Sunday, April 01, 2012

Paris Je T'Aime

 Last night I saw this sign at a Bagel place in Paris. It also said I♥New York and I♥Bagels in the window.
 Remember the movie 'PARIS JE T'AIME'?
The music is perfect for how I feel this trip.
 Yesterday I saw this adorable French kiddie dans la rue.
 Yesterday I met YSL's latest French Bull terrier, Moujik (at Yves St. Laurant's studio visit) Il est adorable vraiment! Le Roi de chiens de Paris.
 Yesterday I had a simple repast with French Girl - du fromage (from La fromagerie bien sur), du confiteur, du salade des lentilles.
 I didn't know it's OK to put jam on top of your cheese (chevre frais). There's always something new to learn from French Girl - she's my Parisian encyclopedia.
 Last night leaving French Girl's apartment I waved goodby to the Tour Eiffel.
 I visited the Babar exhibit at the musee des arts decoratifs on Tuesday.
 Yesterday I returned to pick up a Babar book and they gave me a gift-with-purchase! A new friend for Bear. He's happy as a clam.
This morning the view off my balcon.
Altogether this trip to Paris has been extraordinary.
Somehow reading Pamela Druckerman's Bringing Up Bebe helped break through an invisible wall that exists with the French.
The famous French 'attention to detail' does not just apply to perfect pastries or delicious parfums.
Showing respect for their rules + kindness makes life much easier here.
Bye Bye Paris!


  1. It is an extraordinary gift to truly appreciate a vacation while you are in the middle of it. So many times we are rushing and over thinking everything hence, missing what we are in the middle of. I am so happy that you had such an amazing time. I too loved all you shared with us. I am certain more stories will follow. Safe travels. ~Jen

  2. Dear Mistress of Paris,
    I am so glad you collected so many beautiful moments and memories during your stay in Paris! Who knows, next time you may well be a resident. ;-)

    I am off to ordering Pamela Druckerman's book.

    Bon voyage,

  3. Thank you for bringing us along with you. So sorry that it has to end but you are bringing home some wonderful memories.

  4. Anonymous6:46 AM

    I wouldn't have known about the Time vote if you hadn't posted it. Glad you did as I really enjoyed Druckerman's book and gave it as a present too. The backlash in this country is not pretty. Hope she does well in the poll.

  5. I read your post on YSL's Frenchies. I knew he had one. I didn't know he actually had many! I was always looking for him at the restaurant on the Left Bank he frequented, since I heard he ate there most nights with his French Bulldog.

  6. sooooooo--are you going to do it? Are you going to move to Paris?!

  7. It sounds like a great trip indeed, Carol, AND you even got to take a picture of my favorite dog , le Frenchie! (Yves St Laurent had great taste, but of course we already knew that ;-) So glad you got to meet with Pamela D. I, too, have enjoyed her book. It surprised me, in fact. I did not expect it to be so well researched and well written. Safe trip home, Carol! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

    1. I'm so glad you (as a frenchie) enjoyed her book Veronique.
      merci carolg

  8. I've been reading your blog for a long time & this trip did seem different. You seemed to be more at home & happier - I know, hard to peg this!
    Anyway, I'm glad that you & Bear had fun & have a safe trip home!

  9. Well...
    What to say?
    Have a safe journey back Home !
    Bon voyage!

  10. Wow.. is your trip over all ready? Sounds like you had a better time this trip. Isnt it great that someone can write a book that helps us understand places and things so much better. Yes safe trip home.

  11. Great work as always!
    You are an inspiration for my adventures in Paris...heading there for 2 weeks in April!
    Merci beaucoup...

  12. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Hello Carol -
    Just in case you didn't get enough input on your musings about moving to Paris, even if only for a while, let me add my deux centimes.
    I am a bit older than you, and let me tell you, if my life hadn't taken a tragic turn a while back, I may have gone to Paris and the south of France for an extended time. Don't wait. Do it while you can and are able-bodied, even if you can't live it in "vacation" style. You can get a small apartment, negotiate for a good rental for say 3 months, and just do it. Skimping is not hard if you are in a place you love. Remember, life takes quirky turns and one tragic turn of events and you may not be able to "do the dream." Just do it. And don't over think it. You'll never plan everything correctly or perfectly anyway.
    When I go on a trip now, I plan little. I just "let it happen." You are at a great age, smart, talented and have great joie de vivre. Pack up, lock the door, tell the super your email address and go. Find some thrift shops over there for anything you didn't bring along. I found a great Laura Ashley sweater for $4 in Avignon when I was cold unexpectedly on a trip. It works. You may have to pray a lot, but God loves adventures and adventurers.
    Happy Easter.

    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment GiGi
      You are soooo correct about everything.

  13. I agree with GiGi! Even if for a few months, or the rest of your life, you would have lived a dream! Just when you go, find a good stand in for all the wonderful things about New York you share with us too, please. I think Bear had the biggest smile ever reading with Babar! glad you had a special trip.
    bien rentre,

  14. I'm sad for you that your Parisian adventure is over, but thrilled to hear it was a divine one. Are you already counting the days to fall??

  15. All your hard work has paid off.....practice DOES make perfect! Glad this trip was great!

  16. What a magical trip. Your love for Paris shines through in your last few postseven more so than usual. If you can make it happen, I hope you will try living there! It's hard to make a major move (believe me, I know: I'm moving at the end of this month! aargh!!), but if you have a chance to follow your dream, why not do it. If it doesn't work out, well, at least you'll know you've tried it, and you can always move again.

    Have a safe trip home!

  17. Carol, I've just caught up with your last three great posts, after a travel hiatus. Omg, you're considering moving to Paris? Can I add my vote to the 72 other commenters who said yes, go for it!?! Really enjoyed your posts of this trip, interesting information, quirky pics (loving the little dog peeing on the Vespa!). I hope you are safely home now and planning the next trip - dare I say move?

  18. Mathew9:30 AM

    I know that you will be very busy after returning from your trip but I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your blogs. You’ve helped uncover even more Paris secretes and, as always, your eye for detail has captured many very interesting things that I’m sure I would have missed. So, again, thanks for sharing your very special view of the city.

    Two quick comments on today’s blog.
    First, Paris Je T’Amie is a movie I have particularly enjoyed. My favorite part is the one with Nick Nolte. Its plot twist is very well done but my favorite part is what he say’s to his daughter. During the discussion about her child she asks him “ Dad, was I a ball and chain for you?” and his response is “No honey, you were a balloon.” I hope that all parents feel that way. At least that’s what the subtitles say; I hope the French text is as clear.
    Second, jam with cheese. My mother made the world’s best fig preserves from a tree in our back yard. Since both my mother and the tree are no longer with us, I’ve had to learn to make my own fig jam from California figs. No as good as mom’s but acceptable. I always like to serve this jam with cheese when we have a party. Even in a relatively sophisticated area, most folks don’t know why the jam is there. I find that the combination of the tart sweetness of the perserves and the tang of the cheese to be a wonderful combination. The smooth texture cheese combined with the syrupiness of the jam is also very pleasant. If you can find good fig preserves give it a try.
    Again, thanks for sharing your very special view of the city

  19. My dear friend. We all know you have many fans around the world who sincerely appreciate your daily musings, photos, and paintings about your inspiring travels. But, as every one of the above has noted, this trip seems to have been very different, on so many levels. As someone who has known and loved you longer than any of your many fans, I am more than a bit saddened at the thought of not having access to you, just 90 miles north. But I am joyous with the realization that you seem to actually be considering the move to the city you love, and daring to jump off the high Dive.
    Trust me, my dear friend; the pool will be full! Plus; then I'll have a friend in Paris! Wahoooo! Go girl!

  20. I agree with the commenters above - this trip seemed to have touched you on a deeper level than others did. Now is when the real thinking starts. The possibilities become more formed.

    The last day in Paris is always sooooo hard. But I hope it prvide dyou some clarity and inspirations!

  21. Everything you share is so so lovely...thank youfor that. You inspire me and I thank you for that too. That beautiful last shot of a Papa and his bebe with the colorful red balloon is so true to the delight you take in all of Paris's sweet details that your eyes never seem to miss. And then you so kindly pass them on to us.

    1. THANKS Jenny!
      That's very sweet of you to say :)

  22. We've all enjoyed your trip as well. What a wonderful time you've had. I had no idea that you could put jam on goats cheese either. I guess it's a bit like quince paste with blue cheese? How was it? I love goats cheese so much as it is I'm not sure I'd want to put jam on it.

  23. Jacklyn3:05 PM

    Love your posts!
    Just voted for Pamela to be on the list!

  24. LOVE Parisbreakfast!!
    merci indeed


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