Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rouge feu

Rouge feu. I had something altogether different planned for today...
But I kept hitting RED photos...

Red dogs.
In Paris...

Carrying unread newspapers in the Metro.
Bear is big on Paris Reds.

Red checks - a classique.

Do YOU use the Pudlo Guide to restos in Paris?

Red Parisien naughtiness in the Metro station

A dolls face in a toy store window

Classic red Paris on rue Vavin

Are barber shops red because of former blood-letting?

Did all grey Jacadi order up this dashing red stop sign to relieve the greyness?
French Girl leaves the house in her red riding hood manteau.

Is she going for brunch to eat the much adored bagels and cupcakes..?
Or far better yet, PHerme red red red Ispahan specialties!



  1. The zippy red scooter has got to be my favourite. Love French girl's coat, I have a red Marc Jacobs that looks alike, gorgeous!

  2. I Love the French red! Now if I could just find the perfect French red lipstick!

  3. Love all the great reds, Carol--fun

  4. Is this something like having a "red" day.....instead of a "blue" day?

    I much prefer a "red" day in Paris, even if it is only in a virtual visual bliss at your lovely blog.


  5. Isnt it funny how a color will come up and hit you in the face sometimes. Red is a powerful color. Reading this made me think of Audrey Hepburn having the 'Mean Reds' in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  6. 'C'
    You are one lucky duck if you own the same red Marc Jacobs coat as fr Girl!!!
    covet covet covet!
    Perfect Red French Lipstick I got suckered into buying in Bergdorfs to match my glasses for KAREN AT FR SKINNY:
    37 Rouge Vibrant by T.LeClerc
    The 16 Royal is a blue-red if you lean in that direction..

  7. Ah Audrey's 'Mean Reds'...
    Seeing red
    I do love red, which must be what I love about Paris no matter
    what anyone says
    or does
    or the weather
    or the strikes
    or ANYTHING!
    so much RED in that town...

  8. And could someone please teach me how to apply perfectly red lips?

    Maybe I should buy a red LV bag... power statement, n'est-ce pas??

  9. Bonjour Carol; Red in so many glorious forms. I am a huge lover of red, especially red in Paris!

    Have a lovely evening ~ Deb

  10. Bonjour Carol,

    C'est au hasard d'une de mes ballades sur le net que je vous ai rencontrée,rencontré votre travail, devrais je préciser,

    On ne peut pas l'oublier, il m'a marquée et touchée aussi.

    bravo donc et merci pour cette escapade et ces rêves du matin,

    Faîtes moi savoir si vous exposez à New York prochainement.

  11. September is a season of rouge! Are the trees participating?

  12. I love this one :)
    Great photos of dogs, Bear, shops and streets - just a great selection, Carol.
    (French Girl seems to be such an enigma!)

  13. Anonymous1:50 PM

    The scooter, French Girls coat, and the dog with the newspaper are adorable!

  14. I see red and I am loving it!
    Great red shots, Carol! :-)

  15. Love the photo of Bear in the chair.

    I LOVE Pudlo!


  16. Last year did a whole book on trending that focused around red things I saw in Paris. I had quite a red month while I was there. Love to see others have noticed too!

  17. Great post. I love all of the photos and the colour red.

  18. Rose the Rat Terrier looks tres chic in red! We both enjoy reading your blog and send our regards!!

  19. Le rouge est à la mode!


  20. The PUDLO is the most _complete_ guide to restaurants (tea rooms, shops, etc.) I have found for Paris. Let me know if you know of a better one.

    It is a very useful book.


  21. Jamie Cat Callen12:06 PM

    Bonjour, Carol--
    I love the post!
    I'm in Paris right now.
    Ever notice how, on the pedestrian lights the walking man is very skinny in Paris?
    Interesting, non?
    I miss you and send oodles of Paris love.

  22. Great post Carol. I loved the pictures despite red being one of my least favourite colours. I do like red on other people though I suppose, and can appreciate it, I can't wear it though. And you're quite correct about barber's shops (and poles) they do represent the history of barber surgeons.

  23. I was just catching up on your blog and this post caught my eye...
    It should be fue rouge-- the opposite as in English b/c most of the time the adj comes after the noun (in French) with a few exceptions.
    Just thought I'd point it out to you as you accept corrections to your French... : ) Hope all is well and hope you have a great weekend...

  24. So inspiring...thank you for updated us with the latest Francaise trends...
    the last Framboise trend inspired me to be a cute little framboise coin purse...
    This rouge post inspired me to get my first Rouge Coco Chanel lipstick en Vendome 25. Merci! Bisous!


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