Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Do you stop at Librairie Galignani when you're in Paris?

It's the place to find the latest books on art and fashion.

Right now the windows are full of YSL.

Yves Saint Laurent's first major retrospective opens tomorrow at the Petit Palais. I got my ticket at FNAC for Friday morning. Yay

Inside Galignani the fashionistas are browsing, since the shows are still on.

They always have a slew of books on Coco. Remember when I wrote about The Gospel According to Chanel? Wouldn't it be swell to have your book in a chic shop in Paris?

More YSL mostly in French.

A plethora of fashion books.

No wonder Bill is here.

This book caught my eye, My Mother's Clothes by photographer Jeanette Montgomery Barron.
A lovely memoir/scrapbook of her late mother's various stylish outfits and the stories they recall. Poignant.

A key thing to remember about Librairie Galignani is.

It's exactly nextdoor to Angelina at 224 rue de Rivoli.
So easy to pop in for a chocolat chaud post-browsing non?


  1. I used to buy paris vogue there and then go read it (aka look at the pictures) next door at angelinas! white hot chocolate ONLY!

    ah... the nostalgia!

  2. Love this bookstore...xv

  3. Thank you!
    Beautiful photos as always.

  4. Love Bisquit8:19 AM

    btw, have you tried the Paris City notebooks by Moleskine? If you
    haven't and would like to see one, check BHV by rue du temple (close
    to hotel de ville), stationary section, moleskine section. The last time i was there they ran out of Paris city books..

  5. Salima8:22 AM

    I kept surfing your blog & discovered that it's a good thing to do when I start missing paris so I gave you a mention on my blog "Send Yourself to Paris"

  6. William Ternay, Jr.8:24 AM

    I can spend hours browsing bookstores, art stores, and hardware stores...whether I need something or not.

  7. I LOOOOOVE libraries, book stores, museum shops, art supply shops, etc...I could live in one. That book of Mother's clothes memories is the way my brain works...I'm constantly seeing things that remind me of my mom. Touching. Love that you saw BC--what book is that he's so engrossed in!

  8. Be sure to tell us all about the show! BTW, one of the links in your blog wasn't working just now. If you're able, could you put in a link to get advance tickets?
    Thanks. Hope you are having a great time.


  9. The best place to get YSL tickets is FNAC
    I went to the Champs-elysees branch and got mine for Friday morning today.
    That link is wonky :(

  10. Dear Carol,
    What a wonderful post!
    Thank you!!!
    I am so happy you like my book; as you probably can tell, it was a labor of love.
    My very best,

  11. Oh! I am with you in spirit having a chocolate chaud at Angelina's! Tastes so goooood!

  12. Did you know that the Pompidou has devoted all its exhibition space to women? as part of International Women's Day. How is it that in 2010 that is still a radical idea?

  13. I do miss YSL. Very much. No, I've not been to that shop. On the list. It's good to see Bill C. again (though, yes, you should be careful:) Did he notice you? In your Sonia?

    ciao, Carol

  14. sounds like my kind of bookstore. and dear god what are those cupcake looking pastires! i want one

  15. Not to worry Guilia,
    I know BILL from way back-he took my picture and I've taken his before-it's funny really

  16. Thank goodness, Carol! I thought we'd have to mount an international campaign to spring ya from the klink. Did you end up in his NYTimes Sunday? Probably you've written about it & I forgot. I plead brain fog:)

    Glad you're having fun...& took us along.


  17. I like that bookstore too. It was fun meeting you in the Alice tearoom today, I'm sorry I startled you!

  18. Dear Carol your post just made my morning! I am absolutely even more excited (if that were possible!) about going there in May. I now have this book store on my 'to do' list as well as Angelina's! You have even contributed to my wardrobe. Any more fashion details you can impart will be greatly appreciated by me. Enjoy you chocolat chaud; it is well deserved xx

  19. Great photos and beautiful books.
    I love your map.........

  20. Ummmm...warm, fuzzy memories!! Galignani!!! Thanks for the smile I now have on my face.

  21. Oh, Angelina - how I miss your Mont Blancs! That and the hot chocolate are two of the most amazing things I've ever tasted.

  22. i can't wait to take my girls in april!!!

    i just love your observations and photos.

    when i was a young bride shoppin in
    new york with my mother in law, i ruined
    my shoes in the rain.

    she took me to bergdorf's and bought me
    a pair of yves saint laurent pumps. i will
    never forget my first pair.

  23. My Mothers Clothes looks like a book I would enjoy very much since I too have lost my mother. Oh, Angelina...who can pass that up? Another fab place now on my list :)

  24. Of course I do !
    Tu veux une preuve ?
    la voilà ;)
    et tes photos de la boutique me donnent envie d'y retourner bien vite !
    Alors merci de nous emmener à Paris avec toi. C'est une façon de redécouvrir des choses qui sont pourtant mon quotidien...
    Tu es très douée.

  25. Michele1:37 AM

    I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your site. I love all of your photos… and I’ve been to Paris once… I want to go back so bad!
    That’s all have a good day!

  26. I came upon your blog about a week ago and have been following you since then. I love your blog. Can't wait to see what you have to say everyday.

  27. I love the entry today, Carol, and I am jealous that you are in Paris!! I was trying to get there for the collections, but, alas, no could do, as I have too much work keeping me here. I love hthat you kept seeing Bill Cunningham everywhere too! Funny. I see hiim out and about a lot in New York. Wait until you catch him on his bike--yes, at his age, he peddles around the city on his bike, WITH his camera strapped to him. How great will it be if we are all that spry at that age ..........

    J'adore Galignani, and all that they have--and Paris! Enjoy and speak soon!

  28. Foodwalker1:50 AM

    My Mom was not a fashionable lady but I remember well and fondly the swish of her dark, purple satin cocktail dress and her smell when she'd kiss me while I slept after they'd returned from a night out dancing.

  29. Gosh Carol...

    You know Paris inside and out... I'm embarrassed to say I don't know the store... but I know WH Smith... and I have only been to Angelina once and I didn't like their melted hot choc.. Sorry to be negative, but it was way to rich for me.. that's why I didn't care for it...
    But, I DID have the Mont Blanc, when I was there... and it was DELISH!!!! I think everyone should pass by Angelina's at least once, to try it!
    Have a great time... and it's a little warmer today than this past week.. T'as la chance!!

  30. You are so lucky; you met Bill in Paris. Mon dieu!

  31. Anonymous8:57 AM

    This boostore was amazing, i got absoultely lost in it, the day would have been perfect had the young male sales assistant behind the desk not been so blatantly rude. Beautiful otherwise.


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