Monday, March 26, 2012

Paris Ladybugs

 Is it Spring/Printemps that's brings out the ladybugs/coccinelles in Paris?
 Yesterday I saw 3! At the bd Raspail bio marche.
 On wine bottles no less.
 Guarding chocolates at patisserie Pause Detente 98 ave. Ladru-Rolin.
 Ladybugs were out en masse on Saturday. Especially at il etait un fois toy shop - this hugable doudou.
 A wind-up coccinelle...
 On a backpack
 An adorable Nathalie Lete designed bebe looks like a ladybug-to-be.
 Mary janes a ladybug would love to wear at il etait un fois..
 As well as a polka-dot picnic basket.
 Over at La Vaissellerie must-have mugs for any ladybug of note.
 Plus little teabag dishes - these ladybugs have names!
 I didn't know there was a whole series of Ladybug girl books! A whole flock of them by Jacky David and David Soman.
 Ladybugs bring happiness/le bonheur, so you shouldn't leave home without at least one. I left these at chez moi

But I'm wearing Sonia Rykiel stick pins everyday on my raincoat. You never know.


  1. Adorbs!
    comme habitude :)

  2. Hi Carolg !
    I saw one too on the metro stairs in le 17ème arrrondissement, stunning and unusual :)))

  3. That's a lot of good luck!

  4. Charming! I love ladybugs...

  5. Your work brings me such joy. Thank you!

  6. Geri, NJ10:14 AM

    So thanks to your powers of observation, we make the connection...How fashionable lady bugs are - red and polka wonder they're everywhere in Paris!

  7. So cute! I love the polka dot mary janes. I wonder if people would notice if I wore them while playing the harp?

  8. I love ladybugs! What a sweet post. I couldn't resist looking up "ladybugs" on Etsy and found so many cute ladybug themed crafts, like earrings and a nightlight. :-)

    Happy Spring, Carol!

  9. Ladybugs certainly pop out this time of year--we see them all over our place in spring. I love all the dotty elements here. Wonderful!

  10. Adorable! :-)

    I am carrying a tiny glass ladybug everywhere I go.

  11. I noticed they have an App on their site too for the Ladybug girl... :)

  12. they are always in lettuce during spring/ summer time too!

  13. I think it's too early to see one here, but I like the ones you found.
    I especially like the one that is guarding that very delicious looking mountain of chocolate!

    1. I spotted a giant ladybug decale today announcing a sale in a shop window-
      I'm sure there will be more to come in Paris!!!

  14. The best ones of all are your stick pins!

  15. How about polka-dot shoes for grown-ups??

  16. Lady bugs make me think of the movie..Under the Tuscan Sun. :) You do notice everything. Even the ladybugs.

  17. I think the ladybugs on the wine bottles were quite cool! :^)

  18. Paulette in TX12:23 AM

    Each day, your Paris Breakfast email makes it tolerable to be in Houston, Texas instead of in France where I long to be.
    Thank you for allowing me to travel vicariously with you!
    Today's Ladybug issue was delightful. Imagine my surprise when I saw your Ladybug teabag rests with MY name.
    Any chance you can tell me where you found them and that they have a store online from which I could order one for myself?
    I drink tea. My name is Paulette. Therefore, I MUST HAVE ONE!! >g<

  19. I adore the Basset hound on the front of the Ladybug Girl book.

    So you know Monsieur Pamplemousse?


  20. This is one of my favorite collection! Ladybug is pretty amazing!

  21. I'm dotty about them. True, they're everywhere just now but hadn't noticed them in the shops. You have such an eye, Carol! Never seen so many this year. Yesterday had 3 of them fly on to me in the garden. Weird. Ladybug, eh? We call them ladybirds. Don't know which is cuter!

  22. Thanks for the charming idea of ladybugs, coccinelles pictures !
    Would it be possible to put them on our Facebook page with credit to you and link to your blog of course ?
    It was a pleasure to have you in the store for "the grand tour".
    Kind regards,


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