Friday, November 09, 2007

La Poissonnerie Du Dome

La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts Beauty is everywhere in Paris.

La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris BreakfastsWe were marching around before dinner, M, Sarah and I on rue Delambre in the 14th...La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts And I flipped for this fishmonger shop!La Poissonnerie Du Dome
La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris BreakfastsI couldn't believe my eyes - all the lovely fishy murals!
La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts And the shop is open to the street, so you can put your nose right in the fish and get eyeball to eyeball.
La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts The ultimate in freshness!
La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts Jean-Pierre Lopez has owned La Poissonnerie Du Dome for 20 years. He's at the Marche Rungis starting at 3 AM (I could do this with the Jetlag I currently have...) where he searches and searches for the absolute best fish.
"When it's a question of finding the best, I am not faithful."
'' Quand il s'agit de trouver le meilleur, je ne suis pas fidèle ! '
La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts The fish or in this case the King Crab jumps from the sea into the lorry and onto your plate.
La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts This fishmonger saw me admiring his crab...
La Poissonnerie Du Dome - Paris Breakfasts I so wish I'd had that crab for dinner!
Beauty is everywhere in Paris.
4 rue Delambre, 75014 PARISMétro: Vavin or Edgar-QuinetTuesday to Saturday 8 am-1 pm and 4-7 pm


  1. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Hum do not seem insensitive to the charm of this smiling fishmonger!(and so he does!)

  2. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Oh I was so hoping you'd show us a Parisian Lapin monger...

  3. Anonymous6:38 AM

    Oh you know how I love fresh seafood!
    You did this to torture me :)

  4. Wow. Beautiful fish. And succulent crab. A case is made against every strip mall, every tasteless retailer with no fish on his walls. I would buy fish here just to spend time with the pictures. :)

  5. Handsome crab! :-)))
    Those are painted tiles, aren't they? Imagine somebody ordering custom painted tiles for his fish mongery, somehow it does reflect the attitude towards his wares. I would order blindly from that guy, um, shop.

  6. P.S.:
    I noticed that you didn't publish the shop's phone number! Hmmmmm......

  7. I can see why you flipped over that Fishmongers shop.. the blue and white fish tiles are wonderful. It looks very welcoming. The fresh fish looks yummy too.

  8. FOR MERISI and all others who wish to call in an order of exotique poisson
    Please Call:
    01 43 35 23 95
    To discover the catch of the day.

    Or just go to their gorgeous website and listen to the sea and dream of fish...

  9. Anonymous10:07 AM

    I sure wish my local fish monger looked like these handsome fellows...
    I'm dreaming of the fishmonger not the fish... take us to such lovely places

  10. I was on a buying trip in Paris with my son and he glanced at a cloth in the gutter and said - even that looks stylish.

  11. That's a good-looking crab!

  12. Carol, I always love it when you show scenes from my "neighbourhood" (I always stay at the Villa Des Artistes on rue de la Grande Chaumiere). I love that fish monger and sometimes wish that I would rent an apartment in the area so I could fix some fish during my stay. There is a wonderful cheese shop just up the way from here as well!

    Thanks for taking me "home" today.

  13. Anonymous2:43 PM

    A cute smile on the face of the first fish ;-)

  14. tell me,
    have you ever found
    an unsightly spot is paris?


    i was wondering...

    even the poor beggars
    seem to have a jauntily tied scarf.

  15. Very Nice Blog...
    I just want to say hello...from BRAZIL!!


  16. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Wow--that place is beautiful, Carol! I'm glad you took photos of that--I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

  17. This looks like a wonderful poissonerie. Paris have so many wonderful food shops ..I'm jealous

  18. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Meant to leave a comment but - no ---must google alzheimers...

  19. The Fisch Schlapping song is well-timed to your post here. I love at the end of the song when you hear someone say, "Enunciate!"

  20. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Let them eat crab!

  21. That crab is huge! I've never seen anything like that. It could take on a cat or something.

  22. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Fabulous! Clean and beautiful ... marvelous tiles. That crab is the largest I have ever seen.

  23. i love the blue and white tile murals...i painted one in my brekfast room...but i love these more...i may redo...please stop by my blog for another giveaway today...blessings, rebecca

  24. I love painted tiles! Do they paint other subjects besides fish?

    That crab looks yummy-amazing!

  25. Anonymous9:23 AM



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