Thursday, November 01, 2007

New York!

Potiron Paris mug back in New York I'm back! I made it safe and sound without a hitch really...

Though I did have to leave some of my treasures behind malheureusement.

It was either leave the new laptop or leave a cup or two and some macarons - very difficult choice.This morning I had my usual cup of chocolat chaud in a brand new Potiron cup!

Potiron Paris Mugs Taking an evening flight has some advantages - you get to sleep through the universally bad airplane meals, this includes AirFrance sad to say. And US customs are tired too when you arrive at 10 PM and could care less what's inside your bags. I'll keep that in mind for next trip..
CDG has a new departure lounge full to the brim with fancy shops and nothing to eat.
Except for awful overpriced stuff from a Take n' Fly chain.

Bring your own sandwiches and yogurt PLEASE!
I spotted these
Potiron pastry mugs in one of those duty-free shops.

Potiron macaron tray I thought they were macarons and only now see they are "patisserie Religieuse" cream puffy things decorating the edges here...
Fauchon Macaron mugsI was first tempted by these Fauchon pastry mugs in the airport...
Fauchon macaron teapotAND Fauchon matching teapot...
Fauchon macaron pitcherFauchon matching pitchers too. They know what we want. Don't they! More macarons Please. If only macarons were so transportable and non-perishable...
The French ScarfSome of you have asked about the missing French Scarf post..
Thanks to excellent counsel from blogger, Anali I chose not to end up in a French prison and removed the offending post. Too many people could sue me for invasion of privacy and they would be in their rights totally. Don't worry! I've been on the lookout and will come up with another French scarf post that will not offend soon.
PS The trip isn't over till I've gone through all my gazillion Paris photographs and by that time I should be ready to return for more.
A bientot! :)


  1. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Welcome home Carol!
    Enjoyed every moment of your trip and I'm sure there are more moments to share up your sleeve that you've been saving..
    Like that PRIVATE tour of Pierre Herme for example!
    I'm salivating in anticipation..

  2. welcome home...i had such a fun time on your trip...glad i got to see the scarf post before it about that doggie in scarf bag...i love it...blessings, rebecca

  3. Welcome home. Sorry you had to leave things behind.. couldnt they have been sent to you?
    I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the comiing days and weeks. Love the cups.

  4. Anonymous2:33 PM

    You could have 'fuzzed' out their faces (French scarf post) and all would have been well.

  5. I would have left the laptop.

  6. Welcome home! Put your feet up just a minute. So excited, now comes the savoring.....I know you have a stash of fabulous and wonderful and ooh and ahh to come.
    So take a moment for yourself dear friend...then hand 'em over! :))) Glad you made the trip safely. Lots of beautiful work. Well done. All best, Jan

  7. Welcome home! What is this scandale that I missed? Just a candid shot?

  8. Hi, I just found you and love your blog, pictures, stories, etc. You make me want to jump on a plane today and head for France. My first and only (so far) trip there was in June 06 and I can't stop thinking about it. If you decide you need a traveling companion on your next trip, let me know.

    Best wishes,


  9. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I have always tried to take the *red eye*. Lines are not as long, less planes flying so I have rarely been delayed...and if I have any chance in he@# to sleep, it is on the overnight flight ;) Glad you are home, safe and sound!

  10. glad you made it home safely! oh pooh about that scarf post, I thought it was cool, well except for the lady giving you the evil eye....still happy you made it back safely. rest up, there are macarons out there waiting to be eaten!

  11. Still find it so odd that we must have been following each other around Paris - we stayed in the 6th on Rue du Four and I bet you anything we crossed paths.

    I think even the dates of our stay were very similar.


    Words don't do it justice.

  12. Welcome home! I enjoyed every post from Paris. The cups look great!

  13. Welcome back! Glad you made it safely...

  14. Welcome home, Macaron traveller!
    So sorry, you had to leave some of your treasures behind. The new weight regulations are frustrating.
    Have fun browsing through your photographic memories!

  15. Welcome home, Carol!
    Your glance and your paintbrush are going to miss us in Paris, macaroons lose their best friend! But I am sure as Merisi that you'll have great time (and us with you!)browsing throw your pictures!
    It's a pity for Fiac's scarves, I shall have been one of fortunate to have seen this forbidden repportage !!

  16. Dear BRIDGET I bet you would not have been so happy to be included in the forbidden French Scarf repportage...ahem
    I woulda sued myself!!!
    In fact, now that I think about it, I can sue Marie-Noelle, who took unauthorised photos of me while browsing in La Mere de Famille candy shop!
    Faite attention!

  17. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Welcome home. It has been a pure joy to eat sweets through Paris with you :-)

  18. Anonymous9:57 AM


    Thank you for taking me (and many, many others) to Paris with you. Wow!
    I look forward, even more now, to my return visit in May 2008.

  19. Hu hu!! And isn't it Corey with a SCARF in October?

  20. Anonymous9:14 PM

    Run that by me one more time: You left macarons behind??? What were you thinking? Of course you had to pack the laptop--it probably held all your photos. But surely you could have EATEN every last macaron! Remember there are poor starving people in Kansas without ANY macarons! You owe it to us to choke down every distasteful mouthful! Now, eat your macarons or you won't get any dinner tonite!

  21. I'm glad you made it home with nary a mishap. Enjoy the lingering glow of your adventures.

  22. Anonymous1:35 PM

    did some one save it? Send it to me at hotmail and I promise to delete after looking at it


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