Thursday, November 15, 2007

Menus Ardoises

Menus Ardoises - Paris Breakfasts Parisian Marie-Noelle gave me this child's ardoise/ blackboard. It says:
Chez Carol
Watercolors - Macarons 
Help yourself
Menus Ardoises - Paris Breakfasts These same little blackboards or slates are how French children learn their ABCs. Marie-Noelle knows of my efforts to learn French handwriting..
Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfasts As it happens, M-N tutors children in cursive handwriting. She demonstrates her exquisite handwriting in my chaotic studio in the Marais.Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfastsAs much as I love maps, I am gaga over little blackboards menus/menus ardoises.Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfastsThey are more symbolic of Paris than the Tour Eiffel.Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfastsI love the broad expressive brush marks on this menu.
Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfasts Isn't it the worse thing in the world when a restaurant has NO MENU outside to study? It shows a complete lack of imagination on their part in my opinion.
Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfasts I saw ardoises everywhere. Not just at restaurants.
Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfasts A faux ardoise-just cardboard…a charming way to advertise In a boulangerie 🥖 
Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfastsA chic boutique is uses an ardoise to display prices.
Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfasts At La Mere de Famille chocolate boutique 
Solid-chocolate ardoise for back-to-school children to make the return less painful.
Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfastsNot an ardoise at all - just a scrap of paper announcing the news L'as du Fallafel will not open until October 16. A big wait for a falafel.
Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfastsCaught in the act. Most papeteries sell chalk markers if you want to practice at home..
Watch how l’ardoise slate blackboard is made in Trélazé for 600 years.
Menus Ardoises - ParisBreakfasts


  1. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Yesterday, I photographed more of them, to make a surprise post for you.
    why oh why did you have to be faster than I can shoot?

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    What a charming blog today! I am inspired to look for two ardoises for my kitchen to announce my tea of the day, and special menu of the day (if I am inspired to cook).

  3. Je ne suis pas exactement à l'aise en français mais j'aime beaucoup ces ardoises. Bien fait!
    Tout mieux,
    Note to self: Increase fluency with pastry and chocolate tour de france....mange beaucoup macarons tout en observant les video's de Carol.
    Much fun!

  4. Anonymous9:13 AM

    that's fabulous, Carol--it is true; I think of those as so French, too. Lovely little vignettes you photographed here!

  5. J'aime ce blog! Chaque jour je me leve et faire un petit tour de France a travers vos photos, aquarelles et vos commentaires. Ce matin c'etait super de voir a nouvea les ardoises! Apres avoir vecu en France pendant 14 ans, il y les petits "trucs" comme les ardoise qui sont typiquement francais. Merci pour la joie de retrouver ces petits coutumes! Je vais chercher la petite ardroise quo mon fils a employer a l'ecole il y a bien des annees dan le nord de la France. Artzart

  6. Love the post today. I was given a long semi fancy Chalk board by a friend some years ago and had another friend who spoke fluent French write down a drinks menu for me.. in french.. to copy onto the board. I have it hanging in my kitchen now. Nothing says French like a menu chalk board.

  7. Nothing says FRENCH like a menu chalk board.
    You said it CRIS so well!!!

    Grande Merci ARTZART!

  8. Anonymous10:36 AM

    Always reading your post is one of my day´s most delightful moments ...
    Now I´ve got an idea you have to think about
    (with white chocolate chalk)

  9. Anonymous10:43 AM

    As always, lovely pics! :)

  10. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Thanks for the fabulous Ardoises photos!
    This reminded me of that wonderful film "Amelie" when Amelie is writing the day's menu on the glass partition behind her seated, future boyfriend...and she's writing it BACKWARDS!!!! No
    wonder she then melts into a puddle of water (after all that effort!!).

  11. They are gorgeous and so tres francais...have fun with your little chalkboard!!

  12. Anonymous2:04 PM

    I've always wanted my own blackboard...I know there is paint out there that may do the trick.
    A wall to write notes to myself in chalk would be heaven...
    The French grab onto something good in childhood and don't let go it seems.

  13. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Very French these black boards and how clever of you to make a record of them all. I agree - a restaurant that does not show it's menu is not a contender in my books.
    Too snobbie IMO

  14. I have one in my kitchen! It's had the same menu on it for 4 years :( But it's cute!

  15. I didn't realise that "ardoises" were so typically french!Are-there no slates in New-York?

  16. lovely! some restaurants in Japan are putting their menu items on blackboards too :)

  17. I love blackboards too...actually any blackboard is fabulous to me.

    Like you Carol I wish I could conquer that French writing. It's so vibrant and expressive! It just makes whatever they are advertising seem! :-D

    The other thing I wish I could conquer is the French Language! :)

  18. Anonymous2:09 AM

    You would have loved walking by me round Courson when I lately visited their "plant exhibition" (they have it twice a year).
    School ardoises are trendy in French gardens... from full size to mini ones !
    I can easily imagine you there ... shooting like mad !!! and buying samples !

  19. How very lovely and beautiful

  20. Yeah, that French language thing... I would have to listen to that video SO many times.... (my daughter, who is taking high school french, mocks me mercilessly at my poor, poor efforts... I may have to bring her with me to France as my interpreter...)

  21. This was a great idea for a post, Carol. I caught a photo of one that will turn up in my blog soon, too, but it requires a certain recipe that I have not yet had time to make.

  22. Anonymous11:47 AM

    A very American twist on the chalkboard: the Starbuck's blackboards. They use special chalk markers with very intense colors and illustrations by one of the baristas. I love the different styles in the different Starbucks.
    You've inspired me to post my personal chalkboards....tomorrow!

  23. Last day we were cleaning the basement of my grand parents house, and guess what? my brother found my old ardoise from school, the ONE I learnt to write those cursive letters on, and calculation too. I was so happy to find it back, there was my name written on it. One of the first time I had to write my name.

  24. If you offered a class on how to handwrite like the French I would definitely sign up. Love their romantic cursive as opposed to my handwriting that looks like I should be a m.d.

  25. Just to let you know that I have been eating myself silly over the last four days, up and down your "Menus Ardoises". I am ready to roll into a cave and hibernate. ;-)

  26. Anonymous8:37 AM

    A few years ago, Pottery Barn and the like, sold huge blackboards for kitchens and workrooms which I thought then and think now are such fun ... especially for budding artists and calligraphers who love to draw or write something new every day. Our eyes are particularly drawn to these original billboards.

  27. Anonymous9:01 AM

    Being a watercolor painter, as well, I love the glimpses of your "studio". Very interesting~

  28. Quelles belles aquarelles!
    Et c'est vrai que l'as du fallafel était fermé cet automne...quelle tragédie!


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