Friday, November 23, 2007

Palais Royal

PALAIS ROYAL - Paris Breakfasts Do you feel like this today?
PALAIS ROYAL - Paris Breakfasts Don't you think a walk in the park would do you good?
PALAIS ROYAL - Paris Breakfasts Especially if it is the Palais Royal park in Paris?
PALAIS ROYAL - Paris Breakfasts Did you taste everyone's dessert last night like I did? I shared with two others...Ahem
PALAIS ROYAL - Paris BreakfastsA stroll around this esplanade would be perfect for me...
PALAIS ROYAL - Paris Breakfasts Next best choice - I'm headed to the pool to work off that carmelized apple tart...
PALAIS ROYAL - Paris BreakfastsThese fabulous sculptures are by Vana Xenou, a Greek artist obsessed with ancient mythology - I wish I knew more...
PALAIS ROYAL - Paris BreakfastsPromenading around through the colonades is another option at the Palais Royal. Anything to work off that full feeling from yesterday's Thanksgiving dinner...
Serge Leutens - Paris BreakfastsI found Serge Lutens' shop here. I wish I'd had the nerve to go inside. I needed support from PB readers!
PALAIS ROYAL - Paris Breakfasts
You enter and exit the Palais Royal through these narrow alley ways - the better to surprise you when you arrive inside...

DBD Restaurant -Paris Breakfasts Here's where I ate too much last night - at David Burke & Donatella on the upper East Side. I think their Thanksgiving menu could be a little more apropo don't you? But the restaurant was festive, the service great and the food wimsical, plentiful and delicious.
DBD Restaurant -Paris BreakfastsThe lighting was not the greatest for tableshots - you can get a better view of my turkey here.
DBD Restaurant -Paris Breakfasts And that not-to-be-missed carmelized apple tart!
I'm off to the pool now


  1. Is there a price out there for "Most fitting after Thanksgiving image"?
    You'd win it!

    We will not feast on turkey for another 24 hours (oh yes, the imperial clocks here run differently!), but I already know what's in store for after dinner:
    A walk to Schönbrunn Palace, for the first mulled red wine of the season. After that, browsing through the Christmas market there. Can't wait! :-)

  2. Anonymous11:14 AM

    I am afraid the only way to work off yesterday's excess would be to walk all the way TO the Palais Royal....

  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    I wanted to thank you for your blog. I'm going to Paris in a little over a week and because of your trip (which was way too short for me) I'm taking the LeNotre Macaron class. It will make my trip so special.
    Thank you so much for sharing your love of Paris and your art.

  4. Anonymous1:17 PM

    You never dissapoint in your blog!
    I like the QUIETENESS of this after-the-big-meal post.

  5. Anonymous2:57 PM

    No chocolate in this post Thanks Gawd!

  6. Anonymous2:58 PM

    How was the turkey ?
    I saw the photo...
    I hope it was very good !
    The palais royal is so charming when you picture it !
    I'm waiting for your video ,
    after the blog, the CAROL VLOG!!!

  7. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Did you know that Turkey was banned in switzerland for many years.

  8. I miss walking around Paris this time of the year. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving Day! The apple tart looks very comforting and "a props"

  9. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Wow--those were beautiful photos, Carol--the statuary, the gorgeous fountains, those magnificent trees all lined up like soldiers in a row--fabulous! That was great fun. Just had time to check them all out now and glad I did!

  10. Anonymous5:20 AM

    happy thanksgiving, your dinner looked great.

  11. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Very idylic retreat from the Thanksgiving table.
    I'd be happy to stroll through those wooded promenades...

  12. this was a head-y experience...tee hee...blessings, rebecca

  13. Anonymous10:20 PM

    I go to the Serge Lutens shop everytime I go to Paris. I load up on my favourite scents. I try ones that I haven't before and go for a walk around, if I still like I buy it when I come around the store again.
    Don't be intimidated. The ladies working there are very nice and attentive. This shop is one of the reasons I visit Paris!

  14. li please come with me next time Serge L.!
    True the sales people in the NYC Chanel store were really maybe it's a universal policy in perfume boutiques :)


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