Monday, November 19, 2007

Chez Clement Montparnasse

Chez Clement watercolor - ParisBreakfasts I met Sarah in the JFK waiting lounge enroute to ParisSarah has lived in Paris for 20 years and runs acting classes for the French at F.A.C.T.
Chez Clement - ParisBreakfasts Sarah invited M. and I to join her for dinner at Chez Clement, a chain all over Paris (sadly now closed). You can read their menu outside.Chez Clement watercolor - ParisBreakfastsThe thing about Chez Clement that grabbed my attention was not their food (quite delicious) but their decor 🥄 Chez Clement - ParisBreakfastsSPOONS everywhere at Chez Clement!Chez Clement watercolor - ParisBreakfastsWhy they don't call this Chez Cuillère or Chez du Cuillères or Les Cuillères?Chez Clement - ParisBreakfastsPlus there are a ton of copper pots hanging all over - some might call it,
Chez Pot de Cuivre.Chez Clement - ParisBreakfastsMore pot de cuivre hanging at the entrance.

Chez Clement - ParisBreakfastsThey proudly announce on the vitrines - their mashed potatoes have butter.
Chez Clement - ParisBreakfasts Pot de cuivre door handles
Chez Clement - ParisBreakfastsStep inside and you are greeted by an ARDOISE! announcing special of the day. M. & I got the special which included dessert
Chez Clement - ParisBreakfasts MORE SPOONS 🥄 I love throwing a spoon into a watercolor.
Chez Clement - ParisBreakfasts Spoons direct the eye 👁️ and add dimension to a picture.
Chez Clement - ParisBreakfasts I was in love with this restaurant.
Chez Clement - ParisBreakfastsM. and Sarah chastised me to stop taking pictures and EAT.
Chez Clement - ParisBreakfastsWe shared a dessert of profiteroles...
Our spoons went to town on this one.
Very YUM ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Chez Clement - ParisBreakfasts


  1. What a cool place to eat! Diner and a show. :)
    All best,Jan

  2. What a cool restaurant with Spoons all over. I could see why you couldnt stop photographing everything. I loved the lamp with all the spoons on it.
    Also love the paintings. Did you get an Eiffel tower trinket this time? I'm noticing it in your paintings now. Makes me think 'Paris painting' right away.

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Delightful post with the spoons everywhere. That restaurant looked like fun. I love those door handles and chandeliers. Clever, these humans. ;)) And your watercolors capturing it all are, as always, beautiful.

  4. I think that spoons are the most sensual of all of the eating implements. Somehow, they take us back to that time when all of our needs were met by another. They also have no sharp points we can inadvertently hurt ourselves with.
    All that said, love the Eiffel tower on top of the macaroon. Lovely!

  5. Obviously I LOVE spoons too La Belette Rouge since I've turned into a spoon pick-pocket or cafe-spoon shop-lifter.
    NVER from a store - not interesting to me and no history either...
    But from cafes..irresistable!
    Who knows who stirred their coffee with that spoon?
    And the aesthetics are superior to any store.

  6. Anonymous11:11 AM

    This place looks adorable.
    Who cares about the food?
    Decore is everything...well almost.
    Next trip I'll pop in for some intense spoonerie

  7. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Lovely, Carol!
    Those little Tour L'Eiffels are adorable, perched on the macarons! Beautiful luminous teapot and teacup!

  8. Anonymous11:23 AM

    We just had chocolate profiteroles last night--yum!!
    Looks like there was a mad scramble for them here! ;))
    Hannah and her sisters

  9. You were in spoon heaven!

  10. How fun! My mind spins with spoony ideas! Love the lights and door handles...

  11. Anonymous2:12 PM

    How fabulous - I must go there soon!


  12. Paris Breakfasts,
    Well now that we know about your spoon obsession. Tell us, how do you feel about spooning? ;-)
    À Bientôt,

  13. I like Chez Clement. I think the food is good and, like you, I was very taken with their whimsical decorating. Not bad for a chain.

  14. I love these paintings today! They seem to have more color and detail, which make me realize that you were painting your love of Paris and your memories of your trip right into them!

  15. Great post. I love the little Eiffel Tower in the paintings. I must mention this spot to my friends in Paris. It looks fun.

  16. Chez Clément looks fascinating! I'll soon be visiting my son and family in Clermont-Ferrand, in the Auvergne. I'll have to plan a visit to Paris to check out this restaurant! Love your accompanying art!
    Meanwhile, the "Tchin-Tchin" for Novembre/Décembre, magazine produced by the Société des Alcoöls du Québec (I live in Québec City) has just arrived, and includes a recipe for macarons, which I shall try out this week.

  17. I would be snapping photos too! what a cool place.

  18. Love the copper pots! And the spoons in all of your paintings. So pretty!

  19. Anonymous8:47 PM

    How strange to think that the French have CHAIN Restaurants! But the pots-and-spoons theme is sooo much nicer than all the American chains full of sports memorabilia!
    As for your spoon propensities, I really must update my passport now, so I will be ready to spring into action when you get sent to the slammer.

  20. I think I'd be taking many photos of those spoons too Carol :)

    Whoever decorated the place is a very creative designer to have thought up all those places to fix spoons & pots into the decor.

    I love that pot door-handle! :-D

  21. Anonymous1:10 AM

    woowwww what a lovely arts in here... i love watercolor also and oil painting...

    last May this year... after our choir ( performed in Festival international de Chant choral de nancy, we spent 5 days in Paris... i enjoyed taking photos...

    hope to passby again in france, before goin to world choir olympics in graz, austria - july 2008.

    by the way i got your link from michelle's blog..

  22. Anonymous2:35 AM

    I'm totally spoon-fed !!!

  23. Great watercolors!!

  24. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Marvelous post! Love the spoons...all of them!!

  25. The French have plenty of CHAINS -
    Everyone has chains :)

  26. Anonymous4:59 AM

    Your last photos on chez clément sont très réussies !


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