Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Macaron To-Do List

The BIG day is coming up - JOUR DU MACARON
I have to start doing my homework - must study up on the flavors. I begin tonight!
This will be my 3rd Jour de Macaron in Paris.
Ya gotta plan these things ahead absolutement!
Now how do I hitch a ride on this truck???
I was macaron surfing this morning and thought, hmmm I really need to take that macaron class at the Paris Ritz right? Naturally the March class was complet/full. But you never know, so I called. Thank you SKYPE! One place left in the chocolat macaron classe for me :)

I've always admired the Ecole Ritz Escoffier stand at the salon du chocolat...

And now...


Must remember not to go in this entrance.

38, rue cambon for students...

Come what may I will bring back a Ritz teddie!

While mac surfing, I discovered the La démocratisation du macaron

Yup you can now buy a macaron mix in France..
Don't you think as part of my macaron researche I have to try this out?

Have any of you tried it?
4.50 euros to make 12-14 chocolate macarons.


There's a big discussion over on the Wall Street Journal comparing McDo's macarons with others. Merci Jay for the heads up. I have to break down and give McDo a chance non?

I've pretty well mapped out my Paris macaron dance card..

Got any suggestions for me?

Any macaron secrets you want to share?

Like your favorite flavor?



  1. The Times article was interesting. One of my students brought it in for extra credit in French class (wish she'd brought macarons, too...). I leave tomorrow for Paris but will be back before macaron day. I intend to try as many as possible, though, during my 10 day stay! But probably not from McDo.

  2. PS- Have you read Elizabeth Bard's "Lunch in Paris" yet? It is soooo good. I savored every word.

  3. you're not keeping up chef
    we did Lunch in Paris Feb 9th..ahem

  4. I've taken several classes at the Ritz, entering on rue Cambon. I remember seeing crates full of Apilco porcelain dishes while snaking through the underground space to the classrooms. It may be that memory that has fueled my passion for collecting Apilco and Pillivuyt whenever I can find it at T.J. Maxx. Oh, to be in Paris!

  5. I bet they're not hard to make--but it'd be great fun to take those classes. I know you'll educate us all with your photos etc, Carol.

  6. Hooray for the Jour du Macaron!

    I have taken a class at the Ritz Escoffier years ago and it was great! Look forward to reading about it on your blog and hearing how it compares to other classes!

  7. @Eileen
    Apilco and Pillivuyt at T.J. Maxx!!!
    Yikes where have I been?

  8. Leslee8:58 AM

    you probably have seen this
    if not, voila!

  9. I saw the NYTimes article, and recently tried the macarons at Trader Joe's--they're pretty good! They come frozen; you simply set out as many as you want and let them thaw under a paper towel. Incroyable!

  10. Ooohhh - Alsa macaroons. That is going on the shopping list. AND I didn't know that McDo sell them. You learn something new every day.

    BTW our local grande surface sells frozen ones!

  11. claudia10:00 AM

    when I was in Paris I accidentally landed at an amazing market (aren't they all) but this one had a dozen of those oh so adorable delivery trucks that looked like taffy pulled smart cars and the topper was a half dozen doxies teathered to a ballet bar right inside the door.

  12. I tried the McDo macarons when I was in Paris last spring... they are actually pretty good!! My sister and I cross sampled macarons we picked up at Laduree and McDo on the Champs Elysees and were surprised that the McDo samples held their ground!

    I am shamed to say that when I am in Europe I frequently stop into McDo even though I wouldn't dare darken their doorstep here in the US... the food is actually not bad in general!

  13. Great read. I'm busy trying macs ... a failure a day, LOL, but am unfazed. I hope to find FEET soon!!

  14. Dear DEEPA,
    I hope to find your FEET soon too!!
    The mysterious elusive
    M A C A R O N ! ! ! !
    Bon chance or as the French say, "merde"

  15. Oh, how I wish we could procure delicious macarons here! They are few and far between, and nothing like the delicious morsels that one finds in France. How I miss Paris!

  16. Oh, how I wish we could procure delicious macarons here! They are few and far between, and nothing like the delicious morsels that one finds in France. How I miss Paris!

  17. I think you want to live in that truck!

  18. Hello Carol,

    What a pity I don't sound as glamorous as the "Ritz", I could have taught you how to make these mythical macaroons for free;-)

    You' ll see that everything is in the wrist, the way you fold the batter,whatever rigth are the proportions...
    (that shows in the picture of those made from the Alsa package, which don't look like their brothers on the box!)

    The Mac Do ones should be ok as they are unfrozen, and have strong ties with Paul and Ladurée, but God they are sooooooo expensive for Mac Donald stuff!!!
    It's better to cross the street to Ladurée where you get a taste of history and a pretty box....

    Anyway, enjoy your cooking class, and I can't wait to see the report!

    Actually,I am going to make some macarons very soon, as I separated my egg whites a while ago...they'll have a Marie-Antoinette tea cream filling , which I think is a first (and might taste bad!!!!)

  19. Your posting seemed so timely to me! My doorbell rang yesterday here
    in Portland. My 31 year old son's best friend arrived fresh from the
    airport with Laduree 'French green' bag in hand containing a music box filled with ten of the pastel delights! My son, Andrew,in Brooklyn,had asked his pal to purchase some for me as an early Birthday gift.
    Now is that a son who loves his mother????
    I could not resist and ate one immediately(coffee) and had my
    Proustian moment. I might share the rest with my husband.
    Enjoy your macarons in Paris!

  20. Say it is not so?.
    Macarons at Micky D's!!!.
    When I travel to Paris I always go to Laduree and Pierre Herme for my macarons.
    I have tasted macarons here in Chicago at some pasrty shops and they are awful and when you enter the establishment, they will tell you it is just like having one in Paris. Needless to say I asked one guy had he been to Paris and he stated no, so how can he compare. He had never heard of Laduree or Pierre Herme - OMG - LOL. it was actually like eating baked egg whites with jelly between it, the foot of his macaron was hard, it was pure awful and some people were saying OMG -this is so good!, my went into my napkin discretly. Afterwards, the guy came over and spoke with me indidcating he had gotten the recipe off a website and he wanted to make it for Chicagoans at his bakery - NOT

  21. I am looking at my Laduree collection right now, and I am not adding a McDo Bag in my collection, maybe I am being a little arrogant this morning, but let the mainstream eat cake- LOL and leave my macarons to the Laduree! and Pierre

    Long live Laduree's Macarons!
    Bonsoir mon amie!

  22. you are a macaron snob Robyn :)
    tsk tsk

  23. I can't believe that you didn't hop into that truck - they left the door open!
    T.J. Max, Mc Do's, what's happening?

  24. Shelley3:06 PM

    Macarons do look like berets! Great comparison! Les pigeons parisiens who gaze down must be quite confused.

    Hilarious to read in the news article you sited that macarons might be round due to "a group of French monks who modeled the dessert after the shape of their own belly buttons." Gastronomical omphaloskepsis -- it's a first!

    I studied the sandwich board (er, macaron board) in your photo for a long time, imagining the flavors and trying to add a word or two to my eleven words of French. Carol, do you happen to know off the top of your head what "Choc Se P" is -- a chocolate percentage or flavor combination maybe? Merci b.

  25. Oh, they look so good. I am going to attempt to make them myself, we shall see how that goes....:)

  26. Foodwalker4:20 PM

    Looks dreadful.
    But do buy a box and make them. Tell me how they taste, feel, smell, look.
    Off you go!

  27. Yikes, macarons from a bomix?

    I checked whether McCafes offer macarons, alas, none. Too bad, because their expressp drinks are really really good (they taste different for what you get a the regualr McDonald's counter).

  28. Nice manicure in the first photo!

  29. Mac Macs and Macs Minute?!!!!!! What is the world coming to?

    Ah! Ca - NON! Carrement Non!

  30. I would like to request a Ritz Teddie and all the macroons you make in Paris ;) I am sooo jealous, wish I was there in your shoes right now.

  31. Macaron classes at Ecole Ritz Escoffier?!? Mme, I think you just added something to my 'things to do in Paris' list.

    Thanks for such a beautiful blog.

  32. Hello Carol !
    My favorite favor ? café... pas très original.
    My husband gave me a little "Alice in Wonderland" music box last week : When you open it, the music plays and you can see what's inside : macarons !!!
    It's from Ladurée... limited edition.
    But my favorite are not Piere Hermé's or Ladurée, nor Dalloyau...
    I found them in the very chic patisserie Stöhrer, one of the best and the oldest of french ones.
    Do you know it ?
    When Queen Elisabeth came to visit in Paris, she made a stop in this patisserie !!!
    I was there, in the street, yep !
    Rue Montorgueil...
    If you don't know it, I will be happy to show you during you next trip !
    Have a nice day !

  33. I know
    Stohrer's macarons and I am surprised and interested that you love them Anne
    We must discuss this more!!!
    I LOVE that unpronounceable street, rue Montorgueil too!

  34. elisabeth8:14 AM

    have you ever tried Picard macarons ? They're good and cheap. Some fancy taste like licorice (réglisse) , humm. And thanks for the reminder, will go collect my Macarons on March 20.


  35. Joyce in Amsterdam8:16 AM

    With GREAT pleasure I've been reading your blog now for a while, so much fun!
    You write beautiful and so full of passion about especially lovely romantic Paris.
    And I so love your pieces about the delicious macarons!
    Let me introduce myself, my name is Joyce, 28 years old and living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    I am a great fan of Paris and love almost everything that has to do with the Eiffeltower!
    From bags to jewelry, Thomas Sabo has great bracelets with Eiffeltower charms.
    Also Les Cakes de Bertrand is great! Definitely must go there when in Paris. I love the Eiffeltower with the pink bow... : )
    You also amazed me with your paintings! I adore them, they are so beautiful and cute!
    I'm in a stage of my life right now that I'm really starting to ind out what I like, what I want and what I'm good at.
    What I would love to start doing is paint, only I have no idea where or how to start...
    Maybe you can give me some tips?
    I would like to paint with soft colors, the style you paint.
    With loads of Paris stuff!
    What kind of paint do you use and how did you learn how to paint so beautifully?

    Well this is a mail out of the blue, but I so enjoy your blog, reading it inspires me and makes me sparkle.
    And I want to thank you for that.

    Have a lovely day!

  36. I wanted clap when I saw you'd signed up for the class at the Ritz. I took the 6 weeks Caesar Ritz diploma course there and another week with the baker in the kitchen underneath the one you posted a photo of. I absolutely love them and plan to stop in and see what they are doing when I go over in July. Entrance in the back isn't that shabby -- across from Chanel and right by the entrance to the Hemingway Bar. Your post brought back good memories.
    Enjoy, enjoy

  37. Where oh where is there a McD or Whole Foods with macs???? I have put my feelers out and have promise from Kyra to bring Trader Joe macs. But I long for a local (i.e., frequently available!!!) source.

  38. Have you tried Sakura (cherry blossom) macarons? They are at Starbuck's in Japan and are AH-mazing!

  39. Anonymous3:11 AM

    yummy................ :)


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