Thursday, November 29, 2007


THE RITZ Paris - Parisbreakfasts Have you been to The Ritz for tea? Me neither...THE RITZ Paris - ParisbreakfastsLet's go!THE RITZ Paris - ParisbreakfastsHey, Paris Breakfasts readers you have made me intrepid! Life would be so dull without you. I know you expect your Paris correspondent to go EVERYWHERE and report back.THE RITZ Paris - Parisbreakfasts And how could I miss out on THE RITZ?!THE RITZ Paris - Parisbreakfasts Did you know the Ritz bar played a role in women's liberation? It's where ladies were first allowed to go unescorted for tea out in public in the early days of the 20th century!THE RITZ Paris - Parisbreakfasts The Ritz bar looks out on this bucolic garden...Floral arrangements by VARDAAnd take a casual stroll around the lobby...
Soak in the marble, the chandeliers, the impressive jungle-wild floral arrangements from designer Varda. Did you know you can take floral arranging classes with VARDA at the Ecole Ritz Escoffier?

Act like you own the place...
Pretend you're a Pop star or a president or have money to burn...
What the hell, pretend you're Hemingway!
That's putting on The Ritz!

THE RITZ Paris - ParisbreakfastsDon't miss their fab loo. I found myself taking shots of designer faucets all over Paris...
THE RITZ Paris - Parisbreakfasts Not to forget their divine hot chocolate-thick, lush and riche...
THE RITZ Paris - Parisbreakfasts Dive in PB readers!
It's breakfast time and this only set me back 12 Euros like the Meurice.
The chocolates are a bonus.
Now LET'S PUT ON THE RITZ with Fred Astair!


  1. wowowo!

    i popped in here once
    but was woefully under-dressed
    and so slid out quietly...


    next time,
    i plan ahead!
    thanks for showing me what i missed once and
    will not miss again.

    [ aren't those flowers to die for? ]

  2. Wow.. What a fantastic virtual visit. Love the inside table pix and the outside patio pix. I just put myself at one of those tables and soaked in the atmosphere. How nice of you to take us along with you and to share a morning cup of delicious looking hot chocolate. Yumm.
    Now I can begin my day with a smile. ;-)

  3. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Designer spigots, too! I love it. That place looks wonderful, and at that price, as my grandmother used to say, "who would go naked!?" That watercolor is elegant, Carol--I'd say great job on this one, but then, you do a great job on every one! ;))
    ("Come let's mix where Rockefellers walk with sticks and um-ber-ellas in their mitts, puttin' on the Ritz." ) Always liked that rhyme. classic! Your post took us all today.

  4. Ahh, the Ritz! Best hand made mojito in the world-Library Bar in the Ritz Carlton on Canal Street. Best bet placed and won, The French Quarter Cafe and Bar in the Ritz with NYT best selling author and hunca munca Randy Wayne White. Best walk in the door ahhhh moments to be service , bar none, a Ritz anywhere!! Best pillows( I have two on my bed), best flowers, best people, need I go on? Thanks for this wonderful reportage, intrepid one, and the dance from Astaire. I will meet you in any Ritz anywhere and share some is good there, dreams can flow, grab your coat and go! At the top of my list for Paree! Now that I have seen it through your eyes. You are the best, the best of spies! Thanks for this one!
    All best, Jan

  5. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Simply gorgeous. Thanks for reminding me of Christmas last year. We were in Paris for our 25th and the highlight was tea at the Ritz. You captured it beautifully. And at the holiday time, they outdo themselves with decorations inside and out and oooh - the feast looking at the tree just inside.
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. I had a birthday breakfast at the Ritz in Paris a couple of years ago - in that bucolic garden no less and the loos are wonderful

  7. Oh my gracious! DElicious eye candy too!!! GREAT JOB, Carol!!! I love the tea service -- that bit of green and pink edging on the cup and pitcher is awesome!

  8. OOPS. I got so into the Ritz that I forgot to mention how much I love the lovely watercolors. ;)

  9. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I had tea at the Ritz in Kansas City. The city no longer has a Ritz
    here but when it did, it served afternoon tea from mid-Nov to just
    after New Year. I went once a year for 3 years. Could have been quite
    nice but the server did NOT know how to brew tea, which came from tea
    bags.:( That's probably because the server was a youngster from the don't get me wrong. I love living in the Midwest but
    sometimes....I once attended afternoon tea at a friend's home and
    another of our friends tried cutting a scone with knife and fork. Tres
    gauche. Maybe I'm a snob...well, no maybe about it...I AM, when it
    comes to tea.

  10. I've always wanted to 'be' in Paris, but I hate the prospect of the 26hour flight to get there.

    But now I begin my days with 'Paris Breakfasts'.I think I've found the most exquisite way to explore Paris - and with a personal guide who knows just where I want to go - and provides photos and superb watercolours too!

    thank you
    cecilia - australia

  11. Anonymous9:21 PM

    Well, no wonder women fought for the right to go to the Ritz! And I certainly do expect you to take me EVERYWHERE! As for Varda, my little side trip there almost distracted me from posting at all! I shall be stealing ideas from Varda mercilessly!
    And the watercolor --- absolute genious, even without the proposed choking rabbit.
    Mistress of Longears

  12. What a wonderful post! I really want to take a look at everything, so I am going to close the lid of my computer and come back tomorrow morning– California time.

    See you then,

  13. What a treat! Thanks for the watercolors (always amazing and ... ? les leches aquarelles??) and the fun snippet of Mr. Astaire. Just what I need to get started on my morning.

  14. Such a good post!!The end with Fred, just great!I don't speak of watercolors inspired by the lovely! And the Ritz,a place to dream... Bravo Carol!

  15. Thanks for taking me along places I never dare to go - and I love the clip. My daughter used to listen to that on her mp3 player in the morning when going to class in Paris - it got her through the metro ride.

  16. I love your blog! It's the first email I open everyday. It takes me back to Paris and I can relive all the macarons and croissants...Yum!
    Thank you carol.


  17. Have I asked you to describe French hot chocolate? Where we were in Italy, it came in teeny-tiny cups and was thick, like very rich, warm, chocolate pudding...

  18. Thanks for the visit and for bringing us Fred in all his glory.

  19. TLC I've had and loved Italian hot chocolate and it is very thick and pudding-like.
    Do they use corn starch or another thickener?

    Something is added for sure
    . French hot chocolate..well the best is made by shredding the best chocolate bars.
    Not from powdery mixes. It has a strong chocolatey tast rather than a sweet taste.
    The sugar is always an undernote.
    I wish American hot chocky makers would figure out this simple point.

  20. Anonymous4:24 PM

    What a yummy visit!
    I WILL venture forth next trip, fearless as a Amazon Woman!
    Love the paintings too!


  21. Anonymous9:19 AM

    You got off pretty cheap for 12 euros. A friend of mine just had lunch there and her glass of house champagne costs, gulp...38 euros!


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