Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Paris Next Wednesday...

 FOUR hours talking to HP tech support in Calcutta this morning would give anyone Jetlag. Fast forward to next Wednesday morning when I arrive in Paris, my brain will be in a similar state. Only difference is I'm flying Delta - so no Catherine Deneuve to amuse. Quelle dommage.
 First thing - a hot pink Tour Eiffel map dispenser at CDG...
 Then take Roissy Bus into town if it's early.
 At 7-8 am there's not much traffic and you can snooze.
 And watch earlybird Parisians run to work.
 Love seeing the lamps still lit early morning.
 Already 7:45?
 Roissey drops you at Place de l'Opera-the center of the universe.
 One look at a cafe setting up...
 Then onto ligne 8 at Opera Metro...
 Out at Ecole Militaire 75007...
 Patisserie Lenotre is open!
 Across Avenue de la Motte-Picquet, J-M Boulanger is selling croissants. I painted this for Gail.
At a kiosk sur la coin de Ave.de la Motte-Picquet a Paris dog waits patiently. There must be a 'Bringing Up Toutou' for doggie owners.
('toutou' means doggie)


  1. Learned a new word today: "toutou"!!

  2. Geri, NJ10:34 AM

    Oh how I enjoyed that trip with you this morning ~ You made a mundane and sometimes stressful routine actually pleasant. I will copy you some day for sure!

  3. These pictures make me both excited to return to my homeland and sooooo tired... I have known many early morning arrivals over the last 16 years. I am afraid I don't find them as romantic as you do, especially that bus ride in the drizzle on l'autoroute and le périphérique. In the end, however, it is all worth it, and the price to pay to spend time at home, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Oh, how I love those moments. Oddly enough, having traveled overseas only a handful of times I can still picture in my mind my entrances, much as you have posted here, and last (leaving each vacation spot) impression those places have made on me. Thank you for the lovely re-"dramatized" entrance to Paris waking up.

  5. After flying all night, you have it down to an incredibly competent sequence of events, including your very first pastry stop! I'm impressed.

  6. Bring scarves, gloves and a chic beret. It's brrrrr windy!


  7. SO SORRY about your computer problems. Ugh. Nothing panics me more.

    Ah, Paris in the morning...

  8. of course arrivals can be grey, tiresome and bleak
    but once the Paris dogs are out all is well again!

    I always carryon my bag,
    to avoid waiting at the baggage carrousel (especially tiresome)

  9. Good to hear that you can go back to plan and dream of your arrival in la bellissima Parigi!

  10. one of the best feelings in the world - knowing when you'll next land in paris. when i was travelling back and forth my trick for leaving was: always know when you're coming back!



  11. Bonjour Carol.....I think I'll follow your route in a few weeks time....gorgeous little post. And I think I want my own little toutou!!! Merci beaucoup.

  12. You lucky fish, wish I could do a little Paris trip myself right now! Looking forward to seeing you in chilly Londres!

  13. Jennifer5:45 PM

    The ONLY thing on my bucket list (besides writing that book that is happening this year) is spending a year in Paris to take pastry class, watch people, eat and write.

    Your work brings me such delight

  14. Delightful post and painting, Carol.
    I wish you a safe and fun trip.

  15. Oh Carol, ou la and a couple of more la,la's.

    Have a fabulous time in Paris. May your camera be close at all times.

    Bon voyage mon amie.


  16. Great photo essay - Paris waking up.
    I love the pics, your camera does a great job with available light.
    Too bad aboy HP - I hope that your problem is solved.

  17. Love the painting. Soon you will be in front of that place in person. Dont forget we turn our clocks ahead this weekend. Do they do that in Paris too.. All this changing of times? I am just getting used to the last time change. Hope your computer problems are fixed. Oh and how do you pronounce toutou?

  18. You're staying in the Rue Cler area. I remember those landmarks.Oui?

  19. the excitement and preplanning is also much fun, I will go to paris in April but am already thinking of my arrival to Paris!!!
    Oh la la, have fun in PARIS!!!!
    Hope you will have lots of new inspiration!!!

  20. Love your pictures.Wish you have a good trip.

  21. Omg! It's already next Wednesday, that's so exciting! :) I am really looking fwd to meeting up with you! I am sure I will be fine on crutches by then. :) Have a safe trip and see you soon.

    x Milsters


  22. Cris:
    what's this about changing the clocks? I'm not ready to get up later :(
    Fall forward, Spring back..?
    They do it later in Europe.
    toutou is pronounced like tootoo
    My guess anyway.
    Saskia: they say the pre-trip planning can be more fun than the actual trip!
    I'm doing taxes at the moment so not having fun :(
    I must start practicing sleeping sitting up plane-style!!
    Yes that was the rue Cler area 75007 but I'll be mostly in the 11th this trip = new turf, new discoveries.

  23. For just a moment, I was traveling! Oh well, time to go spent 9 hours in front of a computer, or on conference calls, meetings, etc. Thanks for the adventure!

  24. Jetlag from the phone? Love it. Hope to see you when you're over. Love seeing Paris through your glasses, Carol. I take so much of this for granted normally! You rock.

  25. How exciting that your next trip is so soon. And how fabulous to be able to visit so far. Australia is altogether too far from Paris, it's so expensive an undertaking from here. I'm only jealous you know....

  26. Cathy Huer3:12 PM

    i just found your blog, and i think it's amazing, I use to live in Paris at La Motte Picquet and know that bakery very well! it was funny seeing it in your pics and as a water colour...


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