Monday, March 22, 2010

Jour Du Macarons 2010

The best truck in the world is parked outside at 72 rue Bonaparte.

It is 10 am on Saturday, March 20th in Paris and Jour du Macaron is about to begin!Your bear-in-the-street is here to report on this auspicious occasion. The line waiting for FREE macarons is relatively short at 10 o'clock. Bear knows French people like to sleep in on weekends. Bear studies the list of 26 flavors! A man directly in front online mentions that...ahem...last year there were 36 (!) flavors of macarons to choose from. Bear keeps his trap shut.
Inside pandmonium reigns, only because of the anticipation and decision-making processes going on. The Pierre Herme staff are serene and impeccable as always.
Bear decides to follow the K.I.S.S. principle and choose 3 free macarons of just 1 flavor at each PH boutique. The Mogador (passion fruit + milk chocolate) is Bear's favorite.
He knows from past experiences what can happen to a little bag of precious macarons - tragedie strikes! He has brought along the Alice box to keep his macs safe and sound.

On to the next one! More macarons svp.
At the Vaugirard Pierre Herme again the tension is palpable but the lines are shortish - it's just 10:30 am and Frenchies are still getting their zzzzzzs.
Outside the kids are tasting their free macarons.
Bear is saving his treasures for later.
At the rue Cambon PH, bear does a little fashion watching. He loves this tres fem ruffled skirt and the rossettes on the knee socks. French lines are the best.
Inside Cambon PH they only sell macarons. Bear chooses caramel - miam
Bear discovers to his dismay, that he must get a stamp on his mac card at each shop. And if he visits all 6 Pierre Herme shops and gives a donation bien sur to Alliance of Rare Diseases and if there are sufficient macarons left at the final destination, he will WIN a free box of 36(!) Pierre Herme macarons! Why oh why did Bear not read the fine print in Fr. on his card? It's a macaron marathon and he is missing rubber stamps from the first 2 visits.

On to the next one. Bear attempts to go to Galerie Lafayette PH and gets lost in the twisty-turny Metro ending up more lost at Etoile.
Enfin inside Publicsdrugstore PH Bear finds a very short line!
Wake up Parisiens!
Some Parisiens are awake and testing out their winnings dans la rue...
Bear heads for the PH Trocadero. Bear is having a heart attack from all this mad macaron chasing around Paris.
Bear is getting to know the Paris Metro awfully well...hmmm
Enfin the 58 avenue Paul Doumer Pierre Herme.

Inside Bear grows impatient as 2 very large boxes of macarons are filled.

In fact 2 Parisiens have won the contest and hit all 6 Pierre Hermes! They are doing a small dance of joie! Bear heads home for lunch, with big plans to continue the contest after eating.
French Girl has made an exquisite salade de Lentille with saumon fume. Bear immediately launches into his adventures pursuing the PH macarons.
French Girl reminds Bear that this is The American Way, to sit down to a meal and talk business, business, business.
The French Way is to talk cuisine, cuisine, cuisine.
Oh. Bear shuts his trap.
Bear has to backtrack to the first 2 destinations and get the stamps on his mac card. Then he heads to last Pierre Herme desitination, Galeries Lafayette. It's 4 pm and the line is long. Bear is humming to himself. Doodly-do.

Some mac lovers are napping on line exhausted from waiting, but Bear stays fully wide-awake and praying the macs will not be finished by the time he gets to the counter.

VOILA! mon dieu Bear wins!
Bear goes for 1 of each of 25 flavors +. Bear can not believe his good fortune.

Bear's FAB dance card with all of the stamps from each
Pierre Herme boutique.

Ah...a sea of beautiful perfect macarons.
Very lovely non?
What's even more lovely is Pierre Herme's amazing generosity on this day. Not only is a charity remembered and given it's due, but the people of Paris get a chance to taste these fantastic cookies. There are many kids on line, who normally would not be able to buy such a deluxe dessert but Jour du Macaron is their chance to partake and enjoy.


  1. Mean, mean ,mean !! I dont think I can read your blog anymore if you have one more macaron post !
    Every time I read one of them , I crave & dare I say drool over them , trouble is I am in Qld Australia & I cant find any.
    If I saw bear on the street carrying his little Alice box filled with Passionfruit & choc macaroons I would be forced to do a snatch & run.
    He seemed so cute when he first appeared but now he has driven me to distraction !
    Am I going to have to learn how to make the dreaded macaroon ?
    K x

  2. Justine2:54 AM

    Bear IS one lucky bear.
    'Course he did work hard for his prize and nearly gave himself a heart attack chasing around after the all-mighty MACARON!
    BRAVO Bear

  3. I think you spend a delicious and magical macaron day with your So pretty little bear!
    You like macaron and me... Je les ADORE!!!!

  4. always a pleasure to read your posts. the marcarons are beautiful!! merci!!

  5. Oh no Carol, I completely forgot about that special day! Maybe I'll try next year to get that wonderful 36 box ;)

  6. Lawrence5:03 AM

    Absolutement Hilarious!
    Bravo Little Bear!!!
    Bear-on-the-street is giving Bill-on-the-street a run for his $$$!
    no two ways about it.

  7. What a cool story; I've really enjoyed reading it! And SR-bear is the cutest! :)
    I love the whole idea of having a Jour Du Macaron. That's amazing! Enjoy your precious macarons!

  8. What an amazing adventure!

  9. NYC had a macaron day too - i thought it was just a nyc thing - who knew? I did a post on it
    This is a fun post - a treasure hunt of sorts -

  10. Enjoyed this very much ;) but not as much as I would have if I were actually eating the macs.

  11. Fantastic post, I actually felt like I did a marathon with you! Perhaps all those early risers are non Parisian Frenchies no? Glad your adorable bear got his precious loot in the end:)

  12. I will be there again in September.
    I'm taking my 89-year-old father and his girlfriend to Paris for the first time. I'll be introducing them to all of my favorites ;P

  13. .. FAB ... FAB ... FAB ... as usual ... loved it !!!

  14. maybe your best post ever and Bear are having a blast and we are all going along for the it.

  15. Oh, I am so jealous that you got a formal class, I have been researching like crazy and taught myself.. I have even been selling them!!! However, I think my "feet"/pied stick out a smidge too far.
    Any suggestions?
    Can you believe how tedious they are? No wonder they are so expensive!

  16. I have been following your blog for a while and I enjoy it very much. I think you are getting crazier by the minute! The good crazy, of course!
    I laugh a lot while reading your posts!
    Wish you have a great time while in Paris, can't wait to read more.
    Merci for all the good news you share with us.

  17. Oh I just love love love this post! Love the Bear stories...keep 'em coming!!

  18. that savvy bear! So glad you picked him up! He knows all the good spots for macarons ! You must frame the stamped card!!

  19. Your bear with macarons is soo cute! Well, I missed the day because of my presence in Tokyo. Wish to visit Paris around this time of 2011 :)

  20. I haven't posted in a long time! I loved today's story! Bear is doing a superb job!...and yes, I am craving macarons. We ate our fair share last May.

  21. Ahh! Had I known about macaron day I would have booked my trip to Paris earlier (although I'm not sure I love them yet... only tried them once and they weren't real Parisian macarons, wasn't exactly floored but I'm sure it'll be a different matter when I try the real deal). I'm going to Paris in May, if I'm able to go again next year I'll have to plan my trip around macaron day and hopefully score a whole box of them like you! Champ!

  22. J'aime ça!!!

    J'aime ça!

    Mulot pour nous, toujours le meilleur!

    We follow your blog here in Scotland as we did in Canada. Love your work it captures the spirit of the Paris we know and love. You will keep us going'til out visit to rue de l'Université in June.

    A fellow artist and his muse.

  23. Carol,

    Have lunch at Wadja soon!

  24. Sounds like bear had the most perfect day! I wonder if it's possible to find a worthy macaron here in the south?

  25. So funny!!
    Enjoy that mountain of macarons, and hugs to bear:)

  26. Why do you do this to us?! I've only had two macarons in my entire life, and they weren't made in France. I loved them anyway. I want to eat a whole dozen, especially if they are made in France. The pictures you post are driving me mad, mad, mad! Maybe I should go see Alice in Wonderland.

  27. "Doodly-doodly-do" indeed! You are too funny. Thank goodness Bear is getting such a workout eating all those macs. I'm jealous. Have fun!

  28. Omg, best post ever! :D Love the idea of a macaron stamp scavenger hunt! They weren't celebrating Le Jour here in London. :(

  29. Thanks for taking us along on this adventure. If only we could have really been there in person...

    Bear's presence is a lovely addition to your posts.

  30. Anonymous1:34 PM

    O thank you for Bear. I just laugh silly each time he is posted. Looking forward to a sketch of him and macarons soon-!


  31. I love bear, such a fun fellow, and kuddly too!
    What an adventure, thanks for sharing,
    it made my day!

  32. it is definitely an extra bonus reading your readers ' comments! Simony Silva cracked me up, I couldn't agree more with her, "I think you are getting crazier by the minute!" What fun! :-)

  33. Carol

    Would love French Girl's lentil salad recipe.

    Wadja makes a wonderful one with a soft, cold poached egg on top.

  34. I second the request for the lentil salad recipe (or just a little list of the components)! It looks delicious.

  35. Enjoyed Bears adventure...while eating an oh henry bar... not the same
    Love to see artwork with Bear some time soon.

  36. What, you didn't hijack that truck?

  37. What, you didn't hijack that truck?

  38. Carol, what an adventure... Congratulations! Now I have one big question for you: Did you time your trip to Paris to coincide with the Macaron Marathon, or was it pure and perfect serendipity??

    Now I *absolutely* cannot wait to go there! Good work!


  39. That lucky duck of a cute bear! Now this is a marathon I could train for. I wonder, no....I don't think this race for the macarons could bring on the crowds the way it seems to in this dear city. It is a definite part of the charm....and cheezily I am so proud of you for winning, giving, and getting your hands on such superlative goodies! Well done Bear and helper.

  40. Beautiful blog! I wish I had been in Paris for the jour de macaron.

  41. I love Bear, what a great idea :)

  42. Merci, danke, obrigada, humgoysi(sp), arrigato etc.

    Boil (must B Fr)Lentils 20 mins or so.
    Add chopped up hard boiled egg
    cubed smoked saumon (not to much)
    Chopped fresh coriander
    + vinegrette
    Et Voila!

    WRITING INSTINCT -Yes Carol did plan her trip to co-inside with Macaron Day - this is the 3rd time! ! !

    WENDYB-I am bringing you along next trip-you R full of many brill ideas!

    Neither Bear nor Carol ate a SINGLE macaron on macaron day! But they made up for it ever since...ahem

  43. I am so jealous of this trip of yours. I love that you won the Jour de Macarons! Good for you—even though it sounds like it was a pain to jump on and off the Metro all day.
    And look at those French girls.
    I want to be one in my next life.

  44. Patricia and Eric11:39 PM

    We are thoroughly enjoying the bear's adventures.

    Plus, sil vous plait!
    Patricia and Eric

  45. Tres charmant, Carol. So glad to see Max...GG is envious of his adventures. I told her that was not nice (to be envious)...she hopes to meet zee bear in September in DC. We hope he will be here, yes?


    Susan & GG

  46. William Ternay, Jr.11:21 AM

    Wow...what a marvelous day scurrying around Paris with you and Bear, Carol
    It was raining all day here in Philly, & I thought I wouldn't get out for my usual fast-paced 2 mile walk. But then I opened your post,
    and we were off and running!Thanks for the fun way to get my daily exercise...

  47. Sharman12:40 PM

    Carol I spent the afternoon of Jour de macaron at a fabulous class at La Cuisine in Paris learning how to make macaron. It was my first trip to Paris and your blog really helped me prepare. I was really surprised when I met Jimmy Kimmel under the Eiffel Tower

  48. Congratulations bear! You persevered in the quixotic quest to quench your appetit!
    A for the mealtime conversation: French be damned! I want to hear every detail of your search!

  49. Thank you so much for this article, nice pics, nice words and nice teddy bear.
    Hope to meet you soon.
    Kind regards,

  50. "Salut!" to Bear, the world's hardest-working ursine -- well, with the possible exception of Oski, of course ;-)))))))))

  51. Natasha4:24 PM

    Those three girls outside the Vaurigard shop aren't French, they're American and English! Loved macaron day and glad you did, too.


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