Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Macarons Bonaparte

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts I've never had tea at on rue Bonaparte, though my nose is bent from looking in the window...

Laduree Bonaparte I felt I owed it to you.

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris BreakfastsI walzed past the crowds anxiously waiting on line...

Laduree Into the salon de the - done up in pretend colonial decor with faux palm trees and exotic murals. After paying the l'addition,which took forever, the only exit was through the tiny darkened chocolate shop...

LadureeNo one to help...

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts
Laduree Bonaparte - Paris BreakfastsChocolates protected by thick glass...

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts Piles of empty boxes...

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts Lovely chandelier...

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts The 'L' word...
Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts Now they're making parfum too! Who knew? Does it smell like cookies?

Laduree Bonaparte - Paris Breakfasts Oh to have some sissors...


  1. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I'm sure you would look lovely in striped pj's....and think of all the time you would have for watercolors~

    Best wishes,
    big hugs....lovely post,

  2. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Oh my!
    Another naughty adventure into chocolate land!
    some people have all the fun...but I must remember you do this purely for research purposes.
    Very hard work indeed!

  3. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Though this Lauderee is beautiful and the chandelier luscious, have you been to the one on Champs-Elysee? If you reported on it, I missed the post. I love the angels watching over you there while you sip your coffee and have a wonderful treat. The perfect spot for a respite after you walk the "street of dreams."
    Weren't you in photo thief heaven catching all those wonderful shots?

  4. Oh dear. The boxes, the ribbon. Like a siren call. Oh I drooled over the chocolates and ahh the decor, but the boxes and ribbons MORE MORE!!! I know. May be a sickness. :) But I'll hand you the scissors.....and visit you in jail.
    All best, Jan

  5. Anonymous8:53 AM

    I'm always in love with these Ladureé's things!
    and I love your Ladurée watercolors!

  6. Quite enjoyed your report, especially as I have heard so much about Laduree but never have been in it myself! So fun to see what it looks like inside! Appears to have much more than I expected (Perfumes (such lovely bottles!) Pretty wrappings!). As you note, even the boxes of chocolates are so lovely! Fun to see the Laduree indoor decor!

  7. Carol, You get more daring with each visit to Paris and you're getting some cool photos because of it. Good timing on exiting the Tea shop. What an awesome chocolate shop, from the boxes to the ribbons.. not to forget the chocolate to die for... No wonder you go 'photo thief' crazy. ;)
    More More. ;)

  8. Anonymous9:55 AM

    Carol...Next time you´ll better bring with you that Chinesse scissors that can be bent on theirselves and you can carry them, not bigger than a coin. I have ones that my Grand Mama gave me when I was 15.when I am out and need a pair of scissors and I can take that tiny piece of metal out from my bag,unbend it and have a pair of scissors.
    I feel like McGiver ;D

  9. Anonymous10:27 AM

    What fun!
    I'm always amazed with what you come up with every day.
    A heavenly place -
    A footstep back in time to Victoriana

  10. Anonymous10:29 AM

    What a fun private tour through a Parisian chocolate shop!
    If only they knew..

  11. Anonymous10:31 AM

    I could really party it up in that shop!
    Oh the chocolates are so beautiful!
    How did you resist?
    The watercolor is so delicate to match the chocolates too

  12. Laduree Bonaparte is one of my must-visits every time in Paris. They serve wonderful ice cream creations and I've always found the service delightful.
    Once I was standing outside and two American ladies were debating whether to go in and sample a macaron. "Maybe." "I don't know." "Perhaps..." Finally I couldn't stand it for another minute and said; "You CANNOT get this close to Laduree's macarons and not taste them. I IMPLORE you to go buy some."
    When I go into food-passion-mode like this. my husband gradually edges away, pretending he doesn't know me. But I felt I had a DUTY.

  13. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Maim Miam!
    so that's where you ran off to on Monday...
    Always up to tricks you are :)

  14. Anonymous10:41 AM

    It's so nice of you to take us along even though you're back stateside. I love these peeks inside Paris' best little hideaways!
    And the watercolor is a breath of fresh air.

  15. I've never had tea in THAT Ladurée neither ..I have to go to Paris ..well not right now because of the strikes

  16. I LOVE PAPER! I LOVE CHOCOLATE! Guess I'll have to go to Laduree one day! :)

  17. Anonymous12:49 PM

    Is all Paris as lovely as this? The tea room is so gorgeous--and the chocolate room, with the beautifully wrapped packages, is simply amazing. Thank you for spying! Kisabel

  18. Anonymous12:59 PM

    LOL--Carol, you probably will wind up in striped pajamas one day, (nice pastel stripes) but don't worry, we'll all post bail for you. I still have visions of some security guys in a bunch of buildings watching you on video over and over...they must get a chuckle out of your escapades...great post.

  19. You everyday photo reportage of your visit in Paris is a perpetual enjoyment. Don't worry, there is not such cloth as stripped pajamas in the French prisons. (something else, I guess)

  20. You know the Pivot Questionairre, where he asks if heaven exists what would you like God to say. I think I would like him to say, we have a Laduree here and there are no calories.

  21. Naughty little photo thief!

  22. Your rebel spirit is inspiring, and we're all glad you got that camera in focus!

    Looking forward to hearing all about the tea.

  23. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Wonderful "tea" subject posting this morning Carol ! ! !
    If you would ever land in jail (from sneaking those "in-store" pics, I would plan your prison break by baking all day (including files in cakes) and rescue you in a beautifully painted helicopter in Laudree's colors!
    Hugs - thanks again for all the creative work you do!

  24. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Todays “Virtual Visit” was so exciting;
    I’m quite certain I could smell the chocolate in the chocolate shop.

  25. Lovely "secret" adventure :) thanks for taking me along!

  26. You know, I may have lost the travel bug (for now) but my love of Paris will never fade. Thanks for reminding me :)

  27. Anonymous9:07 PM

    OH, my dear, you are so wrong about the stripes. They were banished long ago, and just as well, since, as any devotee of What Not To Wear can tell you, horizontal stripes are a complete fashion no-no, and that, come to think of it may be why the latest in prison garb is the orange jump suit.
    However, I don't really think you need to worry about incarceration. You lack the larceny gene. Proof of that? Finding yourself ALONE and UNOBSERVED and surrounded by CHOCOLATE, did you stuff your pockets and cheeks like Lucy on the production line?
    NO! YOU pulled out your CAMERA!

  28. You are a veritable master, heisting all these beautiful images! The first photo of the chandelier, oh my, oh yes, I'll take it. Anytime.
    Oh dear, so much fun following you, tripsy-trapsy, so as not to wake the lions. Yes, get a pair of Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie scissors (must not be yellow), oh, well, maybe better not?
    P.S.: Did I mention that the painting is so darn inviting? And my pot of tea is empty. Oh drats!

  29. The police are on their way but thank you! The photos are FAB... ooooh those ribbons!

    I shall think of you fondly as you sit in your cell... perhaps a big box of macarons would help to pass away the time? And a Laduree notebook to write in?

  30. Anonymous5:25 PM

    I noticed in your posting yesterday the box with the French Bulldog on it.
    I asked about it at the time and it was 25 Euro.
    I know it was filled with chocolates, but I just wanted the box and passed on it.
    To this day I am sorry about that (especially with what the Euro is priced right now).

    Thanks again for making my day.

  31. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Ah, yes . . . Laduree chocolates! Some of my favorite in the world, and how delicious that you were able to snap some furtive photos!

    I find the Belgians to be similarly fussy when it comes to photographing their precious chocolates. . . just TRY pulling out a camera at Whitamer!

    A friendlier venu is the International Chocolate Salon held each year in San Francisco. Can you tell I'm completely addicted?
    I've been known to make a special pilgrimage to the Bay Area just for this one; but ever the bargain-hunter, I stay across the bay in Berkeley for half the price. The rest I spend on chocolate!!

  32. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Bonjour Carol,
    Ca me plait beaucoup!
    Welcome back

  33. Oh Carol! You naughty, naughty girl you!!

    lol :-D The risks you take for us! I, for one, am truly appreciative :)

  34. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Your photos look great!

    I am very sorry to say that we went to Laduree Bonaparte last week and it was totally disappointing. We were seated and served immediately but then waited for about half an hour to find out that the pastry I had ordered (eclair cafe) was unavailable. We were served with our drinks (my order was messed up and I got an espresso instead of the noisette I ordered). We then waited another 10 mins for our pastries which we thought were average, especially given the high price tag. When it came to leaving we asked for the bill twice, waited some 20 mins and then walked up to the till to try to get someone to give us our bill and take our cash. We were shocked to see that 2 pastries and coffees came to over 20 euros. The table of 3 parisian ladies next to us asked to have their order taken four times with no result.

    We enjoyed much better patisseries at Gerard Mulots (not sure on spelling, Rue de Seine, near St Germain markets) and at the Pauls Salon De The on the other side of Blvd St Germain.

    I am really hoping that we visited on an off day but I think we will avoid Laduree in the future!

  35. Dear Anonymous,

    I had a similar experience at Laduree Bonaparte and I've heard other stories.
    They seem stretched and unable to handle their clientele with grace.
    That's why discovering the empty chocolate shop was such a delight after a mediocre restaurant experience.

  36. Beautiful ! I´m so happy I found your page . I live in Buenos Aires , Argentina but I travel quite often. Next time I´ll have tea at Laduree Bonaparte , hopefully .
    Thanks , ele de lauk .

  37. Dear delightful fun loving Carol:

    The French movie industry can write a screen play about your adventures through the Parisian shops – Amelie delighted us all on the big screen as a precocious muse ---
    Your photographs and watercolors delight us daily over and over again with wonderful “eye” candy.

    Love it all…

  38. love the you tube -


Love hearing from you