Thursday, March 11, 2010

Inside Louis Vuitton

 Let's go inside Louis Vuitton, 101 avenue des Champs-Elysees The vitrine are full of summer clothes. And bags, bags, bags. Note the visiting fashionistas in Galignani have the latest edition. Entre! There are many levels rather than floors inside LV - it seems like you can go on forever. Note the classic Vuitton suitcases hanging on the walls.
Even a fashion bookshop.
 The interior design is sleek and elegant.
Hatless chic Parisiens browse.
I am now hatless too by the way.
Marc Jacobs designs accessories, everything for LV since 1997 and is completely adored by Parisiens. Some Americans are loved in Paris...go figure
The BIG shoes here are covered with black roses. A red shiny trench has toil de Jouy cuffs and lining! How clever you are Marc.
This looks to me like a very chic maids uniform non?
A boudoir maids outfit..?
A mini bag even we may be able to afford. 250 euros-that's a lot of macarons.
If you are a VIP at LV, waiting for your girlfriend to finish in the dressing rooms, they serve you an elegant demi-tasse of espresso. Go up the street to McDo cafe to try their macarons(made by Laduree-Paul). These are not bad, (except for the too-sweet caramel). At McDo you can hand them a 50€ note for 6€ bill and no one raises a fuss. A BIG plus in Paris.


  1. Nik from Brisbane, Australia6:11 AM

    I loved LV, Champs Elysees! Was there at xmas time where there were security officers outside and only letting a few in at a time. Waited and waited and came out with my beautiful LV Epi Leather Organiser in Rubis.... Bliss. Goes beautifully with the Tiffanys pen my wonderful sister bought me for my birthday last month.

    Merci Carol for this wonderful reminder of a fantastic first trip to Paris - many more to come.

  2. Anonymous6:20 AM

    Oooh I'm loving those beautiful red gloves, I want a pair! I remember when I was in Paris years ago I stumbled across a Louis Vuitton exhibition somewhere, can't recall where it was, with vintage LV travel chests etc, wonderful history and beautifully made luggage and teachests etc.

  3. There is one thing that I really like...that is the red trench! Just love it!!

  4. I liked those red gloves, too. I think you could paint with those on and be warm but still look chic, oui?!

  5. Ohhh, so beautiful!! I am tres jealous... that is such a beautiful mini bag. :)

  6. Without a doubt the most beautiful store in the world! It's so huge and artfully decorated. I've never seen so many salespersons working in one store! You know sometimes you have to wait in line to get in (when it's busy)!!!

  7. Ooooh! Loving your trip! I'd like the blue pumps with roses. In my dreams!

  8. How did you sneak all those photos inside LV? Security has always been very aggressive about no photos when we have been at LV.

  9. DIANE - I honestly don't know how I got the shots - I do have a new smaller camera, a Canon S90 that I love. Maybe with the recession the rules have changed.
    Though in the St. Germain Sonia I did not dare to take out my camera=tragedie !!!

  10. Justine12:20 PM

    Loving the maid's outfits!
    Perfect for naughty evenings perhaps?

  11. Cynthia1:03 PM

    What a great look inside LV!!!! was fun. I love the shoes with the BLACK roses....who´d a thunk it....yes, I was wondering how you managed to take fotos in there. In a furniture store where I live I tried to take fotos of some furniture that I wanted,,,just to show my husband,,,and they all FREAKED...they thought I was the competition.

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  13. Now I want to go shopping!

  14. Merci pour la promenade !
    Le défilé sur Facebook et maintenant ça...
    je suis définitivement une MJ girl for ever ;)
    PS : in Galignani, the brown one is not LV, it's Gucci... I think.

  15. Shelley2:28 PM

    Thanks for taking us with you into the store. You're a first-class shopping chaperone!

    The "bags, bags, bags" have an intriguing origin. Seems Louis Vuitton early in his career was layetier (maker of cases and trunks) for the Empress Eugénie -- appointed by none other than hubby Napoleon III. Later, LV invented the flat case that could be stacked -- previously they'd had a rounded top to permit water runoff. Or so Wiki tells us. Man, I'll never look at the "humble" LV bag in the same way again.

    You've managed to slyly sneak a rose into each of your last three posts. Are they a compulsory Parisian accessory this year, or are you artfully working your way up to an entire entry on Springtime in the Cold?

  16. That's a great looking store!
    It's good to know that our fashion ambassador is now hat less & Flush with Euros :)

  17. I am a huge fan of your work, but I noticed one minor gaffe in today's post. You identified a Gucci bag as being a Louis Vuitton ("The visiting fashionistas in Galignani have the latest edition LV sac..") I don't want to nitpick but I know some devotees may notice!

    Am heading to Paris myself tonight for a few weeks and am very happy. I may have recommended it before, but you must try the sole Georges at Chez Georges in the Second - it's divine!! And the macarons at Au Panetier around the corner are my favorite in town. Top it off with a spot of shopping (malheuresment, it's all window shopping for me anymore; my money goes to food) around Places des Victoires to see what the swells are wearing.
    Oh, how I love Paris!

    Thanks for great photographs and paintings. They are daily happiness

  18. Not a problem Kyle - actually the gal in the background has the bag straight out of LV's vitrine.
    I'm not up on my Gucci bags as you can see.
    Have a ball in Paris and bring the long johns
    I'd rather spend my $$ at Monoprix Alimentarie

  19. Mon dieu ! Je suis vraiment desolee !!

    Another great place to spend is Julien, Caviste. It's my favorite wine store in town, on rue Charlot in the Third. (I used to live on rue du Temple, which is basically like the Bronx of Le Marais.) Julien is there most days and can always recommend spectacular wines for any price range. I never cease to be amazed what one could buy for 8 euros in Paris if you know where to look...

  20. ooh i was dying to know what you thought of the McDo macarons! good to know they are not so bad...

  21. Reading your post I thing that French people become more American . They seem to be nicer into the stores! You can even take pictures. Amazing! Incredible!

  22. Thank you again for taking the tinme out to updates us, yet again. You are doing a marvellous job and deserve plenty of macarons.


  23. Merci for the Marc Jacobs fashion show~ I'd wear *almost* anything he designs! Intriguing....

  24. Anonymous12:47 AM

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  25. Ah I love this LV store, i could live in here if there was a little broom cupboard going spare.

    Hope you're having a FABULOUS trip!

  26. i was going to buy the mini brown LV with the vintage emblem thing on it! it was 200-something euros at Le Bon Marche...I just got back from Paris Saturday, it was so amazing <3.

    They have macarons at McDo's?

    Life sure has changed since we lived there.

  28. That black outfit looks like what the shampoo girl wearsat a high end salon. :-)


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