Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Macaron Boxes

Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris Breakfasts Macaron boxes...what IS it about them..?
Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris Breakfasts Is the attraction what's inside..?
Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris Breakfasts Yummy macarons?
Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris BreakfastsSurely those little French cookies are out of this world...
Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris Breakfasts But there's something about the boxes that's so enthralling...
I wish I could put my finger on it. They have a decidedly Rococo feel to them. Certainly the soft pale colors are very feminine. M. was saying the ribbony cartouche design was used on old wine labels. It was used on everything in 18th century French design. Does it make us feel a bit like the extravagant Marie-Antoinette - gobbling cookies and not thinking about the consequences...
"Let them eat cake!"
Even if she didn't really say this, the thought lingers...
Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris BreakfastsNew notebooks and fans to help us feel more like Marie-Antoinette...
Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris Breakfasts Why, oh why didn't I get this pretty pale green umbrella?
Because I saw it my first day in Paris and you never get anything the first day. You tell yourself you'll think about it and come back.HA!

Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris Breakfasts I did break down and buy a green notebook...
Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris BreakfastsMy box collection back in my room in the Marais...
Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris Breakfasts

Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris BreakfastsThe little round coffret with the almond dragees is a new acquisition...

Laduree Macaron Boxes - Paris BreakfastsLaduree Macaron Boxes - Paris BreakfastsAll the boxes came home with me. These are getting to be well-traveled boxes. Are you nuts about these boxes?


  1. YES, I'm totally NUTS about the boxes! Thank you for giving me the full tour of all the offerings. Half of any product is the packaging! It sets the stage. Also, in Laduree's case, good marketing. Once you've finished your macroons, you have the box to remind you to go by more!
    Hope you are well! Thank you for all of your beautiful posts!

  2. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Oui Oui Oui
    I love em too.
    Presentation is everything we learned in art school and they know how to do it!

  3. Yes i love boxes.Can you tell me were i can buy the Ladurée notebook?I already try in LÇadurée site, and i try to find some site in the net and i still didn't found out.Thank you!


  4. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Ooooh, I can't wait to see watercolors of the round dragee box, Carol! You got some excellent props. I think the boxes are just elegant and the pastel colors are so soothing. Let's face it--they're just pretty as all get out.

  5. Love Love Love the painting and this post. The boxes look like little jewel boxes, very Romantic and feminine for sure. They make you WANT to own them. I also love the deck of cards in that one shot with the notebook you got.
    Great post again.

  6. Dear Paris Breakfasts readers,
    If you want to buy these notebooks, umbrellas, fans and other new gifts of Laduree, you will have to go to PARIS, France.
    C'est ça!

  7. Ooh, presents! Containers of dreams! Laduree had me from the first wrapper, first box, first glance at his site. I have not been there in person. Haven't tasted his things. But this creator, this artist, is at the top of my list.He is clever. He knows us well. Those boxes are pure positioning for female and male. They are boudoir and romance, they are sturdy, and timeless and speak of a treasure, of capturing delight.
    Ooh, I can't take my eyes off them and am soooo envious of your pale green notebook.Yesterday paper and ribbons, today a feast. Yep, I am a packaging drooler too. What is it about packaging that makes us go nuts?I am backing away from the monitor....Thanks so much!!!! All best, Jan

  8. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Look what you started! This should take you to an article in the Sun-Times.


  9. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Dear ParisBreakfasts,

    as a proud dutch owner of a round Laduree box; I simply love your
    stories on Les macarones! Keep up the good work!

    a bientot et merci

  10. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Beautiful photos of those dreamy boxes! Absolutely gorgeous!
    You bring Paris to our doorstep!

  11. Anonymous3:01 PM

    I have a little collection of those boxes I must admit too..
    I've no idea why I save them either?

  12. Anonymous3:03 PM

    Yesterday the Laduree ribbons!
    Today the Laduree boxes!
    When do we get the Laduree macarons?
    That's one kitchen I would love to step inside of!!!

  13. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Those pale colors are to die for..
    Marie-Antoinette had the right idea even if she did pay a high price...

  14. Anonymous3:30 PM

    You always brighten my day and make me smile...
    Thank you.

  15. I adore boxes period, but I TOTALLY love the colours of these. Not so thrilled by roccoco pattern, but the contents add to the thrill I feel :-)

  16. I think I need the whole collection! Umbrella, notebooks, notecards...I agree with you, there's something about those boxes.

  17. Bonjour,
    Great boxes, but oooohhhhh the umbrella. When I was in Paris this past May, I found a fabulous little shop near the Luxembourg Gardens. The owner only sales umbrellas. I bought a pretty pink one. Someday soon, I'll write a blog about my wonderful experience in the Parisian umbrella shop.

  18. Anonymous5:22 PM

    I have to write to you about Laduree.
    And again, I have to tell you
    how much I enjoy your site.
    I run to my computer each morning to see the posting
    And now that you have all of these new photos from
    I LOVE the Laduree on the Left Bank.

  19. Anonymous5:47 PM

    I'm nuts about YOU and I love the macaron boxes too. Gros bisous and come back soon. I'm missing your creative spirit!

  20. love the boxes, your watercolors and your photos!

  21. Anonymous12:39 AM

    We are twins separated at birth! J'en suis certain!
    My fascination with boxes began in my teens....
    I saved gift boxes, jewelry boxes even some pill boxes.
    As I grew, I came to hoard ever more sophisitcated boxes, alas, none so fabulous as les Ladurees! Cigar boxes, Jo Malone's raher severe boxes, tins that used to hold margharita salt, plastic boxes - you know, the ones that come in a million translucent colors, my fabulous tin T. LeClerc powder box, wood boxes, my Italian library paste tin, pencil boxes....I have boxes FULL of boxes! Uh-oh! I begin to discern a certain thread of - well, in anyone else I might call it obsession, but moi? It must be strong, intellectual curiousity allied with undeterred discipline. But I forget myself! Your boxes, however well travelled (and don't you fret that they may be crushed?) are absolutely worth every bit of minor inconvenience!

  22. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Oh! and as for the notebook, PAPER IS MY LIFE! But I'll save that for another day!

  23. So funny, a coworker brought us back (to NYC) Laduree cookies from Paris and I snatched the lovely box and brought it to Dallas to give to my mom, because I knew she'd go gaga over it. She has it displayed in her kitchen.

  24. Oh! The colors, the designs, and my mouth is watering with the thought of tasting those wonderful delicate desserts.

  25. Anonymous3:05 AM

    I 'm focusing on your first and last images :

    I love this watercolour and am pleased to see those birdies again ! (They don't seem to have suffered from the long flight !)
    ONE day, I will have to order a watercolour ....

    I can spot a strange macaron on your last shot !!!
    A new shape from Ladurée ?
    OR simply bitten with "gourmandise" ???

    Oui bien sur!
    You can now buy macarons already bitten into from Laduree..
    This way you do not get crumbs on yourself from that FIRST BITE!
    Laduree are always ahead of the pack!

  27. Absolutely, yes!

    Carol, you are posting so many gorgeously colored, scrumptious-looking, ornately textured, delicious, fancy and fanciful things that I think my head just might explode...

  28. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Oh my god!!!Brilliant post!!!
    The green harmony is fantastic!
    Of course I'm a member of the BOXES' NUTS CLUB!

  29. Oh my goodness, you are really making this week a special feast of grandiose paintings and souvenirs from Paris! Did you get new birds too?
    The boxes are out of this world pretty. I see myself going to Paris and buy macarons en masse for the sake of acquiring the boxes. I think I have saved (and in use) most of the really pretty luxurious boxes I ever got with a purchase, even the ribbons. ;-)

  30. I am Laduree green with envy. All those beautiful green boxes, papers and the like...and macarons to boot.

  31. Tell me why I have never bought anything from Laduree so I could own one of those boxes?
    I have loads of Hermes boxes when I have bought their scarves and they are a damn sight more expensive that a marcaron.
    This is your best ever post I don't want to leave it.

  32. These Ldurée Macarons are food but above all they are ART . THey are lovely and artistic, and precise. I admire them as much as I do with a painting

  33. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Ah! It's agony. whoever, I went on line to the Laduree site and they have a line of their boxes giving a home to Sephora beauty products. I can at least go to the mall and see some thing of Laduree in person.

  34. Dear MELISSA
    I hope you live in FRANCE...Those Laduree/Sephora boxes are
    But thanks for telling us!
    Who knew?
    Merci for the info!

  35. Anonymous4:25 AM

    Ladurée boxes are tremendous - I can never decide whether I prefer the classic ones or the gorgeously chic alternatives which I always see on the Rue Royale... Once I was in a now sadly closed niche bookshop in Dublin and I saw the spine of a book in that perfect pistachio green and delicate red and snatched it up immediately - the picture on the cover was just as perfect and I bought it, purely because of the similarity to Ladurée and thus was introduced to the wonderful Hungarian trilogy by Miklos Banffy, which I cannot recommend enough -

  36. Oh those boxes are absolutely darling! :) They do look so very rich.

  37. Anonymous10:28 AM

    beautiful boxes indeed. I wished they shipped some of their items overseas.

  38. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I have been in love with these boxes for 10 years. I painted my guest bedroom walls with pale green and gold. It reminds me of the Laduree evey time. I also have a collection of boxes and want more. Just FAB..

  39. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Can we buy them online?

  40. Anonymous2:27 AM


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