Saturday, March 31, 2012

If I Lived in Paris...

I'm thinking about it seriously. Soon I'll be back in NYC looking at Paris street sign magnets on the refrigerator.

 Instead of the REAL thing dans le rue.
 If I lived in Paris I could show you les fleurs grande et petite.

By the way my French has improved a lot. People consistently respond to me in French (!) I just wish I understood what they were saying%$#@!

 I would show you many more ballerinas.

 Once a week I'd shoot with Mes VitrinesNYC the latest Paris fashion windows.

 And shoot more Paris backs regularly.

 I'd shoot more architecture...

 And more reflections in windows/vitrines.

 I could do more dessert research at Angelina's and other yummy places.

 And more coccinelle research.
I know you're all waiting for that. But honestly is there another town on the planet so smitten with this little red and black bug?

 Thanks to reading Bringing Up Bebe indepth before I left, I've been eating more fruit compote.

 And a lot less sweets (with a big helping hand from The Power of Habit).

 I will never give up MACARONS!
Don't worry. 
I am wondering how Weight Watchers France found me? They're bombarding me with emails!?

 I've become a BIG fan of La Grande Epicerie Paris macarons.

 Ah...Paris dogs. They would be on my menu daily if I lived here.

 I'd shoot more shoes on the bus and metro. Thanks to Jill of Mad About Macarons for pointing out that I did this. I didn't realize...

 When I finally finish my book on Paris, the back flap could say
'she's an ex-pat who lives in Paris'. 
Wouldn't that be nice! What do you think? Should I do it?

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  1. Paris may be the PUUUURFECT place for you?!

  2. If I could I would so I think you should go for it! :D

  3. Definitely! It suits you and you keep returning. You have made friends
    and you are mastering the language. I know it's tough, I began reading
    your blog when I had left, Paris can be a tough city but it hasnt put
    you off. You have a reason and a passion and a way of generating

    Make the leap of faith. Bear will hold your hand :)


  4. {{ U can?
    Then how can U not? }}

  5. Nicole7:06 AM

    Absolument. When we jump off mountains, we find our wings. Do it!

  6. .. sounds dreamy ... but I would be thinking about health insurance ... how does that work?

  7. Emphatic yes, Carol, you should move to Paris!
    TPI - Total Paris Immersion is for you. xxx

  8. Carol, what an idea!!! I say, go for it!! If I had the ability to earn a living there, I'd seriously consider it!! And you do!! Watercolors of Paris scenes are seriously lacking there ( at least in my travels) Move simply, take bear & just the necessities & go, go, go!! You only live once!! You lucky chien!!

  9. Maureen8:12 AM

    Carol - GO! You LOVE that city and seem to dread leaving more each time. Which arrond. are you thinking of? Its so horribly expensive but then so is London or I would be living there already. Besides, your blog does not require you to be in one place and your orders for "les chiens dehors de Laduree" can be ordered from anywhre. I know. I have one! Bon Chance. Maureen

  10. Carol: I´D say Yes! You seem to be so perfect with Paris that you can`t live without..

    Love Your Macaron Fantasies! Absolutely my favourite MacaronART!


  11. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Oui! Bien sur! Now is the time.

  12. When I first saw your headline "If I lived in Paris", the first thought that entered my head was "why doesn't she?" I say yes!!!

    Flora Doora

  13. Marene8:41 AM

    Join me in Paris! I'm selling my house and everything I own except my art work and moving to Paris! We only live once and should chase our dreams, if and when we can. You will have one more friend when you get there, me. Good luck on your decision!

  14. Susan H8:51 AM

    I think so! Then you can ring up David Lebovitz and have happy food adventures together. And blog about them so your readers can keep dreaming. Miam miam!

  15. Do it! Being an expat in Europe is like no other experience! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

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  17. In a heartbeat! Si tu as les moyens de la faire - vas y!

  18. Geri, NJ9:39 AM

    Ah yes...given the opportunity I would in a heartbeat. It's simple: You obviously have the opportunity; it inspires you and you clearly need that for your work ...and if it ends up being a bad decision, move back and consider it an amazing adventure. Life is short .... not only that, if you get lonely, those you've left behind will be more than happy to help out!

  19. Geri, NJ9:47 AM

    Wow ~ I had to come back. This science- oriented link: is a post I visit daily and it is apropos to you today to say the least! If the link doesn't work, just search Astronomy Picture of the Day. ..if you don't get to it today, search the archive on the bottom...

  20. DO it, Sista! Even if it's for the back cover. Seriously. Why not?
    As for the shoes, yes - I've started to look at people's feet here now too. It's amazing what you see with Carol's eye in Paris and beyond.

  21. Qui! If you can do it do it- even if for only a year or two. Your French will improve even more and isn't it everyone's dream to live there? You will be following such great footsteps - Hemingway, Steins, Fitzgerald etc etc.

  22. Do it! I was watching House Hunters International last night and they had TWO Paris episodes - one couple had a budget of 4 million, and what gorgeous places they looked at. The other lady had a budget of 140,000 and she DID find something liveable in the 18th arrondissement - a VERY small studio. I'm pulling for you!

  23. Oh yes Carol!! You would be so at home! I can see it is in your soul to live in France.

    I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  24. Anonymous11:22 AM

    You MUST do it!!! How can anyone who has the opportunity to live in Paris pass it up!!! I'm sure it would help to inspire your writings and when writers block happens...just run out and get some macarons...or just send Bear!!! Not to mention what great watercolors you could do...I do love your watercolors. That's how I found Paris Breakfast and am hooked!!! GO FOR IT!!

  25. If the way is open to you, it would be a shame not to go for as long as you please. Although I own a house in France, I can only get a tourist, 3 month visa. Dommage.

  26. Sarah Barnes12:03 PM

    Yes, yes yes! Do it!

  27. Bien sur! Mais, quelle arrondissement?


    I would do so in a heartbeat if I could...alas, I didn’t win the MegaMillions last night--$640 mil.


  29. Dear Carol, Rent for a year, immerse yourself in the way of life and then make up your mind. Visiting and living in a place are different but if it suits you, you would be very happy. You seem very attuned to the city, it is probably the artist in you. Nothing is permanent so go for it.

    Have cards printed
    'Bear et moi sont tres hereuse annoncer notre demangement a Paris'.
    sorry for the excruciating french)
    Pamela X

  30. Absolutely! Might be a once in a lifetime chance that you may regret if you decide against it...

  31. If you dearly want to move to Paris, I hope you do it!! Give a whirl!
    (Let us know how to do it too. Any CD's or French self teaching
    programs you recommend?)

    I am 68 yo, not very rich, but can't help dreaming of living in Paris
    anyhow (even though I am an older person). I met two fellows who are
    ex pats in Paris living in Belleville which they highly recommend. They
    have quite a bit of space in their apartment for much less cost and yet
    feel very close to and even in Paris, great view of Paris from their
    balcony! After a lifetime of dreaming of visiting Paris, I went last
    September for two weeks, also visited Auvers sur Oise, and it was love
    total love. I was reading The Greater Journey as per your
    recommendation. My friend and i stayed in hotel on Isle St. Louis. Ay
    yi yi! The Notre Dame!

    Keep us posted, please!!! GREAT IDEA!!!
    XO Thanks immensely for all the yummy and inspiring blogs almost daily
    (must be SUCH A LOT of work!)
    Bien cordialement,

  32. Even though les Etats Unis NEEDS more clever cool people like YOU, Paris is calling. You should go!! If I could move back there, I would in a heart beat. <3

  33. Life is short.. follow your heart.

  34. I am glad you asked, you are there so much anyway! Good luck to you and may your art making sparkle always!

  35. absolutely... you only live once (at least this lifetime)...jeejeje go for it...

  36. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Don't even think about - Just Do It!!!!!

  37. Yes!
    You belong in Paris.
    And I belong in Paris, vicariously through you :)

    Eat Cake

  38. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Wondered ages ago why you didn't move. As an artist, you can practice your craft anywhere, and as an artist who mostly paints Parisian subjects, it makes more sense to live in Paris than to 'commute' from NY.
    Plus you have many friends and family there and as you've just mentioned, your French is rapidly improving. Lastly, while affordable apartments in Paris may be small by US standards, perhaps they're not so much smaller than those in NYC. So don't wait another minute - go for it and you'll never look back!

  39. Do it! can you sublet for a year in case you decide to come back in a year? always follow a dream when you are young and mobile enough.
    plus you already have a support network there. If you don't do this, in twenty years I think you would be regretting the road not taken.

  40. Sure, why not? Carpe diem! I moved from Hawai`i to Heidelberg last summer; it's fun being an expat. It really is a very small world.

  41. There is no one saying, "No, don't go". It's easy when you are not the one going! I think everyone wants to live vicariously through you and your adventures. I recommend doing a "Pros and Cons" list. If you have more pros than cons then go for it. (And no romanticizing!)

  42. If your heart says "YES" , you will find the way! I knew someone who leased their house, sold & stored their stuff & went to Paris. They traveled all over France visiting places where their favorite impressionist had painted, lived or had studios. I lost track of them so have no idea if they eventually sold house & stayed in Paris or if they returned. If I had opportunity, I would do it! as a cautious Capricorn, I would make sure I could go up & down the mountain which ever way I wanted.

  43. Well, I guess that I'm late with this...but I really do think you should give it a go, Carol. I never regretted moving somewhere...only that I did not.

  44. How wonderful to have the possibility to be able to move to Paris!
    Yes.......if can swing it!!
    We (all) know that Paris is the most fabulous place in the world.......the place that sets the standard for the world.
    I love receiving a Paris Breakfast each keep them coming!
    You could save so much $$ on airfare if you just LIVE there! If I could, I WOULD!!
    No chance at this time, tho. Last year we stayed in a lovely old apartment in the 16th for three weeks. What a beautiful trip.

    I bet you would have a lot of followers who would love to take you out to lunch when they visit Paris.
    "Lunch with Carol"
    your schedule permitting.
    Best of luck! Suzy

  45. Go, Carol, go! We will come visit you beaucoup. xoxox

  46. LuLu LoLo6:17 PM

    Yes go for it---Move to Paris.
    I am planning to do the same!!
    LuLu LoLo

  47. I can't believe you would even ask such a question. I say GO FOR IT!!!! Yes, you should live in Paris if you can. I mean, isn't that the dream we all have? I was there in January, working for one week. I lived the dream even if it was only for a week. I kept pinching myself as I ran around the city, always thinking....I am working in Paris, I am working in Paris, I am working in Paris.
    Go Carol GO!!!!!!!

  48. Tim in Denver6:33 PM

    Good morning!
    I have faithfully devoured you blog posting for quite some time.
    They are all fun, delicious, and informative.
    Of course you should move to Paris.
    Its your love and what could give you more joy?
    None of us are getting younger so follow your dream. Make your business function from Paris. Why not?
    Kind regards,
    Hemingway delightfully packaged Paris in ”A Moveable Feast”.
    Quit retrieving the memories and go live them!!:-)

  49. Alaina6:42 PM

    I did once upon a time.
    Everyone should live in Paris at some time. Changes you forever.
    En plus, c'est vachement chouette

  50. Joanne6:43 PM

    In response to your question, why not? It sure sounds good to me and you will continue to develop professionally!


  51. Yes! :)

    Paris always inspires us in the beauty industry, so we LOVE your pictures!

  52. Carolyn7:00 PM

    Go for it!
    I'm so glad I stumbled upon your website.. you make my mornings!
    Thank you,

  53. I was just going to say go for it, Carol. Why the hell not? Life is short--"this is not a dress rehearsal."

  54. Yes, yes
    Oui, oui!
    Go for it, Carol!!!

  55. Do it!!! Make the grand jete over the pond :)

  56. If you have the opportunity, you must go!nd grab the chance. You and Bear will have such fun. Can't wait to share your adventures and see it all in your art.

  57. I hope you are serious Carol! Most definitely... at least for a little while... xv

  58. une femme de certain age..2:24 AM

    I don't know your age, but I am assuming you are a "woman of a certain age".
    If you are able to move to Paris financially--why not?
    What an adventure!
    I suppose in NY you have to give serious thought if you have a rent controlled apartment. Sub-lease in case you want to return?
    Most of my Portland sketching compagnons would LOVE to move to Paris.
    I say go for it!

  59. For those of us who can't right now, yes.
    For yourself and your art, yes.
    Because you deserve it, yes.

  60. Anonymous4:37 AM

    move to paris move to paris move to paris!!! I'm gonna move to paris too... well I'm from Italy, it's closer...but I really think you would be happy there


    I can't believe you are already leaving!!! Please, can you send me an email? Any chance we can try to meet up before you go?? I really wanted to meet you!!!

    My apartment is empty now and I am a bit teary today but still. Paris is beautiful. I'm looking forward to the next step in everything.



  63. go for it!!

  64. You're a French Girl at heart..:)

  65. Hello, Carol! Rose the Rat Terrier sends her regards to you and Bear. To answer your question, we say, "YES!" Rent for a year, or perhaps six can go back and forth, if necessary. And, while you are in Paris, I believe there may be many PB'ers who might love to meet you, perhaps be taken on a short tour, and have a watercolor sent to them later on! An excellent income supplement for you, and you'd be doing what you love! I'll be there in October, and would love be a customer! xxoo

  66. Of course :) Do it! And if, by chance, you get bored with Paris (i think it is impossible), you always can go back to NYC, no? Live your dream life, with Bear and sharing it with us. Kisses from a brazilian follower (and sorry for the bad english)

  67. OMG...ab-so-f'ing-lootely you are an belong there...bien sur!

  68. YES. No more thinking. Do it.

    It's one glorious, wild life. You belong in Paris, living yours.

  69. Life is too short! Do it!

  70. Marie-Noël3:07 PM

    Don't go and live in Paris !
    Keep your beautiful memories as they are. Parisians are not liveable on a daily basis. It would be like marrying your long time married lover ! ;-)
    Marie-Noël, an ex-Parisian living happily on Montréal, Québec

  71. I say, why not?

  72. I just love your daily Paris Breakfast emails!!
    Thank you for making my days brighter!!!

  73. 'If we lived in Paris'... my husband has been saying this exact sentence once a year, then once a month, and for first time, this week, he said 'when' we live in Paris. Now I'm beginning to worry.

  74. You're right. I missed it. POURQUOI PAS?!

  75. Live where you Love and Love where you live!

  76. Anonymous12:09 AM

    I would say "oui" other Carol. I would LOVE to live in Paris and you know a great person there, David Downie, whose book Paris, Paris introduced it to me. Carol Jenkins (

  77. mtswilson7:17 PM

    Oui!--Il faut suivre ton reve! It's been my dream to live in Paris a year (or two) after I retire (from teaching French). Bientot! After watching several cool episodes of HGTV House Hunters International--I would love to have a little pied a terre a Paris! On peut rever--n'est-ce pas?

  78. jessica caffe10:43 PM

    do it! I did...From Amazon Brazil Im in PAris and it faboulous!

  79. Yes!! I have been there once, I used to study the language and I think it is the most perfect place to be...once in a life time you have to live somewhere like Paris!! <3


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