Friday, September 10, 2010

French obsessions

Surprise, surprise. Guess what?
French girls have a lot of the same obsessions as we do.
they adore our cupcakes. And yes they put a wonderful spin on them that makes them presque unrecognizable...
Bagels? Oui!
I have to drag over 12 sesame bagels to French girl from NYC. Who'd a thunk it?
SJP? Mad about the girl. They can NOT get enough of Sara. I saw an Elle post that SJP wore the same shoes to 4 events! They care more than we do peut-etre? Scarlett, another French obsession -can't get enough. Gossip girl? Fahgettaboutit! They LURVE her.
They are every bit as crazily obsessed with losing weight as we are. How do I know this? I hang out at the Relay in the train station. You can read all the mags to your hearts content and even take pics!
J'adore le Relay!
They love our coke. But regarde!
I would drink coca too if Karl was on it - so chic.
And a silhouette to boot.
Drawing by Soledad - Elle
They adore l'iPad aussi...
Et les chiens.

Hello Kitty? Surement ouiThe obssession to make DIY macarons has become universal. But who offers a box with kitchen thermometer and a pastry bag? The French do that's who. I know because I bought this set for all of 12 euros at the musee Arts Decoratif of all places.
Even though the French don't want you to take pictures.
They are out there shooting just like us.
Loving chocolates is a universal, but who makes the best chocolat?
The Eiffel Tower belongs to all of us. Do you know Australian photographer Carla Coulson living in Paris? She has a new book out, Paris Tango full of her gorgeous Paris photos. Do drop by her blog, Carla Loves Photography.
BIG MERCI PB readers for buying books and stuff at!
Because of you, I have gift certificate points to buy a NEW COMPUTER! That means many more macarons for you in Paris because of your kindness :)
The opening is next Friday the 17th
6:30 -8:30
202-234-7911 xt31
2142 Wyoming Avenue NW Washington, DC 20008
There will be macarons.


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    I am really loving your blog. This post especially - I love hearing what french girls like/hate/eat/read/etc..

    My neice is getting married in Nov, then honeymooning in Paris! I am referring her to this blog...I think she will love it!

  2. I have seen the French and it is US.
    No. Can't be. We need them to be different.
    Better. Dressed. Better. Pastries.
    Anything French.

  3. Beautiful eclectic mix of graphics - an "eye-candy" post, for sure!
    I love it :) Makes me want to go to Paris!

  4. Oh, Merisi. I love you dearly but they are not better than us...I lived there. And all my French friends like that we admire so many things about France, but they also think some people have taken the French Woman thing waaaaaay tooooo faaar. I agree.

    Carol, I'll be calling AF as soon as I remember. Like today. ciao

  5. The whole how-to-be-French obsession has become a very profitable nitch market in publishing, thanks very much to French Women don't get fat andMireille Guiliano.
    Just like Chick-Lit there is now How To Be Chic-lit.
    I wonder if we should help the Frenchies out some
    How-to-be American lit?

  6. Justine4:05 PM

    Hard to believe how much taken the French are with Scarlett and SJP?
    And both are blondes...
    like Marilyn and Madonna..
    Mysterious patterns.

  7. Konika4:37 PM

    I see a delightful arrangement of perfectly shot photos
    Everything on the page is one beautiful composition of subjects and colors.
    (Every day, no less!)
    Kiss, kiss :)

  8. By "bagels" do you mean the giant soft puffy ones or the old kind that are smaller and chewier? Chewiness is on my mind a lot lately.

  9. Anonymous10:46 PM

    That cupcake looks too good to decoratif, c'est si bon!

  10. I love this post! It's got some great cultural comparisons

  11. Anna Maria A.6:34 AM

    A mutual admiration society evidently!

  12. I love this post! Your blog is so cool!!!!

  13. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Great post today - I do hope I can take pictures while in Paris - perhaps I will just act ignorant. Food Needs to be photographed!

  14. Gracias Carol por tu visita, me alegra que te haya gustado.
    A mí me encanta leer tus notas y disfruto como siempre de tus "macarrons"!! Mucha suerte para tu exposición de tus trabajos! Un beso y nos vemos, Gloria.Thanks Carol for your visit, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    I love to read your notes and as always enjoy your "macarrons! Good luck for your presentation of your work! A kiss and see you, Gloria.

  15. Thanks for your lovely note. Unfortunately the girls on my header are my nieces, not mine but I love all the same. Thanks for the link, so sweet for Paris Tango. I will check out to see if I have any other posts and let you know. Thanks so much Carla

  16. Love macarons! I especially love the macaron cake at Laduree. Love Paris. More power to your great blog!

  17. Really fun post - and well done for the Amazon bonus!

    My French Country Home

  18. Carolg:

    Lovely post and I love to have that coke bottle only in France would think to make it be so chic.

    Adore Carla's Paris Tango book and her gorgeous photography and love her blog. On my list to do is to buy another book she published Italian Joy.


  19. Comment allez-vous?
    Je m'appelle Kristeena McQueen. Enchante! Oh, i luv ur blog, i feel like im already in Paris *mwa*


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