Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Meilleurs chaussons aux pommes

Better close your eyes today PBers. You're in for some rough going. Gather your strength for an homage to the lovely golden chaussons aux pommes.

Blame Le Figaro for reminding s of les chaussons many joys. Le Figaro did another one of their superb test des meilleurs. Natruellement I immediatement searched through all pics for Chaussons I've eaten or admired in Paris. I did not come up empty-handed. Do watch the Le Figaro video...

et voila!
My fav chausson is fromThis no-name/anonymes boulangerie on rue de Rennes...
Who knew to look for chaussons aux pommes here?
Boulangerie Des Pains et Des Idees has a rather grand exterior... This French mommy seems to have filled her poussette with bread. Where is bebe? The interior of Des Pain etc. is nothing to sniff.
Well worth a visit if you like to gawk at antique fixtures. I do. The viennoisserie look absolutely glorious Do they not? Still I prefer my boulangerie anonymes to Les Pain bla bla.
At least Poilane sticks with a 2-syllable family name, even if it is unpronounceble to most of us...
Their chaussons aux pommes de chez Poilane look too rustic. I prefer more pomme and less pastry. But what do I know? As Audrey of a Fr. perfume site said yesterday (she was not wearing any perfume!),
"You write about cakes and you do not eat cupcakes"
Guilty as charged.
Do you like Poilane's chaussons aux pommes?

The French are completement fou/crazy for these mini-baker figurines.They are a bit better then Hummel I guess.

The golden winner of Le Figaro's intensive research comes from Des Gateaux et Des Pains.

Since j'adore this pastry so much I re-wrote un petit chanson to des chaussons aux pommes, I was that inspired.

Hey chausson let me tell you why,
I can't live my life without you,oh
chausson aux pommeeverytime I see you dans la vitrine I get a thrill
you dont notice me but in time you will,

I must make you understand.....

I wanna be your man (I wanna be your man)
I wanna be your man (I do yeah,yeah)
I wanna be your man (I wanna be your man)
I wanna be your man (I wanna be your man)
Better not pass me by,cause if you do you'll lose a good
thing, (oh chausson de pomme)

Cause what I got to say is sealed with a bouche/bite
and a wedding ring (wedding ring)
My mind is blind at times
I can't see any one but you
Those other chausson aux pomme don't matter no they can't spoil my view
I must make you understand.....


  1. What a great post, Carol, and yeah -- as someone who cannot eat wheat nor dairy, this was a bit of a torture. :) Still, I really enjoyed the comparison photos of the chaussons aux pommes, and it was good to read about the different bakeries that have them (the "best of" to boot!).

    I know I don't comment on every post, but I read each one thoroughly as I receive them through my email subscription, which I love! It is always so fun to open a new Paris Breakfasts email and see what you have been up to!

  2. P.S. I meant to tell you how I liked the alternative lyrics in the song! That made me smile. The video, however, is blocked to viewers outside of the US due to copyright. :( It's okay, though. I got the idea. :)

  3. quelle et dommage triste :(
    Such a wonderful hokey video too - I want to be your man by Zapp & Roger.
    Tanks very much for ze compliments.
    Of course I was planning on something entirely different today.
    Then Le Figaro alerted me.
    And the mad search was on.
    So many pictures...
    So many goodies...
    c'est comme ca
    Bonne journee Karin!

  4. Delish! I'm going to be in Paris as of Monday and can't wait to make a boulangerie trip!

    Are those photos of Paris NOW? People in coats? Is it really that cold there today?

    I need to know what to pack!!!

  5. You're taking me way back with the Roger video!

    And fyi, something is going on with the feed for your blog. It came up as only your first post and the look of your blog from April 2006. It happened to a few other people too, because we left comments. Not sure what's going on. To get to your current day blog, I had to Google it. It's like "Back to the Future" here!

  6. Amy -- it's already like fall here this week. I have not seen the forecast for next week, but right now it is already light cardigan or jacket and trousers weather, and quite chilly at night. I'd bring things to layer if I were you. And while the sunshine has been glorious the past few days, I never leave home without the umbrella!!

    Carol -- you have a great day, too! I'll check YouTube to see if there is another version. It sounds cute! :)

  7. OMG~ These are absolutely my favorite. Leave for Paris Monday and CAN NOT to find the first patisserie et boulangerie.

  8. And I thought only macs and chocs could bring me to my knees!

  9. On my first visit to Paris, I remember seeing bread shaped like the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks. I've always regretted not buying some of that bread.

  10. You are truly certifiable, woman! Hahaaaa! They all look delicious to me. I could never work in a bakery, (or boulangerie) I'd be huge. I can just smell these through the laptop. Torture...

  11. M. in Paris1:37 PM

    masochiste Carol !
    alora :
    boulangeries anonymes (no name)
    des pains
    chaussons aux pommes de chez Poîlane

  12. French Marie in NYC1:39 PM

    Hello Carol bonjour,

    What did you have for breakfast this morning….
    The song is totally out there… but very funny.
    J’adore aussi “les chaussons aux pommes” “ pas « les chaussons de pommes”
    (I hope you don’t mind me correcting….
    my colleagues do it all day long in my office)
    Never had a chausson aux pommes from “des Gateaux et des Pains…. « but I willllllll… October is coming soon

  13. Oh but of course I eat these...but rarely here. Avoirdupois. But the best I ever had? For sure, not in Paris, but in Alsace. Strasbourg, Metz, Colmar, etc. Up in the Vosges Mts. Ah oui, I know that this is Paris Breakfasts, but that's my two cents. And now, I'm in danger tomorrow at the farmer's market by White House...a very good bakery has these now & again. Perhaps I shall split one with a friend I'm meeting there.

    ciao-meow, Carol.

  14. @AMY
    no no I am not in PARIS at the moment
    quelle dommage :(
    I have heard it is quite cold though

  15. Wow! You had me at the first photo :)
    It just kept getting better.
    Quite a display of creativity, Carol!

  16. Gorgeous looking pastries!
    Too bad I did not manage to eat one while in France.

    I remember fondly the chaussons aux pommes made by the Bonaparte Bakery in Savage Mill, Maryland. If you were lucky you could get them at the Farmers Market at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC on Sunday mornings or at the Bethesday Coop on MacArthur Boulevard, just outside DC.

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  18. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I will probably sound crass but are they what we call apple turnovers?
    I love this blog and rush to read it every morning. In case you're wondering, I have been to Paris but sometimes I don't get the names of the pastries.

  19. Anonymous3:53 PM

    J'adore les chaussons aux pommes. I had some amazing ones in Morocco this summer.

  20. Yay!! loved this post and would you believe I've never heard of "Chaussons aux pommes" but they look superbe!! and I can imagine you singing away to that song!! fantastique!

  21. Hahahaha
    I have been driving the neighbors crazy and everyone else attempting to sing that song :)
    Hey Lady!
    I can't livvvvvvvvvve my life without youuuuuuuu
    I want to be you mannnnnnnn
    I came lately to the Chausonn aux pomme admitedly but I've making up for lost time bien sur!!

  22. S. Valadon3:30 AM

    I see !!,
    Your writting could change the world that you want.
    You express your thoughts so well!!.

  23. Hi!
    I loooove your blog!
    I've recently discovered it. I am taking my very first trip to Paris next week (flying out the 8th) but I have no one to ask for advice.I'm excited about taking pics of pastries and getting a watercolor version from you to immortalize our experience!! I'm a sucker for pretty things.Should I pack a coat? If we are out and about during the day should we take coats or just warm sweaters and light jackets?
    Au revoir,

  24. For Paris weather just click.
    I don't dare give specific reccommendations Karla
    You'll have much more fun discovering Paris just by wandering around
    That's what I do :)
    HAVE FUN!!!

  25. Franco-MapleSyrup4:05 AM

    Hi Carol, I 'm a newcomer and I just love your blog!I'm a transplanted Canadian, living in Paris for 11 years now...I look forward to reading your merveilleuse blog every morning, je l'adooooore. And en plus, I work in the heart of it all - Les Champs d'Elysées - everyday is a festival for the eyes! So much to see, so little time. So, thank you for this little parisan trip I can take every day! Bravo!

  26. What'dya doin' to me Carol!? tummy is actually growling right now....with a sad aching growl...remembering the last dear morsel of Chaussons aux pommes it ever had was over 2 years ago. It is my number one with a bullet, French pastry. Yes, I loved every pic! hey, it was calorie free at least.

  27. Anonymous3:52 AM

    I am now starving.I cannot walk past that boulangerie.
    Bravo,good post,I am off to the boulangerie.


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