Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dessert Alert!

French Pastry watercolor - Paris Breakfasts Are you bringing dessert to your Thanksgiving dinner destination?French Pastry - Paris Breakfasts Bad things happen to good desserts when they are in transit.
French Pastry - Paris Breakfasts I took these 3 desserts to Barbara Bleu. The trip was too much for these fragile beauties.French Pastry - Paris BreakfastsHere's a lovely example of red and green harmony from Pierre Herme.
French Pastry - Paris Breakfasts Not so lovely result after a trip on the Paris Metro. It went slip sliding away, because I did not treat it with kid gloves.
c'est la vie
French Pastry - Paris BreakfastsMy 1st day in Paris I made a B-line for Pierre Herme and bought this lovely creation plus 2 others, thinking I'd have painting material for a while.
Paris Metro - Paris BreakfastsI made the fatal error of entering the Metro at rush hour.
Quelle idiot moi!
I know why French women snack on Pierre Herme's fabulous desserts in the street.
Plus I did not request these three to be packed seperately.
Live and learn.
It would be wise to reserve a hotel close to your favorite patisserie. Hotel Bonaparte is exactly across from Pierre Herme.
French Pastry - Paris Breakfasts Sometimes you will be sold les macarons sans /without a box top! Quelle sacriledge et tragedie!
French Pastry - Paris Breakfasts
Listen when the sales person asks if your dessert is "pour emporte?" Take-away and eat immediately?
Tell her it's un cadeau/gift. You need une boite /box.
Or there may be an unhappy surprise when you get back to your room to feast.


Anonymous said...

That looked fabulous, Carol! Enjoyed the video and the dessert--I was smiling at how large the portions were on that spoon and fork--yum! A very happy Thanksgiving to you! Your watercolor is beautiful.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Same to you LoveItaly!
Yes Francois Simon gets down on the plate and let's you join in the delicious fun!

Janice C. Cartier said...

How beautiful! You know that I loved seeing these. Thanks for the treat. The watercolors are fabulous! They gave me a lift and a smile. Happy Thanksgiving you clever one! Yumm on the video.
All best, Jan

Anonymous said...

I always look at your art work and photographs and enjoy all of them. This current "batch" has me longing for a place to enjoy a lovely afternoon tea!
Thanks for sharing all the beauty in your world and the watercolor renditions of the yummy "still lifes."

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful.
Thanks so much for the illuminated tours. I'll be sure to use "en boite" in the future.
And 500 EURO for that meal?
Isn't that a bit excessive? lol

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful presentation !!!;-)

Nazila Merati said...


I now carry a tupperware container just for my macarons! As for our Thanksgiving (numero deux demain), I'm making a blackberry crisp, maple walnut/pecan tart and pumpkin pie. I don't think the word macaron will be mentioned.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Big Boys Oven said...

Oh I will definitely stay at a hotel just near by PH!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet they still tasted fabulous!
I recognize those cups, Carol, from your paintings! ;))
(If someone brought this to me, I wouldn't be thinking it was a tragedy...;))

Anonymous said...

That fruit tarte concoction is my kind of dessert.
Isn't that simple and elegant!
Bet it tasted DIVINE!!

Anonymous said...

You're making me salivate ---!!! GORGEOUS painting!
GORGEOUS Desserts!

Gloria Baker said...

Only say, Oh my God!!!! looks delicious all!!!!! Gloria

by Danie said...

Happy thanksgiving Carol.

Anonymous said...

Carol~ I have to say...I thought this
breakfast was going to be about the
Mojave (just kidding~~well, almost).
Happy bring us so
much light and air and happiness.

Hugs from the Mojave

Anonymous said...

One time at a dinner I attended, a guest brought a dessert that didn't travel well. It was a disaster. A four-layer cake in about seven different sections. The hostess served it nevertheless and graciously said, "What delicious ingredients". We all burst out in laughter.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

It all looks so delicious.
And me on a low-carb diet!
Still one can dream...

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Gorgeous painting and photos. Also I think that blue tea pot & cup with all those goodies on the plate should be painted by you. Sooo pretty.
Thanks for all the visual. yummm

K and S said...

even though the treats slipped, your photos were still mouth watering :) Happy Thanksgiving!

WendyB said...

LOL @ the slip-sliding-away picture.

Anonymous said...

You bought a few treasures intending to "paint" them, then arranged to "jostle" them on the very, very convenient! And you did it not just ONCE, but again and again....selective amnesia no doubt! Ah, well, I can hardly begrudge you your rationalizations. I'm quite attached to some of my own.
Have a very happy Thanksgiving, josteled desserts and all!
Almost forgot- I was enjoying the video immensely, that is till the bill came!

Helene said...

I love your thought about staying at a hotel across form the shop...oh so true! Any edible material for research, especially from Herme does not, cannot, should not stay untouched for long!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Merisi said...

I sauntered along with your poor sweets' travails, giggling all the while. I paused in front of your beautiful painting. A heart warmer.
Thank you and a very happy Thanksgiving to you!
I am grateful to be able to feast on Paris Breakfasts every working day of the week (and then go back enjoy all the week's posts on Sundays, of course! *smile*)

Anonymous said...

I love your stories, pictures and watercolors!
So happy each time your email arrives!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the dessert that I'll be taking for the feast will look quite like these...but we do what we can.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Meilleurs voeux!!

Anonymous said...

I once carried a birthday cake to a friend on my bicycle, hit a bump and destroyed the entire top!
Happy to say that 38 years later, she's forgotten all about the mess.
Guess that's what friends are for.

Anonymous said...

The photos are beuatiful. Thanks, Carol. I would love to take the chocolate tour or the pastisserie tour any day or week. Your work is lovely. Thaks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, but if you keep making me want to go out and stuff my mouth with sweets, I'm going to stop reading. If I can just... tear... myself... away...

tlchang said...

You and your evil-evil dessert posts. Thankfully (literally) I am too full today to be as adversely effected as usual. Will try to avoid this post tomorrow however, after Thanksgiving dinner has worn off...

Anonymous said...

Chére Carol,
Personne n'a jamais fait de telles merveilles de simples gâteaux. C'est génial!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I demand a divorce! And a restraining order!
The FORMER Mrs. Peter R.

Anonymous said...

What an adventure for your desserts!

Anonymous said...

Is that your work, the painting? I love it!

And, oh my...I LOVE your blog! I just found it but am adding it to my blogroll right now...will definately be back...delicious!