Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Fashion Dirt Tuesday

Have you found yourself irrevocably caught up in the current Fall Fashion 2010 shows/news/dirt? Maybe dipping my toe...OK whole foot/leg back into the Sonia pool did it.
How about this story:
The much-feared Anna W announces she will, "Only stay 3 days in Milan" so they march outside the shows with "Anna" wigs and great T-shirts saying "Only 3 Days" Would you not kill for one of these T-shirts? Be honest.
Will they go up on eBay soon?
I'll bring you up to date on just one show- Raf for Jil Sander.
This is the new power babe look- yep shorts in the board room.
Actually pretty gorge. You can catch the whole show here.
With a BIG reference to Laura Croft Tomb Raider:The Cradle of Life (2003) They used the soundtrack as their catwalk music, which BTW was a big cross! Yep I put it up next my NETFLIX lineup. I do get the clean, hard look of this, the slicked-back pony tail hair etc. But hello? This movie is from 2003. Is this really news? Whatever. Fashion is all about referencing. It doesn't matter if it's Olive Oyl and Popeye as long as you REFERENCE!
Photo by Tavi
To really get with it you have to read the fashion blogs, and I am totally captivated just like everybody else by
Tavi. This 13-year old can put a sentence together that drops your jaw to the floor. Her writing is just plain BEAUTIFUL and the fashion world has taken notice. She is invited everywhere, including Harper's Bazaar. Which brings me to this confession..I seem to have unconsciously channeled Tavi with my Sonia drawing have I not?
What do you think?
An easy way to catch up on all the fashion blogs is to click on the NYTimes Scorecard
Like did you know that Marc banned Madonna and Gaga from His Catwalk Show. Yeah they were showing up late(Gaga how dare you?) or inviting themselves backstage(Madonna, how could you?). Hey fashion is big biz and these celebs are not calling the shots red carpet or no. NO WAY.
c'est la vie
Last October in Paris I got a taste for the bright lights. A mini taste of glory. A guard at the Louvre Carrousel mistakenly let me into a show. Maybe they needed bums on seats? I did throw out the word, "bloggeur, blog bla bla bla"
I got to stand with the big boys, the Pros.
And I LOVED it. The wheels start turning..maybe in March 2010?
Granted I've only taken these tacky shots of the choco fashions before my big break at Marie Bishara - Spring 2010 Still a girl can dream...
I got my paws on the Fr. fashion guide and figured I'd apply for 2010 accredation in Jan, yep.
You know the first designer I emailed bien sur,
But in my crazy excitement, I addressed it to:
Chere Fleur Girardet,
I would like to attend and report on the Sonia Rykiel show for my blog, parisbreakfast bla bla bla
Quicker than a flash I got a response back.
Fleur Girardet is working for Chanel please update your files.
OMG :( My miserable response: S.V.P. Pardon Edouard %$#@
I am seeking a photography invite. Very sorry
Back to the barricades...
Unless I can come up with this look.
BONJOUR Fashionista Wannabes!


Melody said...

Just curius...
As a little girl . . . did you draw and paint clothes?

Reason I am asking is that I would draw girl figures on paper for my classmates in the 7th grade
so they could design their own clothes, hair etc., in exchange for them to do my homework!!!!
I also liked to draw and paint houses in those days. Big fancy ones with swimming pools.
You are so lucky that you continued with your beautiful art, photography, and creative blog.

Please don't ever give up.

Have a super beautiful day.


Parisbreakfasts said...

yes absolutely.
I scribbled everywhere except when I was gazing out the window...
My mom got many notices,
"Carol would do well, if she just paid attention."

sue said...

I'd hazard a guess that Carol DID pay attention--just to things she was really interested in, not what the teacher wanted.

I don't know about that Tavi, though--I have to say--what I want to know is where does she get all the money to buy all these raggamuffin outfits she wears?!

She's a kid! She definitely spends way more than I do on clothes. (If my thirteen year old was that interested in Wintour, I have to say I think I'd wonder.)

Parisbreakfasts said...

@Sue - the designers throw the clothes at her gladly.
hello Sonia?
Read a little
TAVI and you will understand why.
She is a poet.
What teenager is not obsessed with something?
But few have the brains and talent to go this far.
Tavi has it.

Melody said...

Carol, I wonder if your teachers know of your sucess?
I bet your mom would be so proud of you.
Thanks for sharing.

Justine said...

You do kind of look like TAVI in that drawing...
Love the Harry Potter glasses.

Big Mac said...

Ya definitely deserve to hang out with the big Paris pro photogs Carol
Who do ya have to knock off to get in there?
Just lemme know...
I'll take care of it for ya quick Babe!!!

Kimberly said...

Please, please don't come up with that last look. Seriously scary. Thanks so much for your delightful (as always) look at a slightly different topic. Love you lots.

little luxury list said...

What an adorable picture of Tavi! I'd love to go to a few fashion shows too and somehow got invited to one in London!

I am definitely thinking of Paris and Laduree - how wonderful it would be to visit in the spring!

Nikon said...

What a good job you did bringing all of these fashion tidbits together. A great journalistic and photo essay - and all so much fun!
I really like this one :)

Luxury hotel said...

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Yaya said...

I will bet that you are just as cute as that little model.
I am usually right.
Yaya as my grandchildren call me.

Merisi said...

Britan, Hello-o-o-o,
it's fashion shows Carol is looking for, not hotels!
(Do those guys ever pay attention?)

Thanks for that fashion roundup.
I shall head get the scissors from the kitchen as soon as I finish my comment here. Need to cut some holes in my tights. Or have I somehow misunderstand anything here???

Giulia said...

I laughed at the Anna W. quote. Eh. Liked the Milan shows (that I saw on line/in mags/in newspapers). Tavi. Eh. I take the word poet pretty seriously. It's an interesting phenom...I've pulled back enormously from pop trends. Post-irony something or other.

I liked your roundup, Carol, than most others. Tres chic & droll.


WendyB said...

Sue, a lot of designers send great things to Tavi. I should know, I gave her a ring!

Mlle Paradis said...

great post! you don't have room for all the little comments this one inspired in me!

Di Overton said...

Hate to be confrontational here but I get the feeling that 13 year old is being used.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Fleur will live to rue the day she gave YOU the brushoff!