Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kings of Pastry 2

Last night I had to eat macarons.  And drink champagne.

At the opening screening of the KINGS OF PASTRY!

Remember I told you about the KINGS OF PASTRY back in August. Well it's here at last.

After the film, filmmakers, Chris Hededus and D. A. Pennebaker took questions. I couldn't resist asking,
"However did you get permission from the French Meilleur Ouvriers de France (or MOF) society to make this film?!" It was not easy.
They had to wait till the very last minute for permission. Even then it was day-by-day up-for-grabs wait to see if they would be invited back the following day to shoot during the 3-day concours. The chance their equipment or even their very presence could disturb the competing chefs or their creations was a major concern. On the last and final day they were given a tiny boxed-area to shoot the film.
C'est comme ca.
Yet in the end the MOF was very pleased to have the competition filmed for posterity. No one had ever attempted it before.
After the film we trooped over to nearby Jacques Torres Chocolate for the post-film soiree.

You feel you're inside a giant cocoa bean.
I got to meet the amazing unflappable star and MOF contender of Kings of Pastry, chef Jacquy Pfeiffer sans whites/out of his chef's jacket. Chef Pfeiffer is founder of The French Pastry School in Chicago.

The wives of the MOF contenders are very much heroines in their own right - Mme. Pfeiffer stands by her man.
An MOF winner (at the mere age of 26) Jacques Torres tries to explain why there are no female contenders for the MOF. Jacques is now Dean of pastry at the French Culinary Institute and where there are plenty of female contenders onboard. I drew Jacques 1st business card when he was still head pastry chef at Le Cirque. I used to hang out at his station and get sample nibbles - the good ole days..
Sotha Kuhn, former head chef at Le Cirque was there chatting with FCI Dean, Alain Sailhac.

New York restauranteur, Danny Meyer was there

Three-time contender for the MOF, Stephane Treand was telling me how it really does take 3 tries to get it right. To know exactly where everything you need is to win the race to the finish line. And it is a race against the clock. To be able to express your own unique point of view to win over all the judges. The judges have to eat at least 16 desserts. How do you make yours stand out from the rest?

Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer created this cinematic chocolatey sculpture for the party.

KINGS OF PASTRY will be opening near you soon.
Don't miss the excitement, the thrills, the tears, the laughter. And watch the trailer again

 Don't forget if you in Washington DC, do come have some macarons with me at the opening at the Alliance Francaise svp tomorrow night!


  1. Oh I have seen it! The ABC in Australia played it not so long ago and it was incredible! The chefs were wonderful and the practice and timing they put in before they got there was amazing. They all deserved to win!

  2. Oh, you lucky, LUCKY girl!!!
    I wisch I was You!!!
    Does it look silly if I lick my computerscreen???

  3. Oh I can't wait! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Leslie W.11:45 AM

    I can't wait to see this movie! Miam, miam!

  5. Susan S.11:47 AM

    you certainly seem to have an exciting life...
    continue to love your blog....
    Will look for this terrific movie
    Pastry is my favorite pastime...

  6. Hope all goes well with your opening in DC tomorrow night!
    Best wishes -- wish that Holly and I could be there but we will be in spirit!!
    Excited to see that Kings of Pastry is coming to Denver!!

  7. Carol, I will be thinking of you as you head south, from NY to Washington, tomorrow.
    Good luck at your opening, and I look forward to being at same, when you have your show in Philly.

  8. Justine1:36 PM

    Looks delish!
    All of it-the movie, the macarons, the chocolates.
    I drink Jacques Torres Wicked Hot chocolate every morning for breakfast!

  9. As I was leaving to go to the screening last night decked out in my macaron necklace, bracelet and T-shirt with macarons fore and aft, I asked my neighbor,
    "Do I look like a big macaron?"
    He replied,
    "No, you look nice."
    He has yet to taste a macaron I guess...

  10. Oh how fun! Would love to see this, I hope there will be international showings

  11. Boy, you are getting around! Looks like a great party.
    You're gonna' be famous some day :)

  12. So interesting, seeing people in your pictures, names that once upon a time meant something even to me, even if only from reading about them.

    Thank you for the movie trailer! My heart stopped for a moment when I watched those sculptures bursting into pieces!

  13. Wow, how cool are you!

  14. Yes it IS a thrilling movie MERISI.
    So much better than most Hollywood concoctions out there with all the tricks and fire-eaters...
    Yet it's on a human scale.
    Real people attempting the near impossible with every ounce of ingenuity in their beings.
    There's something almost border line Sistine Chapel about what these pastry artists are creating :)
    Anyway you feel their pain and their delight.

  15. Ooh, la la.

    Love the movie trailer.

  16. Thank heaven there is someone in this world willing to make such sacifices as our very own PB. Why is htere no review of this move in my local paper?

  17. Anonymous4:40 PM

    O, I saw that MOF competition on arte tv in April or so. How delightful to see them again on your wonderful blog.

  18. ...oh how delish ... all the fun things you do ... great, as usual.

  19. Dang! Here I am in Australia and I just read the first comment to discover that I missed it! How did that one slip under the radar?

  20. What a fabulous night!! with all those macarons and champagne and chocolate oooh!! You live an exciting life and Thank You Carol for letting us be a part of it.

  21. Looks like a fantastic night out. Carol you have a wonderful life! Visting gorgeous cities, catching up with friends, and eating lovely food...this is just another example of why I'm jealous :D

  22. Wow, sounds like a wonderful night! I will definitely see that movie, can't wait! :)

  23. Believe it or not when you're 'working' the room, you don't get so many chances to snack on macarons and forget about downing the champers.
    You have to keep your wits about you - best to surround yourself with plenty of wits!

  24. Peter in Charleston3:37 AM

    Some French friends of ours moved this spring from the Florida panhandle where they ran a great patisserie/brunch restaurant (our loss:() to Charleston, SC. We visited their shop there last week. Very cute, delicious smells, amazing pastries. Probably the best macaroons in the USA. Fabienne very petite, piercing blue eyes, chic, Fabrice stocky, cheerful, brilliant patissier!
    Definitely a place to visit - and Charleston is one of the most European patissier!
    It's called Macaroon Boutique

  25. Jealous and excited, excited and jealous... can't wait to see this doc! And le soirée?? Carol, tres jalouse!! xo

  26. I trust you have recovered sufficiently... :-)
    but if not, there is always the Hair of the Dog.

  27. You never did a posting on Paris Breakfast on Friday.
    Did you have any problems with the tornado????????????

  28. I left the house Friday for the DC train at 4:30AM and decided to give myself a BREAK!
    I know yr teeth were missing their morning tooth ache I bet Rick :)Guilty as charged.
    I'll make it up next week with double-postings!!!

  29. LULUlolo8:33 AM

    Here is my list of what I bring back from Paris besides macarons
    and chocolate: marrons glaces, marshmallows, caramel au beurre sale spread from Laduree, bottle of Creme de Cassis, Cassis
    flavored Ricola cough drops, and Laroscorbine brand effervescent
    Vitamin C. Also I have purchased natural cork stoppers for wine
    at Monoprix. Haven’t tried bringing back any of those wonderful
    flavoured yogurts in a jar yet
    And I always pack bubble wrap.

  30. I hope you arrived safely in DC and are enjoying yourself!

    Metro Station "Eastern Market"
    At 225 7th St SE, Washington

    I love the atmosphere there on Saturday mornings!
    Besides the fruit and vegetable market (check the indoor stalls!!!)
    there is a sort of artsy flea market going on on Saturday morning.
    I LOVE IT, I truly do!

    Great home style food at TORTILLA CAFE -
    a true mom and pop cafe,
    210 7th St SE (between S C St & S North Carolina Ave)
    delicious spinach quesadilla,
    even the salsa and guacamole is homemade!!!

    Walk down from the CAPITOL (Senate)
    Metro Station CAPITOL SOUTH
    past the Botanic Gardens (the sun reflects in the glass of the gorgeous conservatory!)
    towards the American Indian Museum
    and on towards the other end of The Mall.

    1517 Connecticut Ave, NW
    From the Dupont Circle Metro stop, take the 'Q' exit (2min walk)

    VISIT POLITICS AND PROSE yesyes yes!!! Do!!!
    5015 Connecticut Ave NW
    The best and one of the last independent bookstores
    The cafe' in the English Basement is worth a visit too (their sandwiches *dream*)
    It's huge and the staff is knowledgeable (Bill Clinton liked to shop there too, not only moi!!!)

    Get there by Metro: Take the Red Line to Van Ness. We are one mile north on Connecticut (a 15 minute walk). You can also take the L1, L2, or L4 bus from the Van Ness Metro Station.
    at the 3000 block of Connecticut Ave NW,

    10:58 AM where the Uptown Cinema is (you have to take the Metro stop at the ZOO and then walk in the direction of "out of town"), there is an UPTOWN bakery and a FIREHOOK Bakery (that one has a nice hidden backyard, courtyard, to sit) - I love their LANDBROT and they usually make a type of (not too) sweet pizza with grapes, delish!!!!

    Please blow a kiss to the city for me.

  31. PS
    Carol: I must say your blog on Paris is the best!
    The usage of photo images and minimal text captures everything wonderfully--

  32. Anna in Sweden9:56 AM

    I visited Paris last weekend, and saw a man working at one of these Presse kiosks.
    I took his picture, and the next day I gave my e-mail address to
    his collegue.
    She ran after me as I went, and asked if she should call him for me, but I said no, I was too nervous…
    My heartbeat raced… I don’t know
    if he ever got my e-mail address…
    When I saw your Paris website, I was wondering if you know a way to contact this Presse company?
    I can’t find anything on the internet…
    And would really like to get in touch with this guy I think is called Vincent.

  33. Dear Anna in Sweden,
    There ARE limits to my Paris expertise malheureusement...
    So far la PRESSE is not on my radar...

  34. Carol,
    once in a lifetime a tornado over Brooklyn,
    should have been worth a good excuse for something, shouldn't it? ;-))

    (I can hear my kids cry in unison: Mom, you are so NOT funny!)

  35. fun,Carol! great pix


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