Monday, March 29, 2010


I was browsing Galeries Lafayette Home, when I heard someone say,
"Moi, j'adore les rayee!"/Me, I adore stripes with the emphasis on the adore.
Back in the appart I told French Girl what I had for lunch. She exclaimed passionately,
Ask any French Girl about ice cream and she'll tell you she ADORES Berthillon
There is no ice cream but Berthillon, particularly caramel au beurre salé. Kyle adores Tarte Tatin He kept hinting I should order it at chez Georges (so he could eat mine?) I did not. I would be tempted to eat it and fall into a sugar coma.
c'est la vie Every French Girl on the planet adores her ELLE magazine, which comes out on Fridays, so she can spend the entire week-end devouring all the trends/tendances and tips and tear out important bits for the coming week.
By the way, ELLE 'adores' the Trench.
Maybe the trench is always in for Spring? I saw a loads of them on the street.
Bien sur the French adore their Alice (A-Leece).
An unbeatable combo held in great esteem - Repetto ballerines .
Fr Girl could not believe that I wanted to leave behind my Repetto ribboned bag and take just the shoes.
"But there are so many things you can do with the bag!" she cried.
Moi, j'adore stalking French pastry. Even more than eating it, which is insane. Maybe the camera acts as a protective barrier. I see tartes and petit fours as abstract colors and shapes.   
"RUN! vite vite vite!" and I did.
Even if you're from Kansas, which undoubtedly some of you are, tell em you're from New York for some instant cachet.
"J'adore New York!" you will hear over and over.
Tous les mondes adores les macarons.
It's a fact. Something to dream about....
So what do YOU ADORE about Paris?

Moi, j'adore les palmiers, but the voices in my head said, Parisiens ADORE New York. It's true.


  1. "J'adore vous et votre blog !!!!"


    {{ thanks ever~so
    for reminding me
    why it is important
    to feel passionate
    about Things and Places
    as it places one in the Now,
    don't you think?}}

  2. Justine8:47 AM

    Ah Ha!
    Now I get it why Dior named their perfume,
    of course!!!

  3. J'adore la tour eiffle et le musée de la louvre!!!!

  4. J'adore "Paris Breakfasts"..and breakfast in Paris!

  5. I've been reading your posts every day and have really, really enjoyed them. Today's post had those amazing stuffed macarons and I'd love to know where you found them. I should be able to recognize the gold framed sign (Mulot maybe?) by now but alas...

  6. J'adore your blog! It always makes me crave pastries... :)

    Please visit my blog and let me know what you think.

  7. Cute post, Carol! We all adore something! Might as well be good things, like macaons, Dior, stripes...pourquoi pas?

  8. I live in Istanbul and I almost adore everything about Paris and I adore so many things in New York, which is my second favorite city:)

  9. William Ternay, Jr.10:30 AM

    Since my visits to Paris are vicariously experienced
    via your PB posts...I cannot say what my very favorite thing is about Paris.
    But spending time there with Charlize Theron, would be a nice start.

  10. Kris in Indiana10:46 AM

    Our group of 4 was in Paris this month the same time you were! We arrived 3/16 and departed 3/25. You are correct - the weather was absolutely perfect. We had a wonderful, wonderful time. Covered everything on our "to do list". Did different things this time from our last trip. Loved the fabric markets at Montemarte. Sad to say my Laduree macaroons did not arrive home in very good shape. (Bag grabbed by airline for checkin -ugh!). However, they are still delicious even crushed!
    Must disagree with you on one thing. From this trip and from our last, have to say the BEST gelato in Paris is from Amorino. YUM. Mouth watering just thinking about it.
    Love your blog.

  11. Amorino happens to be my favorite too...
    After Pozzetto of course.
    I was referring to Parisien's favorites not mine in the post Kris

  12. Foodwalker11:12 AM

    My dear, how much longer will you be in Paris??
    From your pics the weather must have improved, I hope.

  13. Oh, yes, best ice cream. I love the little shops nearby that show an ice cream cone with a "prohibited" line over them! It's so literal.

  14. sweet carol...
    i agree with somepinkflowers... i adore your blog... i think i am in a sugar coma after simple reading this!

  15. J'adore Berthillon (poire!!), la Place des Vosges, et votre blog~

    Loved your posts, and Bear's posts made me laugh out loud. :-)

    Merci beaucoup!

  16. Love the video :)
    (And of course everything else!)

  17. Yes, j'ADORE NYC!!!!!!

  18. j'adore paris breakfasts

  19. j'adore les chaussons aux pommes, j'adore les palmiers, j'adore les pains aux raisins, j'adore les paris-brest, j'adore les "succes", j'adore les "opera", j'adore les brioches, j'adore les religieuses......get the picture? you stalk em, i'll eat em!

  20. It cracks me up, Carol. Not much has changed since the mid-70s. From the le trench to....toutes. It is comforting.


  21. J'adore votre blog et vous :)

  22. I love yor site...
    Or rather je l'adore.
    Enroute to Paris for my 8th time, from San Francisco!

  23. So you don't think I would impress any Frenchies by saying I'm from KC? Quelle domage...
    As for the repetto bag you left behind, I hope French Girl is enjoying it. Are you losing your touch? It's not like you to leave a package behind...

  24. J'adore fresh baguettes every morning, camenbert and honey baguettes, the Fauchon Spice room, and the raffia sandles with purple ribbons that I wear to this day.

  25. Hi Carol,
    You're a woman of my own heart- window shopping and photographing miniature art works (such as les macarons for instance). You can't go wrong, afterall you ARE in Paris. Lovely work,
    Kind regards, Therese Waddell

  26. Connie in K.C.11:55 PM

    Yes, I'm from Kansas City! How exciting to see our city named in your fabulous blog! C'est plus excitant!

  27. I love your blog. Your pastry photos are great, I stare at them for ages imagening I'm eating them.

  28. J'adore the colors of the macarons. Divine. And I love your post from way back (August) about the shells and macarons..., posted it on my blog. Hope you don't mind!


  29. Anonymous4:31 AM

    J'adore the Serge Lutens shop in the Palais Royal - and his Rose de Nuit (bien sur). J'adore the Musee Cognacq Jay in the Marais - an 18th century delight. J'adore Au Petit Riche and businessmen eating tete de veau for lunch. J'adore, j'adore, j'adore - and when I can't be in Paris, j'adore reading your blog and pretending.

  30. You are so right about NYC ... and the rest of course! :-)

  31. Moi, j'adore Paris for Paris' sake!

  32. Your blog is so perfect for "armchair" travelers like me...I was sighing with each photo!

  33. Good morning Carol, I read somewhere that the origins of J'adore came from a deep seated honour or devout beseeching in a divine sense. These days, the term has weakened to anything we love and that includes the humble (albeit delicious) macaroon! I only have one thing to add- J'adore France! Have a great day, Therese


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