Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Macaron watercolor - Parisbreakfasts Some of you have kindly written me and said you'd like to buy a watercolor...Macarons - ParisbreakfastsSo I'm thinking of having a HOLIDAY SALE next week. Macarons watercolor - Parisbreakfasts And I thought I'd ask if you had any special request?
Would you like some Xmas decorations in your watercolor?
Macarons - ParisbreakfastsOr some of these santos figures I got in Provence?Macarons - ParisbreakfastsOr dollhouse tea sets?
Macarons - ParisbreakfastsFrench macaron boxes..?
Macarons - ParisbreakfastsLittle cafe au lait bowls? I don't have any big ones...
Macarons - Parisbreakfasts That silver tray from...L'Ile Flottante?
Macarons - ParisbreakfastsWould you like Eiffel Towers in your watercolors?
Macarons - Parisbreakfasts Birds?
Macarons - ParisbreakfastsOr EVERYTHING?


a toi rose society said...

would an orchid and rose petal preserves be out of the question?
BTW I do want EVERYTHING. Your site is my first order of business every day.

Darlene (Dee or Gram-D) said...

EVERYTHING! How can we pick just one! All of your paintings are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Birds! Always birds!

And cupcakes.

Birds and cupcakes!

And topiary!

Birds and cupcakes and topiary!

You asked.... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sometime, I would love something with a cat in it...

Anonymous said...

This post just makes my heart sing!!!!!

Anonymous said...

For me it would have to be macaroons and Eiffel Towers.

Unknown said...

Teapot and teacup, with a wee macaroon on the side.

Anonymous said...

Carol--fabulous, one and all of those images.
Your paintings are emerging like new-born babes: fresh and delicate and sweet.
Good luck--no one is going to turn down ANY of those things you mentioned, trust me in this! ;)) we'll look forward to seeing what you come up with

Asia Jacyna Divakaran said...

Yes, yes!!!!! A holiday sale!

Ramesh Gandhi said...

A stack of boxes!

Anonymous said...

MACARON boxes please!!!!! That's what I would like to order! No Xmas
stuff for me -- just French - mais oui!

Anonymous said...

the quintessential petit dejeuner?

on a silver tray

with those delightfully wrapped little sugar cubes

and tea

and croissant

and jam and butter

and...oh dear, I'm going on an on -
your work is lovely, you are conjuring Parisian magic

AmyB said...

Yes, yes... a HOLIDAY SALE! I vote for teacups with silver spoon & sugar cubes... with maybe a macaroon or two! - Amy B

Anonymous said...

Hello, Carol

I enjoy your blog very much and always thrilled by your beautiful water colours! They glow! I hope you do not mind if I tag you for a meme at

I thought your answers (or sketches) would be very interesting!


PeaceSignWithChocolate said...

Mais Oui on the holiday sale!

Cafe au lait, la tour Eiffel, birds, spoon, sugar cubes, croissant, butter!


Anonymous said...

Teapots and cups and Christmas decorations and some Evening in Paris bleu!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello -

I vote for doll tea sets,

but everything works as well.

Di Overton said...

Ooh I love a pre-Christmas sale. I would like everything and more please.

Anonymous said...

I love santons, macaroons, Laduree boxes, chocolates, teas. I kind of have to agree with the others: one of each please! Can't choose just one.


Anonymous said...

Your watercolors are GLORIOUS !!!! And, yes, I think one with beautiful pale roses , serving ware and delightful macaroons would be PERFECT ........

Thanks for asking !!!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Oh my.. what a loaded question. lol
How can one pick a few things. I would want something with a raspberry pink floral tea cup & spoon..with pink & laudree green Macarons. maybe a lacy looking Laudree green box in it.. a bird or Eiffel tower... Like I said.. what a loaded question. ;-)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

oh yes.. cant forget a pink rose in it too. ;-)

Erin said...

Well, what is a Paris breakfast without a croissant?! Oh, but a sweet little santon would be lovely as well!

terry said...

Birds, always birds...and of course, anything from La Duree!

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

i am doing all handmade this please...blessings, rebecca

Anonymous said...

A holoday sale sounds like a great idea!
It's too hard to pick just one.

a chocolate Christmas yule log
tea sets
stacked boxes
tea cup with silver spoon and sugar cubes

Anonymous said...

More divine polar bears please.

WendyB said...

Aw! I love those birds.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all of the above.
And of course, Eiffel Towers!

Anonymous said...

My wife, daughter and I spent a week in Paris this past summer in a wonderful apartment on Ile St Louis.
It was my 4th visit to Paris
in 35 years but the first staying on the Ile.
I had wanted to stay
there since my first visit in 1972.

I wonder if it might be possible to have you do a painting of the


Anonymous said...

How about a doll's china tea set with the silver tray and an open box of French macarrons and ....a rabbit choking on a macarron?

juj said...

Your photos are always lovely, but your paintings just GLOW - I love looking at them.

Anonymous said...

maybe madelaines, cafe au lait bowls, a coffee press, and gardenias, roses, and jasmine trailing out the side of the little vase. Imagine the fragrance of the white flowers and the good morning aroma of the brewing coffee. I can taste the marzipan in the orange-blossom scented madelaines.....I would buy that one! Linda M.

Robyn said...

Mais oui s'il vous plait!

Avec macarons!

Anonymous said...

Yes, to all of the above!

What is the price of a watercolor?

Lori Lynn said...

Hi Carol - count me in on the holiday sale. I am ecstatic over the four I already own. They are simply wonderful and my guests all gush over them. Yay for a holiday sale!

Derek McCrea said...

This one turned out spectacular.