Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cat Walks

Petite Isabelle has known from day 1, that she must be an artiste!

At the appropriate age, she demanded,
"It's L'Ecole des Beaux-Arts or La Seine!" 
Her BBF, Sam, was in complet d'accord and offered to carry her paintbox.
And her macarons.
Bien sur, Isabelle buys all of her artiste supplies only at Sennelier.

IShe insists on using a tooth cup from BHV as well.

While she swans around in a tigre-printed sarong from Simrane on rue Bonaparte. 
 Where do her chocolats come from?  
From Au Chat Bleu Chocolat d'accord!  
Naturelement Isabelle plans to attend the octobre Salon du Chocolat to feed her chocolate passion.

Harrison, an Australian has admitted he'll settle for hanging out at any patisserie whilst in Paris.

Three Texan gourmands will only sup at Le Grand Colbert .
C'est comme ca.
I have not been there...have YOU?

Do tell..There is this silly movie of Phillip Geluck concocting a diner not for any chat I know.


Sticky Penguin said...

I do indeed have a very French cat, who I suspect would simply adore Paris. He eats trifle, so would very likely be able to indulge with me in all sorts of creme patissiere delights, and is a Siamese, so has a chic elegance so well suited to Paris, too... If you'd like an introduction - please meet Reno, the trifle-eating cat (named, by my parents, for Jean Reno... even more French!)...

cocoa and coconut said...

God I love cats.

Jansbrushstrokes said...

Yes, I HAVE been to Le Grand Colbert! I was obsessed with it after seeing "Something's Gotta Give." The restaurant is smaller than it seems in the movie. No matter. The setting is gorgeous, our meal was great, the service loverleee, and we had a gas chatting with some other Americans seated nearby.

HAIKALcium Lowfat said...

Hi, I love your blog. Tres francais! *not sure if that's appropriate*. hehe.

Anyway, could you tell me how to put the 'french word of the day' thingy on blog?

*thanks in advance*

Alan said...

And how does Isabelle feel about le chien?

Simony said...

Carol, you made my day! I am a cat person and loved to see this post today. I wish my cats were fancy like that and deserving of a French watercolor.
Take care.

Jan said...

thanks for featuring cats!!
ADORE them.
My Zoe Marmalade lying under the ravioli table DREAMING of being in Paris and the neighborhood deer wishing the grass were Chocolate!

Merisi said...

Cat-fabulous! :-)

Love that little toy rat.

Lavender Playground said...

Wow Carol you can read cat minds too!

Rene said...

That was GREAT!!!!!
You have so much fun with your posts.
I will smile all day!
Isabelle's mother

Unknown said...

Ahh Carol, you've done it again.
When it comes to pleasing your audience, you do not pussy-foot
around. Your paintings of the kitties

Marmelade said...


Carol said...

Well, finally! It's about time that you gave cats the spotlight!

Robin said...

My cat (Contessa Carlotta de Cremona) is ready for Paris. She has French for Cats: All the French Your Cat Will Ever Need by Henri de la Barbe and Advanced French for Exceptional Cats. Very charming if you have not read them!

Fred Kaltreider said...

Two notes about this delightful post:

Is the sarong from Simrane, one of my favorite stores in Paris? I love their Indian block prints with a French sensibility. Their windows would be worth a Post, and now that I think about it, one about Madeleine Castaing would be interesting, since her store is now Laduree in the 6e arrondissement. You may remember that it used to be painted black. She lived upstairs and the rooms there are still much as they were in her day.

There's a great cat store on r. de Bievre, a street in the 5e parallel to the Seine near Notre Dame. They have a lovely iron sign, too!

And yes, I wish I could take my two Siamese cats to Paris!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Merci Fred
Isabelle's sarong IS from Simrane and I will add it to the post toute a suite.
I always shoot their vitrines but have never gone inside
Next trip!

Jules said...

Ooooh I so miss my cat!

M. in Paris said...

le petit chat gris, trop adorable !!!
juste des petites imperfections, pas important !
chat bleu et pas bleu chat
complet accord et pas complet d'accord.... mais je crois que tu voulais dire : je suis complètement d'accord

Cheryl said...

Fantastic post! I really enjoyed this. Also, I did a tiny spin off, and enjoyed the facades again very much.
I missed that somehow.

Risa said...

LOL, there's a candidate for Top Chef Masters Carol! I adore all your cat images and the sketches and watercolors are so beautiful. I can really feel such a sense of depth in your recent paintings. They're stunning and it's becoming harder and harder to pull my eyes away. One day, I WILL be purchasing one. I will!!! Hugs!!!

Nikon said...

You are the master of picking the opening shot!
I love cats, so this is an especially enjoyable post - very, very cute!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Merci beaucoups for the French Cuisine lesson by Phillipe. He's no Julia Child but I'm planning his dish for dinner tonight.... do you think it will be the same without the pig's foot? I'm out.

Giulia said...

Merci, Carol, pour la belle lettre de ces artistes importants à Paris. Je me prépare à aller en France l'année prochaine avec Susan. (Elle ne le sait pas encore.)

Excusez mon très mauvais français. Je le comprends, mais l'écris rarement.

bonne nuit et bisous!

sue said...

sweet cats, Carol--cuties, all. Love your watercolors of them.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have to say that your blog is sooo beautiful!!! I'm french but I had always lived in mexico! I love my country and the way you proyect all this culture in your blog is amazing. Thank you!!!
I have a question, could you please tell me the best way to eat the macarons? A french frien of mine got me sme form france... Please help me! is coffee? chocolat chaud or white wine? Than you sooo much! I will send you some photos!

Caroline said...

Is Isabelle a cross between a siamese and bengal cat? I ask because I have 2 cats that had a mother who was bengal and a father who was seal point siamese and my Mitzi looks very similar to your Isabelle but has darker markings, although they get lighter in warm weather. Her brother Oscar is a handsome siamese.
We will all be going to St Malo soon for les vacances - Oscar and Mitzi would love to go to Paris too and buy some chocolate mice.