Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Night Paris

Pierre Herme pre-opening Tuesday morning I had a "private" visit to Pierre Herme on 185, rue Vaugirard to take as many pictures as I wanted from both sides of the counter. YAY!

Dusk in the Marais Later I decided on a late run to my photo shop in the 6th - camera problems. It was dusk in the Marais. Irresistable for marching around on foot.
Starbucks Paris I passed a Starbucks on rue des Archives and peeked in. Starbucks is hugely popular in Paris with the French to my surprise! They love the big loungie chairs and relaxed atmosphere.
velib The banks of Velib bikes everywhere is a delight! These stations were empty during the strike/ greve last week. Next time I'll get a Navigo card so I can use one. I'll bone up on my biking skills too before I come...ahem
Hotel de Ville I passed the glorious Hotel de Ville enroute to the left bank -always spectacular at night.
crossing the Petit Pont Cross the Petit Pont...
Notre Dame To the other side where Notre Dame awaits...
Notre Dame at night Awaits every tourist in Paris. Sometimes it's nice to be a tourist...
Art galerie on rue de Petit PontA small art galerie on rue de Petit Pont with large, mysterious Medieval style paintings...

Shop window on rue de Petit PontA shop window nearby with tiny, adorable Limoge snuff boxes...

Le Select bistro At St.Michel I popped into the Metro and came out at stop Vavin facing my favorite bistro - Le Select. You can't go wrong here for tons of old Parisian ambience. The food is irrelevant.

L'Opera Garnier Another night I took this shot of the L'Opera Garnier.

No flash required.
Walking around Paris at night is a delight.

Jean-Charles Rachoux ChocolatThe streets are not so crowded and perfect for leche-vitrine / window shopping with no chance of maxing out your credit card.

Laduree shoppers Late shoppers still max out their credit cards. Lines, lines, lines plus you feel the tension and anticipation - will there be any macarons left?Cafe Deux Magots Here winners of a box of macarons at nearby Cafe Le Deux Magots...

Hotel Beaumarchaise in the Marais A pretty "boutique" hotel I spotted walking around another night in the Marais...

bla bla bla I hope you enjoyed all my Paris "bla bla bla"
Please don't ask me where you can buy this product.

Or if I can buy one for you and your mother in size 8.

I shoot and run.

I forget ALL names and addresses instantly.

I am neither a personal shopper nor a tourist guide.
I'm an artist who loves to look at everything.

Paris MacaronsI couldn't leave you without some Paris macarons could I?

Please take a bite from my collection...

I'll be on AirFrance 0008 tonight coming back to you.

A bientot!


  1. Anonymous2:02 AM

    MERCI MERCI MERCI for EVERYTHING Carol!!! Loved every minute of it.

  2. I loved that "blah blah blah" thingy. Have a safe trip!

  3. Lovely last evening in Paris. Thanks for sharing!

  4. A private visit to Pierre Hermé? Lucky you! Tell us more about it! My mouth is watering.

  5. Anonymous5:28 AM

    so bon voyage Carol

  6. where are your 'private visit" pictures???? Please, post...

  7. Merci for showing us Paris, I will never see enough of all the splendid sights you "shoot". :-)
    That last picture of the macarons is simply gorgeous. Wow!

  8. Magnificent...ohh dreams are these....bon voyage ...hope you get some rest. You've gathered quite a beautiful bit of treasures on your travels. All best, Jan

  9. Wonderful post today. I enjoyed every minute of this month & felt like I was there with you. I am looking forward to all the lovely photos, watercolors & stories to come.
    Hope your trip was without problems.
    Welcome home. ;)

  10. I have loved every inch of this vicarious (for me) tour of Paris. Thanks and thanks for the night scenes too. What happened to the scarves post? Have a great trip home. Blessings, Suki

  11. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Absolutely lovely~ can't say enough good things about your trip to Paris~ and being able to share it.
    Even reading the comments from "our' breakfast community enlivens the experience. Have a safe trip home again. Welcome back!!!

    hugs, Barbara

  12. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Wow...I visited Paris in 1995 when I was in high school and living in Germany. Seeing your shots of the Notre Dame totally took me back! Sadly, I don't think I appreciated it as much as I could have when I was there....

    Merci for the trip down memory lane,

  13. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts during your holiday!! It was ALMOST like being there :)

  14. I've stayed in that hotel in the Marais.
    I feel so sorry for you having to eat all that stuff in the name of research. Did you need an extra seat on the plane?
    Remember you will be 5 hours younger when you get back to NYC.

  15. Anonymous12:29 PM

    That was a touching final post (for THIS trip) and lovely images. The night shots were just beautiful. I could feel the nostalgia setting in already in your words and images. You'll return, though, bien sur! Merci beaucoup et a bientot!

  16. Carol,
    thank you for sharing your fantastic trip with us!!! I'm so envious you got a private visit to PH - how did you work that? Have a safe flight home!

  17. I enjoyed looking at your last night in Paris, VERY nice photos. You find the coolest stuff ...blah, blah blah!

  18. Anonymous4:05 PM

    You indeed are an artist! Beautiful reportage from Paris. Your website is exquisite.

  19. i came over to see if you were dressed as
    ~~a Paris macaron~~
    for the halloween holiday...


    tonight is the BLog Halloween Party!

    we need you
    to please drop off
    some laduree macarons

    AS IF!

  20. What a fabulous looking trip you've had. Thanks for all the clandestine photographing. :-) Was this long enought that you are actually ready to leave France? (Hopefully you have successfully done so by now!)

    Here's hoping for a completely non-eventful return flight!

  21. Anonymous9:17 AM

    please don't leave!!! I so look forward to the pictures each day!

    thank-you for the enjoyment you provided to me, it only intensifies my urge to visit France again.
    you did a great job, welcome home.

  22. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Hi Carol,

    I just wanted to send you a quick compliment on your blog. It's been such a treat to be taken back to Paris with all of your pics in my mailbox waiting to greet me in the mornings.
    I took my daughter to Paris last spring and we have never had such an adventure.
    I can't wait to go back.

  23. Anonymous10:25 AM

    A plain old chocolate will never "do" again...oui?
    I hope you get home OK with your treasures.

  24. WELCOME HOME AWAY FROM HOME! You delight once again with a walk through the city of lights...!

  25. Anonymous12:11 PM

    I feel a trip to rue de Petit Pont coming on - I love that painting! I'm too exhausted after the move yesterday to make it to Laduree today, but tomorrow... tomorrow...

  26. Welcome Home, Carol!

    I am sad that your trip is over. Leaving Paris is always hard, even if I'm leaving it vicariously through you. Thanks so much for letting us come along with you.

    Sarah B

  27. Carol:

    Your last comment on your daily emails/blog "I'm an artist who loves to look at everything.". . .Is what I love most about you --- truly the artist meandering around Paris seeing the beauty in everything.... I enjoy your photos, comments and have to say your beautiful watercolors .. "Eye Candy" Thank you for bringing delight and joy to my life in your early morning ParisBreakfasts emails... Annie P-Town Oregon


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