Thursday, September 30, 2010

Q & A Today

Would you rather see the REAL Mona Lisa in the Louvre or an eclair Mona Lisa?
More Paris sandwiches...
And less...

More real food in general?

Less gateaux?
Do I drag you to Fauchon...

Too much? Should I drag you to newer places?

Are there too many Paris dogs at PB and not enough Paris cats?

I know you'd like to see more OFGs (Older French Girls)...

More Paris Mommies are getting added to the list...

You ALL want to know:What do I wear in Paris?

Is there too much RED at PB?

Can there ever be too much Eiffel Tower?


Or too much Paris?

Only if you live in Paris full time and can't stop thinking of NYC...

What about jam?

Is there enough jam at PB? I think not...

I eagerly await your comments and suggestions.

Do tell.



  1. The flavors of Paris are so vibrant in your paintings. I would like to see more of them as they are totally delightful.

  2. Yes more food (or just continue on as you have), yes more older french girls, yes keep the red coming, yes more "little finds" in Paris, yes, yes, yes. No - never tired of Paris - anyone who is has no heart - poor thing.

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I vote for:




  4. Anony Mouse10:18 AM


  5. Anonymous10:21 AM

    More street art, more older girls, more pets, fewer cakes. Maybe in addition to red, more ' colours du jour'.
    A list of the wondrous places you have dined would be extremely appreciated.

  6. I love everything you do...I discovered your blog before my 1st trip to Paris in May and I found it very helpful.
    I would like to know what YOU wear in Paris, though!

  7. More Parisian adventures would be fun, but otherwise, just keep doing what you do so well!

  8. Dearest PB~
    I love seeing what you love expressing~ you are incredibly unique and your views and your response to Paris and New York are thrilling.

    I have always loved the "breakfasts" that show your painter side~ the colors from your days as a pigment maker, your classes in Maine with the watercolor group, your fabulous shows in London and most of all, especially your tea cups. I can never get enough of your painting (and views of your studio). And your miniature furniture collection. Do you have a dollhouse yet? Keep having fun, we love every minute. Barbara in the Mojave.

  9. Carol,
    There is no such thing as too much of Paris or macarons and definitely Eiffel Tower.
    I love FG comments. I love RED. I love the little nooks and crannies that you don't usually see.
    MORE parks, jardins and fleurs.
    Just returned and am SO ready to go back!!! Until then I'll just look forward to PB each day.

  10. I learned about Rose Petal jam through you.........and I have been hooked by your site ever since.

    Keep making those trips to Paris.


  11. I am new to blog, already entranced, and for my part, there is never enough Paris. Or pictures of the women, all ages. And the lovely sweet shops, and who knows maybe the occasional cheese shop ?

  12. Could you show us what the Parisian fashionistas wear when the weather is warm? I know it's not the season approaching, but I'd love to see some street fashion without the big coat and scarf. Thanks for keeping us entertained and smiling.

  13. Anonymous11:03 AM

    I enjoy ALL of your postings - but in particular would like to see more OFG's and cool shops to check out when I visit again.

    Thanks for keeping us all connected to Paris

  14. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Hi Carol-I love your blog and I was just in Paris a couple of weeks ago.
    You are brave to take so many photos everywhere-I actually had my camera confiscated at the PV trade show I was at and had photos deleted. Also, every time I was in a store ready to take a sly photo, a security guard appeared out of nowhere to say 'non madame'.
    So...any photos are very appreciated. I've personally seen enough macarons. I love OFG but I also would love to see more stylish kids-they are everywhere and I envy their nonchalant style. More scarves SVP, more Bon Ton, Bonpoint and Bon Marche food hall....more Marais, more Raspail Sunday food market.
    Many thanks, Gayle

  15. Ah....getting (FG)French Girl to speak...
    The Mona Lisa is easier!

  16. Anna-Maria A.11:44 AM

    It's almost funny how most of these people are decked out in RED in today's photos..
    Is it you or is it THEM?
    An unsolved mystere...

  17. Justine11:45 AM

    I LOVED your side trip to London!!
    More side trips please!! :)

  18. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Dear PB EVERYTHING you do is great! Checking PB is the first (best) thing I do in the morning. And on weekends I read your archives! Your perspectives are wonderful. Sweet and savory , old and young,buildings and shops: its all good. The whole blog has changed my attitude! So keep showing the macarons, & I will keep telling my friends how cool your blog is!They seem to be reading it ,too. Thanks for doing it.Merci!

  19. There is no such thing as too many macarons!! I love all the fancy foods and the colours. But I would like to see more of Bear - I miss his adventures!

  20. More of everything please Carol! xv

  21. Anonymous12:49 PM

    I love all that you do in bringing Paris to us. As an artist/designer, I wouldn't mind seeing more photos of the interiors of the bistros, cafes and restaurants. I found that if you ask real nice and do so after lunch and before supper, they are quite accomodating.

  22. Patricia1:04 PM

    Thank you for your question. My spouse Eric has characterized my feelings perfectly...
    More Bear and his adventures, sil vous plait!
    Also, I will echo other readers in my request for more OFG's and perhaps more street scenes and people in general...
    more perfume.....
    and yes les chats!
    I enjoy all of your posts immensely!

  23. Elizabeth1:11 PM

    More real food.
    More dogs.
    Same amt. of red
    More older Fr. girls -
    but love Fr. girls in general
    Not interested in more chateaux...
    LOVE PARIS, why change?
    Never too much of the Tour d'Eiffel
    Soupcons of NYC are just fine

  24. Thank you for ALL the lovely images, no matter what you decide to do.
    For me, I love seeing your watercolor paintings, especially the simple ones I used to see of something like a simple cup du café, ou un croissant, ou relfections of the spoon on the dish or the silver tray...painterly kinds of things.

    And I REALLY love seeing images of where you work. Your "studio" spaces inspire me to get mine organized...rather to create one in the first place, rather than just the dining room table!

  25. Let's see. MORE CHATS!

    Oh, sorry. Giulia took hold of keyboard there. Also we love blue. But still red, ah ouais.

    Um, I like the little out-of-the-way places, the little finds as someone said, that are so French. A friend has been posting little videos from a wonderful a woman who lives there & she's captured a lot of things that most people don't realize is French.

    Bear is very popular here in DC. Would love to see more of his adventures. People of all ages is terrific, too.

    ciao-meow, Carol.

    PS: Jam is always appreciated.

  26. Kathie1:23 PM

    More cats! More "real" food, although I'm always amenable to photos of something new in the dessert category (yum).

  27. All of the above,
    it is always a pleasure to tug along,
    wherever you go!!

  28. I love PB the way it is!
    No complaints. Whatever you do always turns out wonderfully!

  29. Geri, NJ1:43 PM

    First and foremost: Your lovely watercolors, the more the better. Love the confections. I have never disliked any of your posts. I would enjoy seeing more atmospheric/moody Paris, i.e., weather, nighttime scenes, passages, facades, gardens & gathering places within, all with your unique viewpoint. How people dress, young AND OFGs, but the exceptional Paris iconic male is always okay! Enjoyed seeing "my" little Papillon the other day, and cats welcome, but Bear definitely adds whimsy. Enjoy the odd bits of info, e.g. "French women don't wear earrings". esp. if I can relate. Love seeing Mona Lisa pastry, but have seen original, so a bias here. Sorry this is so long...and I've edited. Oh! The music videos! Manon des Fetes...Dans ma Chambre...sp? Thanks for that!

  30. You can NEVER have too much Red says the redhead to her husband;)

    ..and more Paris Mommies it me or do Paris Mommies have very good posture? When I look at myself pushing my children in a stroller I always seem slumped over.


  31. daniela2:00 PM

    Would love to see more cafe life..interiors..bohemian style..chic style ..architecture..street life..flea markets..etc. Admittedly, my eyes do glaze over when I see the macaron and cake inserts..seen one too many..but there is a place for them.. occasionally..non ? And find the Bear stories witty and fun !

  32. Anonymous2:05 PM

    More watercolors!

  33. Just do what it is you do, Carol! Love the Mona Lisa eclairs!

  34. I love you posts about Paris. Especially the creative ones where you weave a story or take note of similarities of colors or shapes, etc. Don't change! You even inspired me to start my own blog about design. And my friend (who I took to Paris) bought me one of your double teacup watercolors. Love you.

  35. I would be in hog heaven (ciel de cochons?) to see more cool windows, such as Printemps.
    Loved_ the Harvey Nichols stuff. I tried to get photos of their mannequins when I was in London last summer.
    It would also thrill me to see anything on new French makeup (not particularly perfume) -- latest trends in makeup and nail colors, etc.

  36. Thank you for more fashionable OFG. Also, Paris Mommies-adorable. Now, for serious business, The Bonne Maman in Cherry Preserves. Put this divine concoction in your morning yogurt:

  37. Geri, NJ3:09 PM

    ...oops...How could I have left out French Girl?!

  38. Carol, why do you rack your brain trying to think of ways to alter what is already 'pure perfection'. Your writing, thoughts, shots, reflections, places you take us are constantly growing and evolving so I now ask you: 'what could there possibly be to improve upon?!' Please, simply continue doing what you do - which is INCREDIBLE and makes people, such as myself, all extremely happy, teaches us, helps us grow as well and helps us appreciate so much more in life that you help us see. So do your thing, it's amazing!!! Sending you loving vibes always!!

  39. No tinkering required! You are perfect just as you are! well, maybe except for making me choose between Mona Lisa on the wall and Mona Lisa on an eclair...I choose both!

  40. No tinkering required! You are perfect just as you are! well, maybe except for making me choose between Mona Lisa on the wall and Mona Lisa on an eclair...I choose both!

  41. Never have any doubt.....PB is perfect!! It keeps me going on a boring day and inspires me.
    But...where are the pictures of handsome frence men eating pastries and so....or did I miss those by accident.

  42. Keep on doing what you do best Carol~ snippets of this and that ~ Bear in Paris ~ I Love it all!!

  43. Be still my heart. More macarons, please!

  44. real Mona, please
    more cats
    older French girls
    more cats
    never enough Eiffel Tower or Paris
    love red

  45. No to cats, yes to more dogs, never too much Paris, although I'd love to see some other cities in France. I did a photo shoot yesterday for the "Dijon Delegation" here in Dallas, and it made me want to visit there! Rose and I love your blog, and whatever you write about, we will remain

    Your Entranced Audience

  46. J'adore ton blog. Favorites are your watercolors, OFGs, dogs, Paris reds, French Girl, and Bear. Since you asked, more cats please!

  47. Ultimately Carol keep things the way they are as you do it perfectly. But here is what I love:
    On the food front, I love cakes and macaroons you are showing us. I would love to see more Eiffel Tower, more CATS!!! And do not even entertain the idea of lessening your images of Paris in general. Mon dieu!! :D Oh and I read someone elses comments about the nooks and crannies that aren't usually known, and more parks and I second that! Hm finally, maybe some markets. I never get to see food markets.

  48. The other day, while tasting French (!) macarons at the little McDonalds (!) outdoor terrace, I was thinking of you: Could it be that thanks to you these delights are sprouting up like mushrooms all over?

  49. In the (profound) words of Billy Joel, don't go changin', Carol! xo

  50. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Carol, PB is wonderful already! More cats would be appreciated. Thank you for sending a Paris sweet to my mailbox every morning!

  51. Love everything about your blog. It takes so many of us back to a wonderful time and inspires us all to go there again! I think it's so generous of you to send a little bit of Paris to so many of us all over the world. Love red, love macarons, love the fashions and the beautiful women (more beautiful men might be nice too, non?), love the shop fronts and the blue metal street signs. It's all so magnifique. Thanks Carol from Nicole in Australia.

  52. When I look at your blog, it makes me like Paris even more---
    It's really nice to have your clean perspective on things-- Mine are a little more jaded since I live here... : )
    you don't have to change anything...

  53. Anonymous7:20 AM

    I'm afraid I am not going to be that helpful as I adore everything you write and post. Keep it up I say fine friend. x

  54. Anonymous8:20 AM

    Well, since you asked....
    I'd love to see more of a variety of French food. How about cheese shops? Would also love to see more exploration of markets -- both food markets and the famous flea markets. And bookstores! Prefer canines to felines. And although I enjoy French girls and older French about French men????

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Love PB! Would like to see--little corner and coffee shops, wine, fromage, boulangeries, food markets.

  57. I can never get enough Eiffel Tower, Laduree or OFGs. Would love to see photos of old French men too.

  58. Michelle9:14 AM

    Your posts are so wonderful and that is why we come back every day, but I love most of the suggestions too. Is there anything we DON'T want to see in Paris???? Other than the traffic, winos and dog poop, I can't think of anything. Markets, cafe interiors and flowers all sound wonderful!

  59. for me there can never be too much paris pastry. i love it and absolutley love seeing pictures of the different shops and their pastries. i would love to see what you wear while in paris. i love paris dogs, i am a dog person. i just love seeing all about paris.
    i love paris breakfast.

  60. I think it's ME who would like to see something new at PB so all the suggestions are a HUGE help
    merci EVERYONE!!!

  61. NEVER too much red, or fashion. Their ease of presenting themselves in a perfectly coordinated and comfortable outfit that is suited to their frame and the climate of any given day, is incredible :) Paris confections in general are amazing, so perhaps varying the shops a bit if you want a change there?And definite YES to more chateaus :D Can't properly travel vicariously through you to Paris without some of that gorgeous architecture :)
    Thanks! &happy painting! :)

  62. I'd love to see more of your posts about colours and also maybe French advertising/branding/type. I loved your bit on the underconstruction cover-ups.

  63. Leah in NC9:31 PM

    Your blog is wonderful. You always show such wonderful things... I love to see all the desserts and I never tire of the macarons. Keep up the good work! I would enjoy seeing cats...

  64. I came for the Art orginally. I stayed for the rest. I love seeing whatever Art you post. Be it yours or others. From Paris, England, Italy or NY. I love the dogs, the shops, The clothes, the Eiffel tower, The window shots and the trips. I have learned much coming here thru the years about Paris and NY. Now I look forward to England.

  65. Never too much or too little. You have it just right! Enjoy your weekend Carol! ; )

  66. I would love to see more honey, cheese or mustard specialty stores that they have in Paris. Oh! And the flower market.

  67. PB vote-more cats, please.

  68. Anonymous8:56 AM

    Yes, more real food...sandwiches, salads, and especially soups!Open air markets and cute little shops. More museums and parks. Lots of OFG's and dogs!

    Love, Love, Love your blog! Thanks!

  69. I love what you do already, one can never get enough of Paris!

  70. Anonymous3:18 PM

    it's so funny how I can live in Paris and at times, just see it as just another city, when there is a world out there so in love with (al things) Paris!

    to Paris Breakfast and your followers, you have revitalised my blessings as I know many out there would do anything to be where I am!

    merci beaucoup tout le monde...

  71. Anonymous2:38 PM

    How about LE PAVILLON ELYSEE LENÔTRE? Beautiful at night!

  72. There can never be too much or enough of anything in your blog Carol!! Just keep writing, we love it all!


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