Friday, March 19, 2010

Macaron Class at Paris Ritz

Ecole Ritz Escoffier 7 pm, 18 mars, jeudi
I am at the right place and the right time for my
Bear comes along to observe and is instantly in love with the Ecole Ritz chef bears.Ecole Ritz Escoffier Our aprons, towels, recipes elegantly await us. Everything is detailed and thought out to make our adventure into macaron land easy and efficient. The class cost 70 euros for 2-3 hrs. The recipe (in Fr and English) is proprietary so I cannot share it. The link above will give you class dates. Ecole Ritz EscoffierBear watches closely, not missing a trick. And there are many tricks to observe. Our professor, maitre and guru is Chef Didier Steudler. Chef Steudler could not be more charming, informative and generous with his knowledge and experience of the Ritz techniques plus the tricks of other well known macarons makers. 

Ecole Ritz EscoffierChef Samantha assists and aids me translating all the macaron tips. No detail in macaron-making is left to chance. We are a just 8 students and all questions are answered. Chef mixes the "Italian" style meringue to the correct consistency. Filling the pastry tube is demonstrated with all potential pitfalls eliminated. The correct way to hold the bag is at 35 degrees. The shells are created in 3 steps.Ecole Ritz Escoffier Every step is hands-on and we get a chance to try out each step. Our efforts must wait 30 minutes before entering the oven.
*Note the metal clips to hold the pastry paper in place so cookies never move or slide about. We head downstairs into the chocolate kitchen to see the upcoming Easter eggs in production. Naturallement there is a giant chocolate bear (22 kilos!)Back upstairs we touch the "skin" of the shells lightly. They are ready for the oven. Chef tells us many macaron secrets. Bear is taking notes furiously.
Voila! Into the four/oven go our efforts.
After just 8 minutes Chef Steudler opens the door to let in a bit of air. And then again after 12 minutes - special tricks of the macaron trade.
Meanwhile the caramel garniture/filling is cooking away. Did I mention we're making macaron caramel au beurre sale/salted butter caramel?
The perfect macaron filling-all of the techniques and methods are geared for the home cook at Ecole Ritz Escoffier.
Ecole Ritz Escoffier To add the caramel filling to the baked shells, the pastry bag is held straight up.
Our chance to wreck havoc on the macarons-to-be.
The class is a ball. Everyone is very friendly and there is a lot of giggling, though not much tasting until the end...ahem
Ecole Ritz EscoffierVoila! Perfect little caramel macarons ready to pop into boxes - our reward for working so hard. Ha! This class was too much fun.
We each get a glam certificate to hang on the wall at home as a reminder to practice, practice, practice our macarons.
Chef Steudler happily poses with fellow classmate, Dan.
C'est mignon non?

Ahhhh, the boxes filled with our macarons.
 Bear awaits patiently for his box.
I can highly reccommend the Ecole Ritz Escoffier class to all obsessed macarons lovers.
You'll be delighted I promise.


  1. Aha - you'll have to get a Kitchen Aid now so you can PRACTISE!!!!!!!
    What are those blobs on some of the raw macs?? The finished products looks did they taste? What a lovely time you're having!

  2. This looked so fun and informative. Wish I could attend to this class:)Great post:)

  3. too cute!!! You are so lucky!!!

  4. Mmmmmm chocolat, caramel et macaroons. J'ai faim!

    BTW Il est un four.

  5. Fantastic, sounds like so much fun! And the macarons look like they turned out great! Questions - how much is the class? Is it held in english or french? And where can I check dates and book a class?

  6. Carol, I am drooling! What fun this must have been. I too want to know: was the class in French or English? French would be a problem for me, though I might take a crash course just to learn how to make these yummies. Thanks for sharing your sweet culinary adventure.

  7. Carol I have been waiting for this post impatiently!! SO you just made the Italian macaron with the sugar syrup huh? Interesting - I have never tried that version but after a recent run of failure with the French recipe (after two glorious goes of it earlier in the year) I might be ready to try that one out. Thanks for an excellent post and glad Bear had a good time!

  8. Comment?? Pas de recette secrète?? No sharing of the recipe? I, too, practiced making them while in France (not at Escoffier...) and learned to let them set before popping them in the oven. I love the filling. I will search for a recipe. You are one lucky woman. And BTW, I was visiting the Louvre while you were at the fashion show! No magic pass for me, so I spent quality time with Venus and Mona!

  9. Oh... you have me lusting for macarons for breakfast now!

  10. Very fun! I would like to attend the class too! Appreciate if you could provide more details on the class or perhaps a website we can visit for the details. Merci!

  11. Well...I am waaaay jealous over this! First, I want a Ritz bear!
    The detail to accurate cooking looks amazing. I love salted caramel anything!
    Your certificate is to die for!!!!!
    I think I will look into this....great step by step photos! Thanks Carol.

  12. Hi Carol! Your report on the macarons class was such an inspiration that I went immediately to the Ritz Escoffier website, found that there was a macaron class on October 14 (I will be in Paris then), and have now reserved a place in the class! You can see my blog post at:
    France One Day at a Time
    Thanks so much...

  13. What a great way to spend a day, and a yummy one too!!!

  14. Fantastic post are making all of us want to go ...looks like fun....and I want a Ritz bear too.

  15. love this post - a "must do" on our next trip to Paris - this class or something like it - we were in NYC yesterday - 70° and we found a new chocolate bar on Madison and 64th-65th - Francois Chocolate Bar - we stumbled upon it accidentally - it is on the 4th floor -
    and Did you know that Saturday, March 20th is Macaron Day in NYC?

  16. ps - we had the same macaron that you baked w/ choc

  17. Rose was crushed to hear that you went to Paris without her! She wonders if you might eat a macaron on her behalf... Sounds like you're having such a lovely time! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  18. A blog post to die for! Such a lucky bear to get to learn how to make macarons.

  19. Great photos, Carol! I am going to have to try to make them--they sound really easy. The macaron itself can't be that hard. It's the fabulous fillings I'm curious about--that looks/sounds delicious. So tiny--means you can eat 80, then, right, before it amounts to one real one. ;))

  20. Bonjour Carol,
    Looks like you and bear had a blast. I need to do this, especially since you can take a big box home.
    Happy Friday in Paris,

  21. I love that you went to macaron class at the Ritz! That just really makes me smile. Can't wait for your Christmas cookies...i have a hunch what they will be! Put me on your list! -- Julie

  22. William Ternay, Jr.10:00 AM

    Yummy post, Carol.
    Isn't it so very true with learning anything, especially in the "Arts."
    Show up and practice practice practice!
    And quite obviously there is an art to making those cute, delectable macarons.

  23. FYI: The class cost 70 euros and was well worth it.
    The class was in French but assisting chef Samantha was there to translate. The chef WAS quite jolly but then our group was pretty lively too - perhaps we inspired him?
    All in all good fun and a good lesson.

  24. Katherine10:23 AM

    I just have to say how fun it is to follow you through your well laid out blog. You do such a good job of bringing the reader in - I feel as though I was part of the class, too. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Paris. I look forward to what else is in store.
    A bientot!

  25. I was struck by how smiley your instructor was. The French
    are supposed to be dour. I guess it would be hard to keep that up
    living in Paris and making macarons for your living! Maybe you can
    blog about the French attitude one day. That class looks like so much
    fun. Love Bear's POV of Paris.

  26. Kyle M.10:50 AM

    Oooh how beautiful it all looks! Did you like these caramel au beurre salé macarons better than ones you can buy, like at Laduree?

  27. Brava! You cheered us happy to see that Max has adjusted to your breakneck schedule. Hope he makes you sit down & smell the macarons...

    Bonjour from GG!


  28. Love your blog and especially this post. I think after reading it I am going to sign up for the class once I finish my stage. It sounds like a lot of fun!

    If you get a minute, you might be interested in my blog. I hope it is ok that I put a link to your blog on it:)

  29. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Congrats! Wonderful post and I'm feeling bake and EAT! Have fun on your journey of practice. xo Mish

  30. Foodwalker1:32 PM

    How wonderful!
    I'm so happy for you to have had this opportunity. How'd they taste/compare to Larduree?


  31. Cristina in Buenos Aires1:45 PM

    I so much love your posts!!!!!!!!!!!, I travel along with you and now, Bear.
    My favorite aunt lived in Paris for a very long time ( diplomatic service ) and goes back every year to visit friends. And as you do, she loves Ladurée. Now I'm practising hard to make the perfect macaron to surprise her on her birthday.
    So..., thank you for the pictures and secrets of today's post.
    A warm embrace from distant Buenos Aires.

  32. Oh what a Delicious adventure - now you will be selling to all your PB observers Non???

  33. Looks like you are having a ball (and Bear!)
    (Just curious - is the chef German with a name like Didier?)

  34. WOW>>It's Wonderful..that's special experience..!!
    thank's to share with us your magic and funny French way!
    Angela from Italy

  35. What a wonderful time you seem to be having! Me? I am sitting here at my desk with my mouth watering.

  36. Thanks for sharing the step by step, it will help me make some in the future. I found a Patisserie that I will be visiting in Salt Lake that has macaroons, I am so excited. I linked you macaroon post onto my most recent post.
    I am so glad I wasn't with you because there would have been no Chocolate Bear to speak of...LOL!
    Now that you have a Certificate, congrats btw, I am waiting for you to have a macaroon giveaway made by Carol, soon ;)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  37. If we get the 8-12 inches of snow forcast for tonight, I will skip yoga and make the macarons I have been threatening to make for 2 years...

  38. Anonymous10:29 PM

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  39. you are the luckiest girl in
    the whole world!
    j'adore this delicious,sweet
    macaron class..
    Wishing you the prettiest
    parisian Spring!

  40. I see that Bear has his back to the camera at all times. I am hoping this is because his face is smeared with crumbs from the macarons he snagged while no one was looking and he didn't want photographic evidence of the mac thievery. Bessie is envious, bien sûr!

  41. Laurie V.4:12 AM

    Dear Carol,
    It sounds like you had a great day and that the French were even friendly for once, but please, if you can afford the prices of cooking lessons at the Ritz, can't you afford a proof-reader?

    in the fore - you mean of course, in the four, n'est-ce pas?

    Bien amicalement,

  42. Dear Laurie/Proof reader,
    You are welcome to be my Proooof-weader anytime.
    Payment will be in GIGGLES
    c'est ca.

  43. PS
    When you are loading up 30 photos out of 300 there are bound to be a few errors.
    I try to catch them but depend upong kindly PB readers(as noted in the comments insturctions)to point them out.
    There is also the question of time,
    While I'm in Paris, I like to get outside a bit, so I have more to report on.
    Perfect proof reading demands time I do not have nor the dough$ to pay someone else. I doubt many bloggeurs have proof readers...
    bla bla bla
    ca suffit!
    I am going out to forage macarons now.
    Carolg :)

  44. You should be a master chef by now the amount of classes you attend :)

  45. M. Tulka4:23 AM

    I think when you are in Paris, your blogs are more, what? Paris? Probably, only because, you are breathing the air here.

  46. So, now you know all the secrets, at last! (Looking forward to meet you to learn!)

  47. What a great, interesting post! The photos are clear and sequenced beautifully. Love the one with the chefs posing together for a congratulatory shake.

  48. oooohhhhh

    I am hungry
    I am jealous of you now
    I am happy for you too.

    Beautiful photographs. Learned some great things from the photos like using giant clips to keep parchment paper from rolling up (one of my perpetual problems).

    What kind of surface did you use to pipe the batter and bake? I love those little squares that keep the macarons spaced out.

    I made them once - very tiny, not pretty, but delicious.

    I'd LOVE to take this class.

    Oh, I'm also jealous of your diploma. You better frame it!

  49. Sharman3:57 PM

    Carol on march 20 I took my first macaron class in Paris at
    You have to try it out
    They offer so many classes in French and will translate everything
    I speak little French but they really helped
    There were only 6 of us and all hands on
    Did you know today is Journee de macaron in Paris ?

  50. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Carol, I've been reading David Lebovitz blog lately and he mentioned a great fromager called Marie Quatrehomme you might want to check out - very friendly and not snooty! Wish I could have been taking the class along side you - I'd love a great macaron recipe. Have fun. Cindy

  51. i've lost count of all the blogs
    posting on macarons, but you
    are the only one to actually
    know how to make them!

    well done!

  52. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Oh gosh, could i be your friend :) maybe you could adopt me hehehe. That looks like so much fun, and the story with the bear its so cute.
    Elizabeth - NZ

  53. You certainly do some fun things in Paris! You're raising the bar for the rest of us, ha ha

  54. they look fabulous...i havent tried making them before but with your little inspirational photos i may give them a go over the weekend just in time for Easter!

  55. Ohhhhh Carol! it's lovely! I just registered for a macaroon class, thanks to your recommendation x

  56. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Escoffier! I considered taking either Ferrandi or Ritz Escoffier pastry diploma. Am at a loss. But after reading this post, I think I'm definitely gg to Escoffier pastry course & for ferrandi, their cuisine course instead. Seems very professional & exclusive. :) Personally are the macs nicer than laduree or hermes?


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