Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hatless in Paris

It's one of my observations that Parisien women don't wear hats no matter how frigid the weather (Feels like: 16°F)
Warm puffy coat, snazzy studded bag...
Cosy furry boots...
But hatless...
Giant posters of Kate Moss with supremely messy bedhead, advertising her new bag line for Longchamps is not helping the situation at all.
Even my pictures have a blue cast, it's that freezing cold...
Big puffy coat up over the ears - hair sticking out exposed to the elements.
Lots of exposed ponytails in Paris...
Another...here both mother and child are hatless. Men too.
Me, I am wearing a hat. It's glued to my head.
I'm American so I can get away with murder...
Meanwhile the shop windows are full of hats like these big blue cabbage roses on top of the manequins...
At Sonia Rykiel's - a simple Kelley green plastic disk is popped on top...
More delicious disks at Gerard Mulot - tarte citron and tarte l'orange.
Why not add a touch of red to your bedhead?
Or go for the Carmen Miranda effect - totally fruity.


  1. wow! I guess I could be French then :)

  2. haha, when I lived in paris, I wore hats sometimes... purple, green, and black crochet hats from h&m... People didn't usually think I was french, but they didn't think I was american either. I got russian and swedish a lot, lol.

  3. Shelley3:28 AM

    Hats off to hats! What a fun post! But don't be even slightly cold, O valiant emissary to the icy blue air of Paris. If you're going to defy the hatless standard, go all out. Just off the top of my head, I suggest a ginormous yakky "nomad lady warrior" hat from the Galliano Fall 2010 collection, or one of the colossal Mad Hatter stacked tophats from Walter Van Beirendonck. Aren't these absolute hoots? When it warms up, then you can change into the kelly green frisbee or the fruit tart.



  4. I'm empathetic to the "no hats" thing! Yes, it has been *freezing* in Paris the past couple of days, and I am sick and tired of the cold!! But still no hat for me! Part of it is I have an odd head and a face that just does not look good in a hat, I don't think. Add to that fine hair that is susceptible to "hat hair" and it is not a good thing. Maybe I just have not found the right hat, though. I never have tried a beret. Perhaps I should. :)

    Funny, though -- I was noticing the numbers of women *with* hats or scarves while I was waiting for a friend at the Métro stop near my yoga class in the 11th arr. last night! They looked warmer than me, lol.

    I don't know when you put up your new profile pic, but it is so cute! I love it!

    I hope you are having fun in Paris. take care & stay WARM!! :)

  5. Bonjour Carol,
    J'adore votre blog!!!!!!!!!
    Merci beaucoup pour vos merveilleux blog!!!!!
    Belle journée

  6. William Ternay, Jr.9:08 AM

    Last week my son & I went to the huge Picasso show in Philly.
    At the end was the usual over-priced "stuff" to buy, in the themed shop.
    I found myself eyeing a pile of
    berets thinking "well, after all, I am an artist...?" And just as quickly reminded myself of my HUGE head, that never wears a hat...unless its' a Cowboy hat.
    Which would definitely not be cool in Paris, I'm sure.
    Have fun.

  7. I hardly ever wear a hat, but I bundle up every other way. My hair flattens and gets so static that I can't stand it all day afterwords if I do wear one, but I seem to stay warm. Love your beret, Carol.

  8. diane (also hatless)10:45 AM

    Hmm. Do you think Kate Moss is riding around in that cab sans clothing (except for bag) in the freezing Paris clime?

  9. I would so be wearing a hat. And a scarf. And gloves. And a couple layers under my long heavy coat. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  10. Melissa3:56 PM

    I love your website. I'm going to Paris this July for my studies. I can't wait!
    Hope you're having a wonderful time in Paris!

  11. you're right, parisiens don't wear winter hats. but they do go for
    fashion numbers, including cocktail hats with veils. you'll see more of them in warm weather, and especially at the races. when i did hat shows in bars in paris they did buy. but they had to be chic. how many winter hats fall into that category?? french girls are never practical in their fashion choices!!
    love the blog. katy

  12. Delphine4:01 PM

    Looking for hats is my cup of tea.
    I confirm that Parisien women never wear hats (even if my grand-mother had a bunch of colorful little bérets and fur caps...)
    I live in Montreal and even during winter when it's -20 outside, I go out with nothing on the top of my head.
    I wonder why... Maybe because I feel more comfortable!
    Ce qui est franchement paradoxal quand vos oreilles commencent à geler...
    Thanks a lot for your "enquête" and bravo for these paris breakfasts. I'm having some tea right now and it's delicious-delightful to read from you.

  13. I love that Kate Moss "bedhair" shot!
    Great shots - I hope that you are managing to stay warm :)

  14. Carol, Your painting arrived! Loved that you put me in high boots! Am enjoying your painting of me--and the colors of Laduree--And Yes French woman don't wear hats to keep warm--only to be fabulous--
    I love the hat shop by the Odeon on way to Lux. gardens--as I was
    looking in their window wearing my red fur hat--they insisted I
    come inside and try on hats but the favorite place I buy
    inexpensive but fabulous hats--is on Thursday from a seller in
    the market at Place Maubert!
    Enjoy Paris and I will be enjoying
    your my portrait in front of Laduree.

  15. Well, they're nuts then! There are great hats out there & we definitely wore them in "uncool" Strasbourg. (Lyonnaise amies have just confirmed that they wear hats. They think it's idiotic Parisiennes. Hey, I'm just reporting. I didn't say it.)

    Glad you're keeping a lid on it, Carol.


    Susan & GG

  16. So good to know that my hatless head is tres chic! Perhaps it's the hard hat that put me off wearing hats., though I don't object to a good hood now and then .... but overall, I think the French are on to something with les discs instead of les chapeaux.

  17. Although I don't look particularly fabulous in a hat (or fabulous @ all!), I do believe I'd be tempted to break the rules and wear one. Comfort is under-rated. Stay warm Carol!!

  18. ah! carmen miranda.....now, THAT WAS A HAT....my best-friend's mom was "best friends" with carmen........heard some great stories about her......

  19. I confess:
    Yesterday I took off my hat
    and I survived :)
    "When in Rome..."

  20. It's lovely to see your smiling face on your beautiful blog and to catch up with you there.

    Keep the hat on,


  21. Victoria in Sydney12:44 AM

    I consider myself quite the francophile and whilst googling macarons I came across your page. I am hooked. And have been completely disregarding work today just so I can have a look at almost every post you have made!
    Not only am I inlove with all things Parisienne but even more so with Sonia Rykiel!!! I live in Sydney and we are completely deprived of Rykiel with only one designer store stocking her shoes, bags and small accessories to which I naughtily but rarely purchase during sale time!!!...So to just look at the beautiful Rykiel goods on your site feels like another indulgence!

    Keep up with the lovely blog I look forward to reading many more of your posts!

  22. I remember being in Arles and a French man remarked that all Americans wear hats.
    Ah, bon.

  23. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I live in Minnesota and I NEVER wear a hat, even when it's below zero. It must be my French ancestry!

  24. Hi Carol, this is the first time I write to you. First of all, I love your blog, your way to approach all the things Parisian that attract me enormously. I am a fan of your watercolors...and about the hat and beret-less Parisians, to me is kind of shocking. My dreamy Parisian girly girl has to have a beret. I am from Spain, living in San Diego, so no hats for me, just when I go there on Christmas time. Absolutely missing them.


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