Monday, November 12, 2007

New York Chocolate Show 2007

New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfasts This divinely enticing display is from Mary's Chocolates - Japan at the New York Chocolate show!
New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfasts How ever do you choose from these chocolates displayed like sushi?
New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfasts These happy shoppers had no problems! Mary's is famous for selling out completely at the New York Chocolate show. Their Matcha green tea bonbons are soooo yummy.
New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfastsThe New York show in general is a tasting show = and there is LOTS AND LOTS to taste!
New York Chocolate Show - Comptoir Du Cacao - ParisBreakfasts Comptoir Du Chocolat from France is into sharing and explaining their chocolates...
New York Chocolate Show - Comptoir Du Cacao - ParisBreakfasts Different origins. For the most part, The Paris chocolate show is for buying. Tasting like this is a rarity.
New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfastsThe New York show offers many opps to learn about chocolate...
New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfastsI heard two little kids remarking in front of Guittard's stand,
"Which do you like?
...the 65% or the 85%?"
Wa' :O
New York Chocolate Show Chocoholics - ParisBreakfasts I first went Friday night and then returned on Sunday afternoon -
there were throngs of choco-holic attendees everywhere.
New York Chocolate Show - Martin Howard - ParisBreakfastsMartin Howard / alias Chocolatina, pastry chef at Restaurant Brasserie 8 1/2 did his annual fantastique song and dance + a pastry demo.
New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfasts The New York chocolate fashion show is better than the Paris version in my opinion...
New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfastsThese bonbons are from SweetBliss' Moo Collection...
New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfasts SweetBliss made these chocolate baby shoes too...
New York Chocolate Show - ParisBreakfastsThese are arty chocolates by Christopher Norman in New York...
I bet you're thinking what a charmed existance she leads, this ParisBreakfasts - Hmmm, a month in Paris and chocolate shows right and left...
Well I'd just like to set you straight! I've got Jetlag that is lagging on and on -that's why I'm up posting at 3 AM.
And Saturday morning I woke up scratching and noticed my tummy had red itchy spots all over.
So it isn't all wine and roses folks!


  1. Oh my, I hope you are not allergic to chocolate! You are so lucky to have been able to attend both shows :) So you will come to Japan in January for the show?

  2. Anonymous5:54 AM

    The fashions and baby shoes were fab.
    We'll be anxious to know what the itching is from. Now if you were in the deep south we would know - chiggers! Been gardening?
    Tee Hee.
    Get rested and well.

  3. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Ohh,poor Carol, how are-you? Paris-Breakfast becomes a real thriller!

  4. Oh no! I hope it is not from all that exposure to chocolat! I hope you will be feeling better soon Carol! I know this is way off the subject, but I was just curious, now that it is getting colder in NY are the scarves coming out? I cant imagine they would be as beautiful as Paris, no?

  5. Itchy red spots & Jet Lag? Oh dear! Perhaps you have developed an allergy to New York and so need to move to Paris at once!


    I hope the itchiness isn't due to anything serious and sure hope you will soon get over the jet lag.

  6. Yum and oh dear. Chocolate sushi...and hives. Oh no!
    I hope it isn't allergy. Could just be a slight intrusion of discombobulation...I hope you get a nap, and have some soothing tea. Though those feet rarely get put up, and your stealthy self is out the door most every day. Take some time to catch your breath. Hope you're feeling better.
    All best, Jan

  7. Dear Anonymous
    Whoever you are, THANK YOU for your KIND thoughts!
    Mais non, I do not have Chiggers..whatever they are?
    JUst a tiny reaction to sampling all that CHOCOLATE!
    Life can indeed be tough at times...Ahem

    As for NEW YORK scarf wearers...I was wondering that myself!? Certainly Les New Yorkaises push just as hard in the METRO...well almost...
    We could use a few lecons from Les Parisians.
    But NON, we do not look as CHIC I am sad to report.
    AND THERE IS SO MUCH BLACK fashion in this town. De trop!
    The Grey/Gris trend has not hit NYC...pas encore :(

    K & S
    BIG MERCI for the kind invite for January... I shall check my calendar and see if I cam make the choco show in Japan..
    Wouldn't that be FUN!!!
    Do I have to DO Russia too?
    Too cold IMO...

  8. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Dear Carol.
    Hope you feel better-welcome back.

  9. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Just to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog delivery very much.
    Quite a happy reading feast to start the day!

    From a Chinese tea connoisseur and general food/drink enthusiast

  10. OK my orders in for the little Chocolate dress number at the food show. What a YUMMY outfit. lol
    Hmm I think maybe the red splotches and jet lag are your subsconcious saying TAKE ME BACK TO PARIS NOW. One whole month in Paris is to blame I fear. lol
    All kidding aside, I hope you get better soon.

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  12. That would be a blast! and if you can go to Russia that would be a cool post too :)

  13. Anonymous11:36 AM

    You're having withdrawal symptoms, Carol. I'll tell you, every time I set foot on planes, (which is pretty often) I worry at what ailment I might come up with! Hope you feel rested soon! Your chocolate post is divine--those chocolate fashions are hilarious--someone had a great imagination. That must have smelled fantastic there...chocolate baby fun.

  14. I am always so envious everytime you get to go to one of these! I'll have to come to NYC when there is another one! Btw, glad you stocked up on Charles Chocs!

  15. Anonymous12:03 PM

    oh wow...thats great... my paradise :)

  16. Thank heaven, I had half a pizza and a Demel's marron something today and a pot of tea on my desk, so I was able to study your report in depth without suffering too much from chocolate envy. Love the chocolate couture (so wearable, nobody protesting against the harvesting of chocolate beans yet!).
    May I inform you that Austrian Airlines has excellent flight connections from Vienna to Russia?

    I hope you will never get allergic to vine and roses and chocolate and, most important right now, that you do get a good night's sleep tonight!

  17. Ok, this is my favorite post EVER!!! I am going to have to come back to it again after my coffee.
    Sorry about your jetlag and itchiness!

  18. Wow! I was interested to see where the cocao seeds come from - I had no idea. I think I imagined them something more like coffee beans.

    Love the chocolate baby shoes!

    Itchy red spots does not sound good...hope it clears up fast.

  19. It is so hard to feel sorry for someone with the life you have! And, yet. I hope you feel better and can fully enjoy the amazing life you have created for yourself. Is it normal to lick the monitor when one visits your blog?

  20. Oooohhh! I totally missed you! I was there on Saturday! :/

  21. The baby shoes are so cute.

  22. Anonymous7:59 AM

    You are such a temptress - all that chocolate and all I have in the cupboard is a jar of chocolate spread.

  23. I want to go to chocolate shows! Why are they always in October and November?

  24. This show looks Fabulous , wonderful and above all MIAM MIAM

  25. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Do not attempt to wring sympathy from moi! You have driven me to my Valrhona Guanaja stash, hidden in an old dog biscuit box to fool my dear husband who will scarf it all down if I don't hide it so that I have none left for those emergency baking sessions your blog is wont to induce in me!
    A tad crankily,
    ps Perhaps I should go the the KC Chocolate show....

  26. Anonymous4:20 AM

    HI Carol,

    Chocolate Lovers should connect and share. I learned about chocolate tastings in Chicago.
    I'm sure they can be done anywhere.
    Let me know if you track one down or start one.

    Right now I'm living in Indonesia, but will be in New York in April for a conference. During my free time I will check out all the chocolatiers you've featured.

  27. Mary H.7:13 AM

    OMG! there is really much useful chocolate information here!


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