Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eataly NYC

GRAZIA TANTE PBers for your 'take away' comments yesterday!
Sometimes you need someone else's point of view to 'get' what you're about. This nocciola gelato is for YOU. They were out of pistache. You'll have to come back early in the morning for pistachio.
Monday enroute to Publish Your Own Book class I passed EATALY NYC on 23rd street... No way could I not go inside
WOWZA! this place is HUGE!
60,000 sq. ft. huge!
They are selling everything under the sun Italian. Plus there are 14 (yes I said FOURTEEN!) places to dine here, by yourself... Or ensemble.
Doesn't this look like fun?
D'accordo they have tiramisu...
And Duomo-like concoctions...
You don't have to go to Paris to get verrines - come to Eataly.
And the loveliest wallpaper you ever did see...
Every inch of wall space is covered with Italian productos...
I overheard someone say of this giagantic chocolate bar...
"Look! There's a Hazelnut in every bite!"
We must thank Lidia Bastianich and Mario Battali for bringing us all this joy. I've drawn and painted them both, but who knew what was in store?
Cappuccino anyone?
Or you can stand and order freshly sliced prosciutto, mozzarel and wine...
Petti di poulo?
New Yorkaise typique - she's thinking about what to eat.
He's checking the $ markets...
I ran back after class as the counter was closing at 10pm. The staff took pity and gave me a bowl of Summer Minestrone with a side of garlicy toast. My 'Tornado' cold was ascending with a touch of computer virus.
Just what the doctore ordered ($9.00)
200 5th Ave / 23rd St


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having breakfast in Paris with you! I feel like I am right back there with my sketchbook. My favorite thing is sitting in the cafes and drawing the people and food.

    I have just published a book of my watercolor sketches called TRAVELS WITH A BLUE VASE: A MOSTLY MEDITERRANEAN SKETCHBOOK. It includes recipes from France, Italy and Greece and is available from me at

  2. Justine11:54 AM

    Just like being in Italy...
    Maybe better..?
    they all speak English?
    It's all in one place..
    Yet I LOVE the style of this emporium - MOLTO BENE!

  3. anna maria A.11:56 AM

    The prociutto looks heavenly
    The mozzarella divine
    Zuppa perfeto
    and the GELATO!!!
    Ahhhh the torture you dish out everyday at Paris Breakfast!
    mamma mia

  4. Bongiorno, Principessa of Everything Beautiful!

    Somehow I never ever would have imagined that Lidia Bastianich and Mario Battali would come together and create such a magical place!

    (Have I told you that I stayed at your hotel in Venice in August?)

  5. So you see, I have this scheme. It involves a lot of luck . . . I need to win the apartment in New York from HGTV, and then I can visit Eataly as often as I like. {Currently it isn't very convenient for me in California}. I only need it for two more years, till my son finishes up at Princeton . . . then I can sell it. :)

    I read about Eataly when it opened, last month, was it (?) and can't wait till I visit next Autumn. It will be all broken in by then . . .

    In the meantime . . . how I envy you!

  6. Carol, it's such a relief to see an Italian eating place out of the "red checkered tableclothes" and chianti flasks cliche.
    I'd really love to have a look around, I hope that in my life I'll be able to hop in NY. Better before a need a perambulator.Thanks for sharing, Rosanna from Italy
    PS ehm ehm, pesche means peaches, fish is called pesce. They look quite they same, don't they?

  7. Wow, you went! For some reason you don't say "Italian" to me. But I imagine it was maybe the gelato that lured you in??

  8. Molte bene! Mangiamo!! Om nom Nom...:))) Ciao Bella.

  9. "And Duomo-like concoctions"

    with Cheerios on top!

  10. Boy that food looks good!
    I wish there was a store like that around here.
    I love your photos and the watercolors are great.
    I hope that you feel better!

  11. Looks like a YUMMY place!!! LOVE that painting book... I NEED one!

  12. Anonymous5:11 PM

    I loved your post this morning - as Italy here I come.
    I will be sure to post lots of photos for the blog. You can come and have a trip down memory lane.

  13. Gina Lolo5:34 PM

    Mange Mange!
    Could they PLEASE open one of those on every like street corner throughout the Nation?
    Could they PULEEZE
    nom nom

  14. Elizabeta5:48 PM

    Can't say which are yummier-
    your lush watercolors of italy
    or all that food?
    It's a tie with the gelato neck and neck..
    Grazie tanti

  15. OMG, now that was just cruel! That place looks to die for! Wow! Thanks for the heads up. If I head back to NY I'll have to try to check out that place! Hope you're feeling better, Carol! xo

  16. Lovely post - love your watercolours.

  17. Carolg:

    What an extraordinary Italian feat! This market (if that's what you can even call it!) is enormous, busy, touristy and full of energy. It looks like literally you could find any specialty Italian item that comes to mind. Loved all the little enclaves -- gelato, espresso, charcuterie --
    Wish them much success a huge undertaking in this economy.

    But best of all for me was your watercolors, love the boats.


  18. Lidia was on "The Martha Stewart Show" last week talking about "Eataly" I am so envious. I can't imagine anything more exciting than going to "Eataly". Lidia did cook with Martha. Mario Batali was in the mix as well.

  19. Hoping that B and B's venture will be able to keep up the great standards they's set for themselves. This Eataly could turn out to be a fabulous destination for locals and tourists alike.

    Thank you for the tour. I am looking forward to finding time to see it for myself.

    Best wishes.

  20. I never knew I was dying to go to Italy. Or even NewYork. Thank you for letting me know.

  21. It's wonderfull to see one of my favorite blogs writing bout Eataly. I was in NY (I live in Turkey) 10 days ago and I adored this place. I actually wrote about it in my own blog. If you want to take a look, my blog adress is:

  22. This place is Heaven! WBtw, wonderful blog, I will visit you often. Greetings

  23. Today I'm being "South Jersey Boy," heading way into the flat farmlands of my childhood, where I grew up with lots of Italian friends.
    And where I am SURE one will never ever find an Eataly on the corner.
    Will check it out next time I'm in NY City.

  24. Misha in Paris8:55 AM

    Bonjour Carol,
    GREVE AUJOURD'HUI ..... : (.....: (

    J'espere que ce sera fini en octobre !!!!!


  25. PB is my daily treat. You're doing fine, don't stop!

    While in London you might visit Cafe Deux Amis, in Judd Street in Bloomsbury. Charming atmosphere, wonderful tea, coffee and cakes, and as close as you're going to get to Paris in London.
    We also enjoyed eating dinner at Terroirs, in King William IV right off Trafalgar Square.

    Bon appetit! and thanks for your soul-enriching work.

  26. How wonderful would it be to have one of these places in Chicago!
    I've just come back from my vacation in Italy (to see la mamma) and I am already missing all those delicious treats...;)
    Great post as always! :)


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