Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paris Spring!

SPRING! is really here in Paris fullblown. The cafes are loaded.Some cafes are racing to catch up fast! French Girl says a big sign of Spring - all the striped mariniers shirts seen everywhere... Even on running Patugas shoes/baskets! Bear is conveniently dressed in Spring stripes year round.Bikers are out.
Bike/Velib stations are completely empty. Bear imagines he's Easy Rider on someone else's bike parked on rue de Rivoli... French shoppers are out, shopping like crazy.
Spring asperges with Peter's Paris at Casa Olympe is de rigueuer at 48 Rue Saint-Georges, 75009...tres deliceux
We stroll around the 9th - a perfect Spring day. Peter knows Paris like the back of his hand. He shows me a hidden, private allee, where Renoir used to live.
I show him L'Etoil D'or, 30 rue Fontaine - the best candy store in all world.
Peter is so thrilled he buys up the place!
Spring chocolate fish and chickens abound...
Denise Acabo, the propriator, could not be more delighted.
Or delightful. Denise is the cutest confisiere in all of Paris. She is a Paris' incontournables/monument to fine French regional chocolates.
Bear is leaving Paris this afternoon.
He's going to miss all the FAB monuments...
He insists on one last stupid tourist shot at the Concorde Metro station, but none of these letters spell out B E A R.
Bear's going to miss getting lost in the Metro, like on Jour Du Macarons last Saturday.
Bear is going to really miss Paris like crazy!
et merci Lola for giving us MAX the BEAR!


  1. are you really leaving Paris now? Or do you just send your bear back home?
    First I want to thank you for your joyful & colourful Parisian diary! Of some reason, no idea how, I have been on your mailing list and enjoyed it tremendously.
    It is so funny that I happen to be in Paris as well, just for this month, and have "my Parisian impressions", much paler than yours, posted on my Facebook page.
    Yours, with a smile,

  2. J'espère qu'on se verra lors de ta prochaine visite et je t'embrasse bien fort (ainsi que Mister Bear !)
    Bon voyage !
    I will continue to read your blog everyday ... and think of you every time I eat macarons !
    Do not hesitate if you need anything from Paris when you're in NY, I'll be happy to provide :)
    See U soon on PB or C&G...

  3. Thank YOU for showing me the way to Denise Acabo (what a delight as shop and personality) and for sharing the nice lunch with me! Hope to see you again next time for other meals and walking tours!

  4. Justine4:23 AM

    And we will miss BEAR IN PARIS!
    But Bear has some surprises for sure waiting in NEW YORK non?

  5. Chere bear - Paris's loss is NYC's gain! Although perhaps he could lure Mme. Acabo across the Atlantic...I'm thinking waaaay across, all the way to middle Amerique... say KC? She would fit right in with the school-girls Catholique.

  6. PS If it would make bear feel any better, the Mistress can come to NYC and get him lost on the subway....bien sur!

  7. Isn't Peter the nicest gentleman? I appreciate him so. :) I'm glad you got to have an adventure together!

    And I think Paris will really miss Bear and YOU, Carol! Safe travels back to NYC. Come back to Paris again very soon!

    (an alien parisienne)

  8. Oh Mister Bear. I shall miss reading about your Paris adventures, but I'm sure you are going to have lots of fun in NYC.

    Come back soon.

    A bientôt.

  9. Anonymous7:55 AM

    once you're back, when you miss Paris too much just click on that link:

    (musique par Yann Tiersen)

    A bientôt,


  10. Ah, Paris Spring!
    I am so glad it arrived in time for your to capture it for us.

    The second picture of L'Etoil D'or, I seem to spot a few jars of jam: They look like Austria's DARBO brand (oh so good). Could it be that the French??? ;-)

  11. P.S.:
    My Maxie wants to know if he can get a striped outfit just like Max (that dog, always surfing your blog *tztz*).

  12. Oh goodness, so loving joining you on your trip aorund my favourite city!

  13. C'est dommage...I want you to stay another month!!....miss the daily updates with you and'll have to go back soon....ahem.

  14. Bear has outdone himself--he'll need a vacation from his vacation. Did you feature Mlle Acabo in another blogpost a year or so ago? Seems to me I remember her. Charming. Love the braided pigtails and tartan plaids.

  15. Ah--I just saw your link--you DID feature her before. Sorry--I commented before clicking. Lovely--I remembered your cocoa bean paintings. ;)

  16. William Ternay, Jr.9:13 AM

    Welcome home Carol & Bear!
    I write as you are...what...?
    Packing? Heading for the airport?
    I look forward to eventually seeing you & meeting that little fellow with whom you've been cavorting around Paris.
    Like all your many fans; I thank you for the vicarious adventures on this trip. So much fun.

  17. I feel for Bear and Carol... I would love to go to Paris just once, chances are NOT ever, sigh
    Love the striped running shoes, top left corner of picture... any idea who they are by and would I find them in Canada>? I will copy the picture and take it with me this weekend and look for them here, fingers crossed X
    Kisses to Bear, enjoy your flight home...
    Regards, Carol Ann

  18. Carol, I wish you could stay longer in Paris! I was having lots of fun following you and bear around the city! It must have been great to meet with Peter for lunch, chocolate, and a walk, he is a great blogger, too.
    Have a safe trip and thanks for sharing all the fun!

  19. Paris in spring...lovely. I visited Paris once and fell absolutely in love with the city.

  20. I wish I was there having chocolate with you and Peter. I was looking at Peters pics of Paris too and was so jealous because its not even remotely Spring here :(
    I love how dressed up the women are on their bikes....
    Bear is so cute and fashionable. Can you send me one of those Paris T-SHirts ;) Enjoy your time there!

  21. Beautiful Paris^-^!!!I love it <3
    And the Spring is coming...finally!!!

  22. I spy Carolg! Tres chic indeed in the stripes.

  23. I happy to hear Spring is bloom in Paris... we are planning to be there mid to late April ... Your posts have provided many ideas for places to visit ... safe flight to New York!

  24. Oh! Paris is so gorgeous in the springtime. And how I miss those chocolate fish.
    What a cute candy vendeuse.
    I so enjoyed this post!

  25. Poor Bear, coming home so soon....
    I'm glad that you had some good weather to walk around in.
    I love self portrait :)

  26. Glad you got to try Casa Olympe! Any Jean Paul Gautier sightings? :-)
    Have a safe flight back and see you in Paris soon!! :-)

  27. We expect to meet bear in Washington, DC in September. We'll take him to La Maison Française so he can feel at home.

    So glad you had a great time. You'll be back before you know it.


  28. would love to be the bear and go to paris with you I have been to paris but only on tours never been where you have been > Laura Q

  29. I've subscribed to your Paris Breakfasts e-mails for several years. Sporadically, I share them with my spouse....she has fallen like crazy for the adventures of the Bear.
    Please keep BEAR a regular participant in your adventures.
    You keep us connected to Paris when we are stuck with legislative sessions and cold winters. Enjoy!

    All the best,

  30. BEAR from Paris7:55 AM

    Your wish is my command.
    The BEAR stays in the picture...ahem


  31. Patricia and Eric8:00 AM

    Merci, cher Bear!
    We hope you will return soon to Paris!
    Meilleurs souhaits,
    Patricia and Eric

  32. Just wanted to wish you a bon voyage and hope to meet you (and bear) for your next trip back!
    Was your trip fun? Meet new people? Discover new places?
    Have a great week,



  33. I LOVE your blog:) I am going to Paris this June for a miniature fair and would love to visit the candy shop.

  34. oh my god i love how denise dresses like a french schoolgirl. she will be my total role model for aging entertainingly! i just need a candy shop!

  35. Anonymous12:06 AM

    I must say I'm jealous of your little bear ;-)

  36. I really enjoy your blog!

  37. Hi Carol1

    Are you really leaving Paris? I hope not, but if Bear is leaving, my guess is you are also. Is it brief or permanent? I was looking forward to following you on one of your trips around the city. Are you returning to the US? I am planning to move to Philly next spring after work is done on my house. Then it is back to Paris....hope I'll see you then...
    Take care...


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