Tuesday, March 23, 2010

L'Epi d'Or Paris

Bear spies old charmant bistro, L'Epi D'or on 25 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 7 Christian Louboutin frequents this joint! Bear would love to drop in for cote d'ageau etc.But Carolg, who isfearless in a pastry shop, is a total wimp when it comes to bistros and cafes :(
Louboutin's FAB shoe shop is practically nextdoor-no wonder! Whilst Carolg browses the deluxe pricey LB shoes... Bear chats up Louboutin's bear in the passage.
"Bonjour M. ours" Together they happily browse patisserie Au Delice de Manon on rue St. Honore. Browsing the terribly chic Frenchies,
Bear thinks he sees MARC JACOBS!
Gold earring - check

Burburry scarf - check
5 O'clock shadow - check
Looking a tad rough about the edges - check
Baggy jeans? A non, non
What do YOU think?

Is that you Marc?
Carolg wants to take a bite out of the Boucheron macaron rings which go for many thousands of $$$. A girl can dream can't she?
Meanwhile everyone and their mother is sunning themselves on any spare chair at any cafe available. SPRING has finally arrived in Paris!
At 4 pm Carolg & Bear go to Toraya tea salon at 10, Rue St-Florentin, 75001
To meetup with fellow bloggeurs, Rebecca of Fleur de Paris and D'arcy of Chicsetera. Both live in Paris FULL TIME! They talk blogger talk a mile a minute...
The wheels are turning crazily inside Bear's head.
He's furiously taking mental notes.
Just maybe he will start HIS OWN BLOG. Hello?
Later as night falls they meet French Girl and shoot the Paris vitrines/windows...
Paris at night! Does it get any better than this?
Especially Hediard's vitrine full of Easter chocolates.
It's a coup de foudre/instant love for bear...sigh
More Paris night at Opera Garnier...more sighs
At home the very sharp Sabatier knife does the job and cuts cleanly through the Pierre Herme macaron. BRAVO! The perfect end to a perfect day.


  1. Foodwalker4:25 AM

    MERCI for another day out on the town with M.Bear!!!
    Always a thrilling adventure

  2. Lawrence4:26 AM

    Love THE MACARON jeweled rings!!!

  3. Marie Antoinette4:26 AM

    I think it looks like Marc!
    Though I wouldn't bet the house on it...

  4. Bonjour Carol,

    As far as I'm concerned, Sabatier knives are the best.

  5. Bonjour Carol !
    Tes Balades dans Paris sont un enchantement...
    Et JE suis tombée amoureuse de Mr Bear !!!
    Lucky you ;)
    Louboutin... mythique !
    I go to a braderie privée Jérôme Lhuillier tomorrow... Palais Royal, colorful silk dresses... would you like to come ?

  6. Merci Carolg et bear pour la recette!

    Have you seen the Freud exposition yet? I can't wait.

    No shares in Wadja just loved the atmosphere and the deux madames.

  7. Enfin! A pic of Dehillerin! Love those metre long wooden cooking spoons in there and the giant whisks. Those macaron rings are sooo cute, are you saving up to buy one?! ;-)

  8. I've been reading all the posts lately though I have not commented for a few. I wanted to hop on to let you know how much I am enjoying the presence of Bear in your pics in posts! Hmmm. Blog of his own? Maybe. :) It sure is fun to get his take on things.

    What delicious finds you make, from the macaron rings to the maybe Marc Jacobs (??? Peut-être!). You and Bear seem to be having a marvelous time, Carol.

    Enjoy. :)
    (an alien parisienne)

  9. Je m'excuse bear, "mesdames"!!!

  10. Beautiful fun post Carol! I lived around the corner from Dehillerin for nearly 6 years but that was pre-blogging (oh and I didn't have a kitchen then) but even back then I still would go and drool over the stuff in there!

  11. So sad Bear will be leaving Paris! We hope he will start a Bear-tastic spin-off blog soon! ;-)

  12. Go for it, Bear!

    Start your blog and join the ranks. We animals are taking over the blogosphere....we have such a unique vision and perspective of the world. You are assured success.

    In fact, if you can corral Carol into scribing it out for you, you might garner enough attention and $$$$ to buy her that amusing macaron ring she covets!

    Your pal,

  13. I have thoroughly enjoyed this post..keep up the good work Bear !!

    daniela b

  14. Dehillerin is one of my favorite bakeware/cookware shops in Paris. Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau's photos almost brings tears to my eyes, esp numero dix neuf

    Enjoy Paris <3

  15. Oh, what a shop. I bought a copper saucepan at Dehillerin's last spring and use it every day. It brings back memories of April in Paris.

  16. Beautiful knife, there, Carol! And that KitchenAid is just like mine. Bear is having some great adventures. He'll be so bored when it's finally time to come back down to earth. Cute post!

  17. bearblog.blogspot.com
    that would work, go for it Bear
    bring Carolg along for fun, hehehe

  18. Can never have too many dishes!9:52 AM

    I love the plate! Lucky plate. Lucky macaron.

  19. Carol - Each morning I look forward to your posting and of course Bear's view as well. I'm going to be going to Paris for my first visit as an adult next month (April)!and as excited as I was -- your adventures have me wanting to leave NOW... the CL - shoes awwwww ... yes we can dream about Macaron rings too! Please indulge in a Macaron for me ... until I'm able to savor one next month...

  20. Yes, Bear should definitely have his own blog!! I'll follow him loyally. (I'll still keep reading, yours, too, Carolg!!)

  21. What can I say? Tres delicious, again.
    Love that bear. I have the same white KitchenAid, and a red one. Maybe when you come visit me (taking bear along obligatory . maybe we can find him a Viennese Choir Boy outfit???) we can try the macaron thingie ourselves? There's always hope ... ;-)

    Spring's here too.

  22. William Ternay, Jr.11:28 AM

    Don't know if you have time to take Bear to see some art, but it
    would be very interesting to hear his take on "the Fine Arts," while in Paris. He seems terribly astute, to me.

  23. Dear Carol, I imagine the folks around you seeing you take the pictures of M. Bear and smile :-) You are truly a kindred spirit :-)

    I have a recommendation for you, if you have not seen this book:

    I bought a copy direct from the lovely author. I think you and M. Bear will enjoy it.

    And oh, what an idea, a M. Bear adventure book, illustrated by carolg...I am pre-placing my order :-)


  24. I've never been in to Dehillerin because I would get into sooooooo much trouble or get suffer a SAMU worthy crise!!!!

    As to your Jour du Macaron - as far as I can tell, you totally broke you promise - cause that post was just like: BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE!!!! Too too TOO!

  25. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Bonjour Madame,
    I am just writing to say I really like your blog! Also, in the photo, the lentil salad with smoked salmon looks very yummy...how would I go about making that, do you have a specific recipe or list of ingredients that you may be willing to share? Thank you very much!!

  26. So happy to meet the famous Carol, Reine des Macarons !! à bientôt in Paris and NY ! Bisous

  27. Sharman H.1:09 PM

    You may or may not have spotted Marc Jacobs but I ran in to Jimmy Kimmel under the Eifffel Tower on Friday on my first trip to Paris .

  28. I just have to tell you, I absolutely love your blog! I've been reading it every weekday morning for a while, and hope you'll keep it going for a long, long time.
    It's fabulous!
    I always look forward to my mornings with breakfast and a little ParisBreakfasts before I run off to class.
    I in fact had a pain au chocolat this morning, freshly baked in the oven, while reading your posts today!
    Just made my day. :-)

  29. nancy in Savannah1:18 PM

    I'm so jealous of your time in Paris, but girl, you've got to start going to the bistros and cafes. Alone?
    Not a problem ever for me, even in the chicest, oldest, most venerable.
    Esp this time of year with few tourists to clutter the places up.

    Eh...I think Dehillerin is pronounced more like "day-yer-ranh" The two ll's are like a "y".

    Your shots from the small bear's perspective are so...cool...arty. Love them.

    I plan to take the Ritz Macarons course the next time I'm in Paris. I KNOW I can make them!

    nancy in Savannah

  30. What a wonderful post! I adore the Hediard Easter window. Great photos, thank you!

  31. Are you really walking around Paris with a stuffed bear???!!! I love Dehillerin and can spend hours there.
    I'm so hungry and all those desserts are driving me crazy!

  32. Augustin in Espana2:41 PM

    first of all congratulations for the blog.
    I'm going to Paris on May, exactly from 4th may until 11th may. I'm from Uruguay, southamerica. I'm a Patissiére, I've been working in Spain and made lots of courses too. I' would like to take one in Paris, I would love a Macaron one. Do you know whether it will be a Macaron course?, or maybe another kind of course will be perfect too; chocolate etc etc. A 1 day o 2 day course would be perfect.
    thank you very much

  33. I love the night shots - especially the chocolates!
    Bear with a blog? Hmmmmmm...

  34. Oh Bears adventures are just the bees knees! Your writing style with him is just delightful - very reminiscent of Kay Thompson's Eloise :) My 12 dd was so excited to read about Bear that she started her own blog adventureswithbear . Please take that as a huge compliment, as imitation is the most sincere form of flattery :) Also as her bear is Australian his outings are very different from yours.
    Both of us are looking forward to your Bear's further adventures.

  35. MOG! Did you have to pick the shop keeper up off the floor at Dehillerin when you asked for a - gasp - GERMAN knife?

  36. Better take that knife with you if you plan to visit many of those patisseries with all the chocolate longears! you never know when one might mistake you for a spinach leaf!

  37. Of course, you can always go to Cafe St. Andre (Place st. Andre des Arts, where you took the photo and did such a super aquarelle for me). It is neither chic nor old, but warm and at least when i was last there (2006) there were no tourists, despite the location. If you're not a vegetarian, get the second least expensive steak/frites, but you can sub haricots verts for the frites and it comes with a nice green salad. I could pick up several wireless nodes there, also, and spent most Sunday evenings with my laptop and a glass of wine (or two) after dinner. Desserts are store-bought, but the grilled stuff is very good.


  38. been loving the adventures of BEAR - my bear Borromini would love to meet him!


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