Monday, September 13, 2010

A Walk on rue St. Antoine

Monday morning...Ugh! Shall we prolong facing realite with a little stroll in le Marais? Say just a few blocks along rue St. Antoine. Take Metro line #1 to St Paul Bon! On y va!
The temperature in New York is a chilly 61 (Paris is warmer at 68) my 1st stop would be a made-to-order chocolat chaud at L'Atelier du Chocolat. You handpick the chocolat you want, be it 65% or canelle, vanille etc. Comme vous voudrais/as you like it. Miam! Or would you  prefer Brunch?Brunch has become big in Paris... What will YOU have?A noisette?
Cafe le Dome is just across from the Metro stop.
Do you want to pick up a bouquet.
 Roses for your chambre? From Au Nom du la Rose
Or chocolate roses instead?
From nearby Miss Manon.
Un petit piece du fromage peut-etre? Be sure to count your change like this wise Parisian.
Oui absolutement, du chevre svp.
And une bonne bouteille du vin aussi?
If we mange chez nous, let's buy a mug or two at...
The place for the best bargain china, La Vaissellerie.
  My favorite bookstore on rue St. Antoine - there's always something to amuse...
 In the window-
'Je Voudrais Me Suicider, mais j'ai pas le temps'/I would kill myself, but I haven't the time. Enough pretending...
Back to realite & Monday morning!


  1. I am happy to keep on pretending for a little while longer so I am going back to the top and take it really slowly this time!

  2. Carol, You are killing me today with the Rue Saint Antoine--
    photos--love that area so close to Hotel Sully and its bookstore
    and also monoprix! and the antique shops and the little hat
    shop and La Vaissellerie--got my plastic shopping bag ice bucket
    there and my little shopping pull cart which got me nods from
    all of the woman shoppers as we all trudged over the bridge
    from Ile St Louis back to Saint Antoine with our food from the
    outdoor Place Maubert Market. I stayed in an apartment in April
    on Rue de Rivoli next door to Tartine restaurant--I don't know
    if I can wait much longer to get to Paris.

  3. Justine9:55 AM

    merci pour la petit promenade today!
    Perfect distraction from realite of work work work!!

  4. La Vaissellerie is one of my stops every time I visit Paris. I have carried on many heavy bags stuffed with porcelain on my flights home.

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Rue St.Antoine is a great street for bargain hunting. I love the Marais district. A great find last year was the cafe at the Swedish Institute in the courtyard of the Hotel de Marle on Rue Payenne.Great to actually get into one of those gorgeous courtyards instead of peeping through the keyhole of the locked entrance doors!

  6. Monday mornings; UGH!
    Just got back from Provence, a week ago, teaching an Acrylics class.
    The first Monday morning there, was so very beautiful, as we painted La Coste on the distant Luberon.
    So, I guess it all depends where you are, on a Monday morning.
    Your little venture, in Paris, looked like fun.

  7. I too love The Swedish Institute
    The cafe is adorable and VERY Swedish...
    You can see their open-faced sandwiches HERE!

    Yes Eileen,
    La Vassellerie is full of irresistable treasures - I eat off their Metro placemats daily :)

    Spending Monday in La Coste again sounds divine Bill. It's been a long time but maybe THIS YEAR I WILL!

  8. Lovely Monday -- shopping and buying all my favorites things,,, chocolate, books, wine, cheese, Roses, a delightful way to spend the morning, even if it is in virtual reality, sigh.

    It looks chilly there? coats and sweaters/

    Have a lovely day,

  9. Oh, I love this street. I know all of those places, seems like years since we were there and it was only June! Sounds like the perfect day to me!

  10. Because of the time difference in Australia I got to take a lovely Tuesday morning promenade on rue St Antoine. Thank you so much. Just what I needed to counteract our bleak, grey, overcast morning. I don't know rue St Antoine well, but did promenade down there myself back in June. Sadly I didn't get to sample any of the delights. I love the look of those chocolate roses, and what I wouldn't give to have a canelle chocolat chaud this morning.

  11. I love your "Brunch" shots - the reflections in the glass - fabulous!

  12. What an exciting way to start my day ~ a stroll along Rue St Antoine ~ oooh! that cutsie chocolat shop will you meet me there Carol for chocolat chaud & une petit patisserie ?

  13. Oh we stayed just behind here last year, we went to those shops, Oh I do want to go back!! Such wonderful memories.

  14. All of those places look fun, Carol! I thought at first that you WERE back in Paris! xo

  15. Anonymous8:09 PM

    I am getting so excited, My list to go to Paris is going to so long - I will not know where to start- have this horrible feeling that I miss something fantastic ---4 weeks until Paris!!! Here we come.
    And today you got my attention! Flowers divine!x

  16. A visit to PB is better than leche vitrines! Lucky you inthe 60's .... we still have 70's in the AM when Oz and I walk....high 80's later.
    When I go to Paris, I am going to all your favorite haunts with my camera...and I'm going to tell them you sent me for more shots!

  17. I'll take the cheese, wine, and a chocolate rose if you don't mind. If I ever make it to Paris, I plan on gaining 50 pounds!

  18. Yum! The chocolate roses look delicious!!

  19. William, you don't have to worry about the weight until you get home when you stop walking.
    In Paris yr safe.

    the list, the list, the list!!!
    the endless lists ot stuff to do in Paris..
    Throw it away and just meander.
    That's what I say

  20. Fabulous paintings! What a treat! Oh and... I'll take the chocolate Roses please! One for me and one for my dear hubby! ;)

  21. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Lovvvvve your post,,, chocolate roses anytime for me. Wish I was there again.

  22. hi Carole lovely photos of my neighbourhood. So great to see them on your blog. Paris looks so fine. Carla

  23. j'adore le miss Manon!!!!

    bonne soirée


  24. Thought fo r sure I was going to see my blu front dor right next to le Vasellerie but will have to wait until nov. THe verger across from there has excellent produce.


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