer but yes, I too wanted macbook last summer but conceded that I needed lots more stuff & couldn't afford it all on a mac. Maybe next time. Happy with what I bought & the miracle of major memory. Wow.

    Glad you will be going back so was fun to see Bear again. I thought maybe he was hibernating at the wrong time of year. Perhaps I missed some posts (quel horreur) this summer...

    ciao-meow, C.

  11. Oh, I'm so envious. About the upcoming trip to Paris, that is, not the blown-up computer!

    Nice to see Bear again - I've missed his adventures.

  12. You and me both! Recreating a petit dejeuner just isn't quite the same...

  13. Tom and Carol in Worceste12:16 PM

    Dear Carol,
    Could you please advise best fare and source for following itinerary:


    in late October returning on 4 November

  14. Very Sorry Tom and Carol in Worcester,
    But I DO NOT DO bookings.
    Don't know where you got that idea from.
    Your non-travel agent

  15. Carol-

    You should have gone the Mac route!

    A bit harder on the wallet than that Windows runner, however.

    Tom and Carol should try's very helpful! Even Travel Agents use it and you can compare prices.

  16. I don't think I could run my blog if I had to use Windows so good on you.

    I'm interested to see your pics of Paris in Oct:) Ummmm, I love the Fall.


  17. For your next video conference, I can save your hide: Buy a nice piece of foam core board and prop it onto the wall...voila!
    A new computer is a wonderful thing...I waited far too long to get my new Mac... now am in computing heaven! My analog brain can hardly keep up!

  18. Sorry to hear about the computer, but it sounds like you found a good replacement.
    It's good to see you're handling this so well!
    Great to see Bear again, too, and the Paris cafes.....

  19. Hi Carol ~ Cafe de la Marie ~ now that's where I went because I heard via the grapevine that the beautiful Catherine Deneuve lives close by and takes her morning coffee there~ well after coffee & waiting and more coffee I think the waiter thought I had been stood up so I left feeling a tad embarrased ~ can you & Bear keep a watch out for me svp

  20. I read the same thing about Deneuve on Chocolate & Zucchini
    supposedly upstairs
    she coulda been away
    it could be a very nice story...ahem

  21. Justine6:51 PM

    Love yr illos of the blown up computer and the view inside yr head!!
    Don't we all know that feeling...

  22. So sorry about your computer blowing up. I hope you had everything backed up. Merci.
    I am very impressed at you getting it together so fast with the new puter. Look forward to Paris in Autumn. That's not to far away.

  23. There's nothing wrong with having lots of breakfasts, especially if you're in Paris!

  24. Tu as choisi les bons endroit....

    Bonne journée


  25. I will be having breakfsst in Paris in October - can't wait

  26. Anonymous5:03 AM

    Always same on this blog!
    Paris Paris Paris...."macarons" ...

  27. Carol, I actually really like the way the inside of your head looks!

    I had three (*mini*) pastries from Boulangerie Julien this morning. Not something I do every morning but, mon dieu, c'etait merveilleux!

  28. Dear Anonymous,
    'Always same on this blog!
    Paris Paris Paris...."macarons" ...'
    Yes it's true.
    That's MY sandbox - full of macarons & Paris.
    I'm sure there are many other sandboxes out there waiting for you.
    Tootles/Au revoir

  29. M. in Paris6:20 AM

    j'avais compris !
    c'est toujours compliqué de changer d'ordinateur !
    Alors, encore une fois : bon courage !
    J'ai aussi un problème à l'atelier pour me connecter au net... mais ça va s'arranger !

  30. That second studio photo is much going on! Looking forward to breakfasts in Paris. Sorry for the computer.

  31. I shouldn't have looked through all these Paris breakfast images in the evening! Now, here I am: Still 2 hours until the overnight train leaves for Paris. Shall I jump? ;-)

    So sorry about your computer!
    What a sod, to abandon you just light that. *sternlook*

  32. You don't do bookings?????????

  33. Breakfast in Paris?! I swoon. Sorry for the computer trouble but glad (for me too) that all is better now. Carol, can I carry your paints around for you in dear Paris?...if not maybe I should nanny bear while you are busy with the camera and macarons? I am here to help. Hee hee. I wish. Truly you are always a dear to take us along for the delicious, sumptuous ride.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Carolg:

    For me, one of the joys of reading other people’s blogs is what they choose to share, in a virtual sense.

    Your cafe scenes and some of the delicious food that you photograph and paint are enticing and enchanting to look at. I sometimes think I put on 2 pounds just reading them.



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