Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Paris Hair

Paris is a very hairy city... The "Bedhead" look is the norm... Hair salon windows are full of it - Hairy hair... Hairy Parisien dogs too... I saw an expo of Vinyl record covers and voila - the Queen of Bedhead herself, Patti Smith. Follow-up bedhead Mom has to be Brit Jane Birkin married to Serge Gainsbourg, born-in-the-wool bedhead. Together they created au currant bedhead babe, Charlotte Gainsbourg, here posing for the new Balenciaga purf You simply can't avoid the bedhead in the Metro...
This fringie scarf matches the hair or vice versa...
There is good reason Parisiens adore le Bedhead:
Roughly translated as: subway-work-sleep etc.
Granted a tremendous amount of upkeep goes into le bedhead as I was reminded daily by French Girl...
I was reminded of all those wonderful Degas bather drawings. And no wonder with all that lush Parisien hair everpresent...
I certainly couldn't resist drawing it any chance I got...



  1. Bedheads!!!
    I still have not managed to wake up with the right kinda bedhead. ;.)

    Patti Smith's hair looks so much more bourgie all of a sudden.

  2. Why is it that mine just never looks like this! xv

  3. Justine10:44 AM

    worry-free Hair in Paris!
    a dream walking!!

  4. I basically live in a bad hair life, so I am in awe of all the bedheads. they look great to me! Fun! and I like your sketch here. Great job, Carol.

  5. Too funny!!! The dog is the best,though! And by the way, thanks so much for answering my question, 1 or 2 posts ago. LOOOOOOOVE your blog!
    Have a great day!

  6. But bedhead makes us think of le sexe, non? And what paresian gilr, no matter how put together she is, does not ooze of le sexe?

  7. yeah, sexy is not the word my husband used to describe my hair this a.m. - his bday. apparently he thought he was entitled to better on his special day!

  8. "I still have not managed to wake up with the right kinda bedhead. ;)"

    I agree! Unless I shower and blow dry my hair, my bangs end up all over the place... how I wish I could wake up with perfectly styled, effortless bedhead!

  9. Foodwalker1:35 PM

    Bedhead - no matter how you look at it, it costs a lot...
    Either a sleepless night or a lot of dough at the beauty salon.
    I'll take a ponytail everytime
    Or that topknot thing you showed awhile ago...

  10. perfectly messy hair is not effortless.
    I'd rather eat a macaron.

  11. Maybe it's supposed to be messy, but I think that it's very sexy and attractive.......
    (I love that shot just above the dogie :)

  12. I agree with commentator Susan.
    I prefer the bedhead over the perfectly brushed/combed look anyday.

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  14. Fantastique!
    Et votre esquisse du cheveux est formidable!

  15. I dream of having bed head hair....but the only way to achieve it is to perm, mousse, wax etc. My natural hair just hangs straight down. Grrrr...and don't get me started on hard-hat hair!

  16. Hair can definitely change the way a person looks. If your hair is bad, your outfits looks bad!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  17. I knew it I am French my hair is naturally that way and try as I might it ends up after being out side for an hour or two looking like that ,, UGH so I guess I better move to Paris.


  18. Delwyn in Australia5:33 AM

    Hi Carol , I have been following your blog for quite a while now and think its great! Have you ever thought about doing foodie tours of Paris , if you ever do please let me know as I would be interested.
    Delwyn in Australia

  19. Whoever knew I was FASHIONABLE!!! lol.

    Bedhair is my answer whenever someone does comment on my hair. It's the easiest look!


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