Friday, November 30, 2007


confiture watercolor - Paris Breakfasts I'm posting in time today for breakfast/ petit dejeuner...Jam anyone?Christine Ferber confiture - Paris BreakfastsI love jam almost as much as I love macarons...
I spent a lot of time gazing at these jam jars of Christine Ferber confiture at the Lafayette Gourmet.Christine Ferber confiture - Paris BreakfastsJust a portion of the different flavors/ parfums Christine Ferbier makes. You can make them yourself if you get her book.Pierre Herme confiture - Paris BreakfastsEverybody makes jam!
Pierre Herme works with Christine Ferber to create special flavors that tie in with his pastry collections.Laduree confiture - Paris BreakfastsFrench patisseries have jam too.
confiture - Paris Breakfasts I was influenced by jam from an early age...
adore their handmade labels. The French labels with handwriting on them are especially endearing - as if your grandmother made them.
My confiture label - Paris BreakfastsThat's why I redesigned the Paris Breakfasts banner as a jam jar label.
le jardin des gourmandises - Paris Breakfasts A real grandmother was at the SALON DU CHOCOLAT selling her jams. Grandmere Ezilda Lapasse Depardieu of le jardin des gourmandises from Domaine du Tronchay. You can go and stay in her Chambres d'Hôtes and eat jam morning, noon and night = Heaven. I bought the "Fruits Rouges" made of (all red fruits) fraises, cassis, groseilles, griottes, framboises =Maim
confiture - Paris Breakfasts


  1. I love the new design of Paris Breakfast! Great post & lovely watercolors-as always!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Considering your great love of the ubiquitous ardoise perhaps your masthead should reflect that look? Meanwhile, I'm loving your adventures!

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Dear Carol...
    your art is WONDERFUL, and your Paris Breakfast EMAILS totally charming.
    Thank you very
    much for the sweetness and light with which you infuse everything.

  4. Anonymous10:21 AM

    Fabulous! Your watercolors have such a joyful feel to them :-)

  5. Love your watercolor. Love Jam too. We have been making our own for the last couple years & it's soooo good. I will have to check out that cookbook. I have actually covered the tops like the ones shown here with little cloth caps and ribbon and sent off as gifts.
    Another great post.

  6. The confiture I have in my fridge right now is Bonne Maman Framboise and Bonne Maman Poires aux Eclats de Cocao....Miam!

  7. Anonymous6:14 PM

    I adore jam! I should, because I'm always in one.At the supermarket I buy Bonne Maman (and of course save the jars!) but my favorite American brand is American Spoon Foods--totally yum! Christine's book has been on my Amazon wish list for too long! Sometimes, I take the plunge and make my own--the last jar of Meyer lemon/grapefruit marmalade is in my fridge right now, sitting all rosy pink and yellow right next to the lapin a la Longears! Come to think of it, you have inspired a new dish which, in all fairness, I shall name in your honor: Lapin a la jam framboise mlle Carol!

  8. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Considering your great love of the ubiquitous ardoise perhaps your masthead should reflect that look? Meanwhile, I'm loving your adventures!

  9. Holy Confiture! This made my mouth water! I adore confiture with a wonderful pain ou croissant.


  10. the next time I'm in Tokyo, I hope to pick up some of Christine Ferber jams!

  11. Anonymous4:16 AM

    Re: watercolors...
    please please include the Eiffel tower.
    I visited Paris for the first time this past June and could not get enough.
    Already planning my next trip. Loved all the little cafes.
    Love getting your emails,
    loved the Ritz,
    love JAM.
    Thanks again.

  12. Hmmm... any red fruit confiture is what I like (we do some raspberry and blackberry at home.) What a lovely watercolour you have done with it. Seeing the photos I realize the polyedric glass with ten sides is rather typical of french manufacturers.

  13. Lovely painting! Makes me want to steal a piece.

  14. Paris Breakfasts jam!! Your own brand. Now there's an idea...

    I love the painting!

  15. Jam, jam, jam. Yum.(and all those amazing sounding flavors! Especially the ones I could sort of decipher). One of my favorite things too. Most years I try to make some fruity-herb jelly combinations (grape-thyme, cinnamon-clove basil, lemon verbena, apple-rose geranium, etc...) This year with all its deadlines has gotten away from me, but I will look forward to next summer's herbs and spicy jellies!

  16. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Yes jam brings back so many memories of preping strawberries and cherries for my grandmother's preserves..I can see why you are attached to that old fashioned style label...dreamy

  17. your paintings make me so hungry! :)
    I grew up in France and I sure do miss all of these delicious foods.
    I really enjoy your blog
    Lucie Gilot


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