Friday, March 26, 2010

Bill Cunningham NYC

Bill Cunningham-man-on-the street for the NYTimes has a new movie out on his shenanigans shooting fashionistas of the world. "I eat with my eyes," says Bill.
Anna Wintour says 'the fashion world gets dressed in the morning for Bill'.
I was thrilled to catch Bill in action at the Paris shows

Inside I got to stand with the BIG BOYS - the Pros on the podium. It's crowded and a lot of messy hair that gets in your viewfinder, but there's a great comraderie making it tremendous fun.

The Big Boys run to shoot a blond celeb - no way I can get in there. *Note celeb's old-fashioned Chanel bag with chain -it's back in fashion PB readers - dust yours off svp. ELLE says so.

Trying desperately to grab a shot.
But much better standing with the pros than grabbing a numbered seat in the bleachers.The Wall Street Journal has the whole scoop.

 Parisienne Anne of MesVitrinesNYC covers Paris fashion windows meticulously with wit.

Peter'sParis captures perfectly Paris monuments of all kinds.

D'arcy of Chicsetera shoots tea - not a problem.

Me, I shoot backs - also not a problem, like a Printemps esculator rider.
Or dans la rue
A short cobalt blue skirt on rue Saint Honore.
Colette's dog shot inside with matching blue chairs - I was given permission.

In Colette's stunning blue loo Bear gets away with murder
Bear has decided he's an eater, not a fashion shooter.
He'll let Bill C. be man-in-the-street and stick to what he does best - shooting macarons and pastry shops etc.


  1. brilliant glimpse of the shows, fashion,
    bill, blue, and bear.

    so relieved that my chanel bag is still
    de rigueur!

  2. Absolutement LETERSTO...
    Never throw away ANYTHING Chanel ever!!!

  3. Carol,
    I always wanted to ask you how do you take pictures of people everywhere without them getting upset?
    Or pictures inside the stores, etc. Here, we tried ONE time at the mall and every store said NO!
    I love your street pictures and your comments on them!

  4. Simony Silva-
    I have a new very small camera and I use Bear for camoflage if possible.
    NOTE* I only shoot backs of people-too nervous to shoot from the front.

  5. Carol, thanks for sharing the fashion shows with us. Its a past time for me that I miss very much :) I love all the cobalt of my favorite colors. I have a ton of jewelry now I need that skirt :)
    I was reading on another site that Bryant Park has called it that really true??? Very sad!

  6. Lurvely, Carol. We love Bill! (And I haven't thrown out my good copies of Chanel. I don't mean counterfeiting, just similar.)

    To Corine--yes, it's true. Lincoln Center, I think, is new place.

  7. I would love to see Bill's movie. Thanks for the heads-up so not to miss. I'm glad to read that the Chanel bag with the chain strap is back-in. I'd love to use it if I can tear it away from my teen.

    Happy glorious weekend to you Carol!

  8. I have been enjoying your Paris trip with Bear. You never get stale in what you post. There is always some fun thing to look forward to. I do have to say that I loved that black outfit with that little bit of Royal blue skirt showing. Thats such a wonderful color. I need to find something in that color to wear.

  9. Susan in Sydney12:20 PM

    I saw your blog on francising Laduree in NYC, I would really appreciate it if you can advise me on how to go about franchising. I would love to open a franchise here in Sydney Australia.
    Thanks heaps.

  10. J'adore l'entree aujourd 'hui!!!

  11. Michelle in Dorset12:41 PM

    I am avid follower of Paris Breakfasts from Dorset on the south coast of England. I have been laughing my head off at Bear's escapades in Paris and have been throughly delighted and entertained by posts of your recent trip.absolutely fantastic!!Salutations.


  12. Fabulous indeed
    Love all you share

  13. I love Bear!! Will he be exploring New York next? Hope so! And has he decided yet whether to start his own blog???

  14. Looks like you had a great time at the fashion show.
    I love those boots that the women are wearing - they seem to be much better than what I see around here.

  15. an eater, not a shooter--I'm so with Bear on that one. Too funny. Great shots of Bill C!!!

  16. Your blog cheers up my days! Thanks for making me 'travel' with you (and bear) everytime to my favorite city in the world! :)

  17. Bear, you're the BEST and I don't mind saying that I have some bears here who have quite the crush on you (you're awfully cute!). Thank you for another lovely adventure. Please come back again soon with your mommy :)

  18. Where , oh where did I put my old Channel bag? It wasn't in the hall closet with my clutch from Target. It wasn't in the master closet with my Sears Hobo knockoff. Not in the laundry room with my Lancome giveaway bags. Not in the guestroom with my out-of-season straw totes. Oh! I don't have a Channel to dust off!

  19. I love Bill. He seems to take such joy in his work. When I made it into one of his photo spreads I told MrB I could die happy.

    How do you say in French, "That dog is chubby"?

  20. Yukako in Paris4:24 PM

    Since I found your blog first time by searching the difference
    between Croissant ordinaire and beurre, I have been enjoying your site every day. I moved in Paris two month ago after I lived in US for 8.5 years (most of the time I was in Manhattan, NY). Even though I am getting confused with my identity, I am genetically 100 % Japanese and very interested in where you had green tea, which was introduced in your blog today!! Could you please tell me the tea place?
    PS. I would love to take a macaron class in Ritz!!

  21. Marilyn4:25 PM

    I was just reading your blog about Bear's recent trip to Paris in March. This has me considering the possibility to going in March instead of April. We do want to visit lots of gardens, and would like to know if everything is green and blooming at this time of year? I'm guessing there probably isn't a big difference in weather in the two months, and we would actually prefer temps on the cooler side. If you wouldn't mind, I would truly value your opinion regarding visiting in March.
    Merci Beaucoup,

  22. I just discovered your blog thanks to a link from Peter's Paris, loved the combination of photos and sketches! I too spend time in NY & Paris (& Florida).

  23. Why not just ask people if you can take their photos? I routinely do this and in 4 years have been turned down about twice (for very good reasons since they were elders). I do, however, like your photos of people's backs; that technique has always fascinated me and I have many of my grandkids beautifully formed and healthy. Love your fashion show photos.

  24. it seems such an invasion to ask..and I'm shy
    I like my anonymity which I'm losing fast with the damn#@! hat pic.
    I think I prefer to stalk ppl.
    Chasing after ppl and dogs has it's advantages=
    you get exercise!
    Odd non?

  25. It is amazing how you get away with so many really great shots --- I was in the book store here in the states and snapped a picture of almost a bare shelf -- of one lone teapot and some one came right over and thought I was a store designer and stealing their display ideas,, if I was it wouldn't have been there,,, anyway I said it was for my blog -- and he let me keep the pic. But said NO to anymore-- so now they remember me whenever I came in. Maybe they are waiting for the blog story of the lone teapot?


  26. To be mentioned in the same post as Bill Cunningham! Maybe my highest blog distinction ever! :-)

  27. And WE ADORE Paris Breakfasts!
    Thank you again for the mention! We can't wait to see you in Paris again!!! :-)
    To @Yukako, we had tea at Toraya, 10 rue Saint-Florentin in the 1st. It was a first for the three of us and the desserts looked delicious!


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