Monday, November 26, 2007


GUIMAUVE watercolor - Paris Breakfasts This last trip to Paris I learned to love Guimauve.

GUIMAUVE - Paris BreakfastsChocolate-covered guimauve or marshmallows are called "Nounours" at patisserie PAIN DE SUCRE. Nounours after chocolate-covered bears made by HARIBO - les nounours à la guimauve for kiddies.

GUIMAUVE watercolor - Paris BreakfastsA great fuss is made over marshmallows in France.

GUIMAUVE - Paris BreakfastsIn Pain de Sucre's windows exotic flavors safron and cassis. I nearly got arrested for taking this picture.

GUIMAUVE - Paris Breakfasts Gerard Mulot has them too.

GUIMAUVE - Paris Breakfasts Boissier in multi-colors and multi-flavors.

GUIMAUVE - Paris Breakfasts I bought a packet of guimauve tied up in knots at La Mere de Famille, planning to paint them - I ate them instead.

GUIMAUVE - Paris BreakfastsThese distant relatives to our American marshmallows march to a different tune. They're less sugary and come in subtle flavors. Plus they cost a lot more than their US cousins.

Laduree - Paris BreakfastsImagine you are biting into a pastel cookie box...

GUIMAUVE - Paris BreakfastsThere were piles of guimauve at Salon du Chocolat.
GUIMAUVE - Paris Breakfasts They come covered in dark and white chocolate too. I love how the French take a kid's treat and make it sophisticated. They give it a witty twist that engages your mind as well as your taste buds.

GUIMAUVE - Paris BreakfastsHELLO KITTY guimauve.
Anyone know where you can find guimauve in the US? Dean & Deluca has them. Marcolini does have them at $13 a pop. Just to clarify -
French Guimauve is the Audrey Hepburn of marshmallows.


  1. The chocolate covered Guimauve look yummy as do the paintings..How do you keep finding these new things? Or should I ask how do THEY keep coming up with new ideas?
    LOVE the photo you almost got arrested for taking. FANTASTIC SHOT. Why is it against the law to photograph things there?
    And I like your new wording on your ABOUT ME.

  2. Fabulicious!!! And fun. Laughing out loud " imagine eating a pastel Laduree Box" !!! That my dear would be a little bit of heaven. Great shot you photo sneak. Bien fait. Wonderful. Imagine what the French would do with Rice Krispie treats....Guimauve..who knew?
    All best, Jan

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  4. Hello. I have been missing for a while but I am BACK.
    These make Flumps (which we get here in the UK) look a bit sad. I love the thought of a marshmallow lolly.

  5. Mouth-watering post!

  6. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Today, I am lecturing to a french class at a local high school. They are raising money to take their first trip to Paris this Spring. I am going to tell them what things they should not miss, what to expect, how to behave, etc.

    I was planning on telling them about your blog and now I have to tell them about guimauve. I hope that they will bring some back for me. They sound wonderful!

  7. Dean & DeLuca used to carrfy French Guimauve but sadly no longer :(
    If anyone knows where you can get these in the US PLEASE TELL US!!

  8. Anonymous2:02 PM

    Welcome home, I really loved your photos and comments.

  9. Wow, those are expensive!!! 3 euros just for one?!
    But I like La Belette's idea of putting one on top of the Laduree hot chocolate! :) Now THAT would be a spendy drink!

  10. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Loved the post this AM.
    I needed it sooooo much.

  11. Anonymous4:12 PM

    After eating everything for Thanksgiving and visiting the doc today, I have 10 pounds to lose ....
    How about some low-cal candy so my eyes don't increase my weight any more!!
    LOL What temptations, cara!
    Super job!

  12. Oh, I love the little bird in the painting.

  13. Your paintings looks better than any Guimave, even though the photographs you took, even under threat of prison, are gorgeous and delicous looking.

    I'd be happy though with a big soft Kraft's marshmellow roasted over an open fire, a square of Hershey's chocolate and a real American graham cracker to hold the two together.

  14. Carol- just love your new watercolors, just as delicious as the sweets! well make watercolors look so easy!

  15. Anonymous7:50 PM

    Your watercolors are adorable here with the little bird and the Guimauve. Sweet images. I wonder how hard it would be to make that stuff!? It'd be fun to try to make a batch once I'm home for Christmas time, if I knew how. I agree with your assessment of the French ability to make even children's candies elegant.

  16. Anonymous9:30 PM

    You are posting so fast I can't keep up...guimauve...Have you tried making Martha Stewart's marshmallows? Or sampled the special ones from Williams Sonoma? If yes, do they even come close? I must know! And I don't have a Laduree box to help me figure it out. Are they sticky? Or coated with something powdery to prevent sticking? I shall add this to my "lifetime" list of things to do...taste guimauve.

  17. Anonymous9:38 PM

    The guimauve distracted me so that I almost forgot to tell you, I met your little bird piu piu or miu miu or something similar at Paper Source today while I was indulging my handmade paper drive. He was indeed the little French guy you bought at the Parisian store that has 2 branches in NYC! (You know,the one with the cool bracelet and necklace - big round colorful beads)This gives me hope of finding guimauve someday, too!

  18. "The Audrey Hepburn of marshmallows!".Carol, you're the best!!

  19. I love your water colour paintings!

  20. Anonymous3:41 PM

    Bought some violet and rose guimauve in provence many years ago, sooooo good! Love your blog, by the way,gound it by googling husband is going to paris next week and I'm craving macarons! I wanted to tell him the best place to get them.

  21. I bought a long, pink-striped strand of 'marshmallow' outside of Sienna last spring. I couldn't tell what it was from its appearance or the Italian label. Its taste made it obvious (and my little nieces made short order of it). It was better than American marshmallows, but not overwhelmingly so. Less sweet and sticky perhaps. No exotic flavor, alas.

    I *have* made Martha Stewart marshmallows - plain, peppermint, chocolate, etc... - and THOSE are pretty darned yummy. Wonder how they compare to your exotic French versions?

  22. Anonymous4:08 AM

    I live in Carlsbad, CA, USA. I am not Jewish, but at Passover time I look forward to guimauve coated with toasted coconut, product of Israel, found in the local supermaket. It probably is inferior to French guimauve, but it is way better than US chalky marshmallow.

  23. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Was that strawberry something or another? I'd add some sugar to it, and put it on a bagel, french toast, waffles, or toast. There are many things that I can think of?
    Little bert


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