Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Dinner with Amy...

French Afternoon Tea watercolor - Paris Breakfasts
 Really I had afternoon tea... My Dinner With Andre But I was reminded of this movie. Did you ever get to see MY DINNER WITH ANDRE?  Two friends get together for a meal and talk nonstop for 2 hours. There's no action, only endless chit-chat and yet you're captivated. Amy Glaze - Paris Breakfasts Did you ever meet up with someone you've known only slightly and hit it off like a house on fire? I'd known Amy for about a year. We met at blogger/pastry chef David Lebovitz' Sunday book signing in the Richard Lenoir marche.

Dalloyau Quiche - Paris Breakfasts Off we went to Dalloyau for tea and chit chat. Afternoon Tea Watercolor - Paris BreakfastsDalloyau's Opera cake and tea = YUM

Richard Lenoir Market - Paris BreakfastsAfter I took a spin around Marche Richard Lenoir-open Tursday/Sunday 7am-2:30pm 

Richard Lenoir Market - Paris BreakfastsI'd read about David's favorite chicken lady, so I bought one.Richard Lenoir Market - Paris Breakfasts I don't know this fish guy from Adam, but it looked GREAT.

Richard Lenoir Market - Paris BreakfastsSome beautiful French radishes for you.Richard Lenoir Market - Paris BreakfastsAnd French honey - it was a lovely sunny day.
And never to be forgotten, my favorite French thing-ardoises. Blackboards with wonderful scribbled French writing. Here's a taste of My Dinner with Andre- ENJOY!

Ardoises - ParisBreakfasts


  1. Anonymous9:20 AM

    "My Dinner with Andre" is one of my all-time faves. Lovely post! Amy sounds charming--thanks for pointing her blog out--she's new to me and delightful. The market stalls are luscious--I always enjoy market settings, but in Paris, ooh la la. Beautiful, delicate watercolor, too, Carol!

  2. Berautiful paintings!
    The bread, the chickens, the vegetables, all looks so enticing. I may have to raid the fridge.
    Did you also have "Coffee with Niles" at Cafe' Nervosa?

  3. ...on the voyage weird creatures appear, hang in there....Fellow argonauts, it is so, non?
    The fish reminded me of the lovely fishy tiles...Amy and Carol, you two look like you will create delightful exciting !
    All best, Jan

  4. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Thrilled about secret project you have up your sleeve.
    Know you are cooking up something fabulicious as always

  5. Thank you so for this morning's delightful read! I am always delighted to find a post from you in my morning e-mail as they are a joy to read avec my morning coffee (this a.m. unusually with caffeine!). I love your top painting! Tres lovely. As I have not eaten breakfast yet, I was particularly taken with the photo of the French baguettes! Ymmm! I want one now! The photo with the sun shining on/through the honey is very lovely! Again, merci for this a.m.'s delightful read.

  6. Your post was Fantastic this morning. Loved it all. Love the paintings. the first one I feel like I could pick up the cup and drink from it.
    Amy seems delightful. Will have to check out her blog now.. have to see what you two are up to now. Sounds exciting :)

  7. Carol this post is magic. Thank you for taking us on a dream-like tour through your day. How I miss France, and people who live la vie Francaise so well!

  8. Anonymous11:12 AM

    What no chocolate in this post!?
    Oh wait a chocolate map in the end..
    Oh and a chocolate gateaux in the painting...Silly me :)
    I was getting worried :(
    Very fun tale of your adventures in Pareee

  9. Lucky you two - it looks like you had such a good time! Always wonderful to meet someone you're simpatico with, yes? I love both your blogs!

  10. I love "My Dinner with Andre." Conversation can be so much more interesting than action. Sounds like you and Amy had a transformational meal:)
    The pictures make me think of radish, sal, beurre, and baguette sandwiches. Yum! Or, maybe some baguette, brie and French honey. How is it that you make me hungry when I have just eaten breakfast?

  11. What a delightful post today! I just discovered MsGlaze's blog a couple weeks ago! I can totally see her having her own show on FoodNetwork ;)
    I think my favorite photo today would be the bread at the market. GORGEOUS!

  12. Carol...your work is beautiful and your blog makes me swoon. After my first trip to Paris last March my heart has been breaking to return. Thank you for relieving the pressure...I feel like I'm there! Lunch at Dalloyau? So jealous!

  13. Oh my goodness, I forgot to post about your art! I LOVE the first one especially!!!

  14. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Lovely story today..
    I want to take a bite out of that Dalloyau quiche! Lovely honey too.
    The top watercolor is exquisite adn very nice to meet Ms. Glaze.

  15. Big Merci
    I shall introduce some of my other Paris friends too..

  16. what a lovely get together :)

  17. It's wonderful when we hook up with a friend we haven't known long or "intimately" and then find we can't stop talking!! So glad you had a wonderful experience.

  18. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Oh I so enjoyed Amy's blog while she was cooking in Paris. I felt so sorry for her when she was picked on by the men but she held up and even while preparing those wild birds and beasts. I was sad to hear her go but I do hope she will be back in the kitchen - on the meat section - wow! That was something to get to do with the guys in France and she held her own there too! Bravo Amy. Send her my love .

  19. Anonymous2:22 AM

    je fonce au marché!!!

  20. Anonymous4:24 AM

    Thanks Carol!!



  21. Well, you've got me with the excerpt from My Dinner with Andre! One of my all-time faves, too! In fact, I've had the screenplay sitting on my shelf for years and enjoyed taking it down from time to time. The film's the thing, though. Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn. Ah! Thanks for posting the snippet for us to enjoy.

  22. Anonymous1:36 PM

    When I have MY dinner with Andre ... Agassi (!?!?!), I will send you a poster, a picture or a video - promised !

    Thank you for introducing your friends to us !

  23. Anonymous6:24 PM

    I really want to visit Paris. This blog has inspired me. :)

  24. Anonymous4:13 AM


    I had my dinner, to tell the truth!
    that was shot when I took my French leave... to the loo...

  25. Anonymous4:59 AM

    I love this movie my dinner with...

  26. Anonymous8:53 AM

    Truly one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE movies!! Seems like you had a wonderful time with your friend :)
    Thanks for sharing the clip!!

  27. Anonymous7:38 PM

    A post filled with gifts! My Dinner with Andre - have you ever tried to explain it to someone who hasn't seen it? Impossible! Wonderful watercolor, and Amy! As for the chicken -- how was it? Roast chicken is my all-time favorite, and I buy it at a certain local grocery market chain. When I was working on their construction documents they let me in on the secret to their rotisserie chicken: It's a special rotissery that cooks at a lower temperature and with moisture, possible only because it is so accurately controlled that they can guarantee the doneness every time. The Mediterranean chicken is not just to die for, but to pick up after work on Monday. Or Tuesday. Even Wednesday. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday work well, too. Did I mention how much I like it?

  28. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Thank you for the BIGGEST PRESENT ever!! Curious, I decided to visit Ms. Amy's blog.....laughed my way through her macarons, and glancing around the the rest of her page, I spied it! HOW TO SKIN A RABBIT!
    You have the BEST taste in friends!

  29. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Well, technically, it was How to Skin a French Rabbit, but having watched the film, I feel sure it will work equally well on the American interlopers!

  30. I enjoyed your post and the movie 'teasers'.

    Do you have any French movie recommendations?

    Now off to the DVD store and the department store to hunt down some things French.



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