Monday, March 12, 2012

More Paris To-Dos

 More last minute Paris to-dos PBers!
Any other suggestions are welcome.
 Of course I will be attending Jour du Macarons Tuesday 20 March.
 With Queen of Scots macarons by my side, Jill Colonna I can not go wrong.
 We'll grab a bite at Printemps new popup cafe Paco Rabanne par Hediard.
 Of course it will be a salade break between macaron scouting.
 I have a cooking class lined up with Meeting The French (Chef Marthe) I'm excited about. Sample menu:
Mediterranean zucchini
Chicken with two vinegars
Grape pickers' cake
 After all the eating I'll need to climb some stairs! I've never been to Franck et Fils 80, rue de Passy 75016 but this looks perfect. Thanks Paris Chronicles for mentioning their inhouse Harcourt Photo Studio on the 2nd fl (10 €).
 Marie says I mustn't miss salon de The at Maison Boissier either. 184 ave. Victor Hugo 76016
 Have you heard about Guerlain's newest perf La Petite Robe Noire? There's an expo at 68 av des Champs Elysees I want to catch of French graphic designers.
 I'd love to get to see YSL's studio at Foundation Pierre Berge but this is not an easy one to catch - 5 av Marceau 75016...
 I'll be staying in BOBO 11th arrondissement after a night at Fr Girl's (for some essential sleuthing). I wanted to get to know a new area in Paris. Any suggestions?
 I know La Patisserie by Cyril Lignac has opened nearby - 24, rue Paul Bert - more stairs on the agenda bien sur.
 I've been meaning to go to La Cocotte for ages, also nearby - 5, rue Paul Bert 75011
 In London, I'll be taking tea at Peggy Porschen's Parlour 116 Ebury st, Belgravia this week!
My dance card is filling up but any suggestions are most welcome. I see some of you are into Cara Black's Paris mysteries. Would this make good Kindle reading on the trip over?
Do tell all PBers.


  1. Carol.....I'm reading my way through all of Cara Black's would make great trip paced and full of paris in every page..high recommend.

    Enjoy your trip..we will all be waiting for pictures of your latest adventure en ville!

    bon voyage!

  2. "Popup" anything seems to be the rage du jour! Anything you would know about that?

    Patissier Cyril Lignac's miniature shiny Guglhupf looks so tempting, I'd gladly run a few stairways up and down for it!

  3. If you are in the 11th, you are not far from the fabulous Au Ble Sucre (7 rue Antoine Vollon
    75012 Paris, metro Ledru-Rollin, line 8). They do a cheap lunch (sandwich or salad, + dessert + drink) for 6,50E or just try any of their patisseries! The "Avant Sept", a wink at the "After Eight" mint chocolate candy, is wonderful, as is their raspberry/orange blossom flavored macaron. Big plus and rare for Paris: all the staff is warm and friendly.

    1. I did a dangerously mouth-watering post on au ble sucre back in '09 and have not been back.
      But that lunch deal sounds irresistable.
      Big Merci!

  4. Well, it sounds as if you already have a fun program lined up, a nice balance between "dégustation" and "exercice." Bravo. Please say "Bonjour" to Vicki from French Girl in Seattle. Bon voyage, Carol. Veronique

  5. Anonymous11:14 AM

    My favorite walk up find was L'as Du Fallafel at 34 rue des Rosiers. It was a fun atmosphere and the best treat. It was delicious but like "health food" so I could keep eating the sweet treats and macarons.So full of egg plant and cabbage and great sauce.
    I am excited to see your new posts from Paris! Bon Voyage from Rural Oregon fan

  6. As far as I'm concerned, you are already there! Bon voyage!

  7. You're being quite the planner, Carol. Sounds fantastic! I'll look forward to all your escapades and descriptions of it all. Have a blast!

  8. I'm excited about this trip and I'm not even going! I'm not sure if you and Bear are crepe-lovers, but if so, perhaps a crepe(my favourite: sucre et citron). And paella at Covent Garden in London! (Not exactly traditional English food, but sooo good.) Bon voyage!

  9. According to the weather app on my Nook you will be having fantastic weather, sunny and in the 60's until Saturday, then some rain possible. If you can trust a weather forcast that far out...looks like you should pack some light weight clothes.

  10. Don't forget to go to Notre Dame and light a candle. Pray for good digestion.

    Did you know that some people make pilgrimages on their knees? Could be the next "step" in your stair-taking penance!

  11. I bring Fr Oddible 250mg for digestion (just charcole tablets)much preferable to banging up my knees!

  12. Grape picker's cake has peaked my interest. This trip sounds like it is perfectly plan but we all know plans are meant to change. I am really looking forward to reading all about the unexpected finds along your way! So happy you will be meeting with Vicki- as I am a big fan of you both! Bon Voyage and safe travels.

  13. Murder in the Marais was quite good and interesting. So far it's the
    only one in this series I've read, but I would like to find more.

  14. I so envy you this trip! I am so bored with Chicago even though the weather is getting warmer already.
    I like Cara Black, but I would recommend The Ex-Pats by Chris Pavone. I am reading it now and can hardly put it down so I can work.
    Bon voyage,

  15. Bon Vouage!
    Paris! O`lala

  16. Just a quick note to wish you Buon Viaggio a Parigi .
    I really look forward to seeing what “treasures” ( food, cloths, history and people) you’ll discover this trip. I know that you’ll produce some wonderful stories from what you find there. As always, if you decide to do any watercolors of the famous sites while you’re there I would be interested in buying some of them.

  17. A great collection of photos, Carol. The places that you have picked to visit all look great. (I love that staircase shot!)
    The pastries and salads look delicious, too.
    Have fun, and take tons of photos!

  18. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Frank et Fils is a great store with traditional and quirky fashion and gift selections. I have found some great costume jewelry, shoes and perfume over the years there!

  19. Sounds like a perfect dance program. :)) You will be pretty busy. Looking forward to it all. How long is this trip? Safe travels.

  20. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Have you been to the Musee de la Poupee? The display of antique dollies made me squeal with delight. And Marie is right, Maison Boissier is exquisite. No chocolate shop in Paris has such beautiful packaging and the chocolate and candies are also wonderful.

    1. I did a post on Musee de la Poupee but it was in '08.
      Time to return!

  21. Carol, I am already looking forward to debriefing you upon your return to NYC.

    Cara Black's Parisien mystery novels are lots of fun.

    Bon voyage to you, and to the fabulous traveler M. Bear.


  22. I have some suggestions!!! :)

    1) If you're staying in the 11e, you MUST try Le Temps au Temps (if you haven't already)! It is one of the best bistros I've eaten in so far in Paris!

    Otherwise, a new super cool restaurant that just opened in the 11e is Au Passage, backed by Daniel Rose of Spring. It is more of a tapas place.

    2) There is an AWESOME exhibition at the Jeu de Paume right now. Not very French at all, but definitely worth the visit.

    3) This coming weekend is the Brunch Bazar weekend in the 3e (not too far from the 11e).

    4) I'm really looking forward to seeing iconic photographer Robert Doisneau's exhibition.

    5) The Matisse exhibition at the Centre Pompidou recently opened.

    And you can end it with a nice cocktail at the top of Le Georges, overlooking the entire city!!

    Hope this helps!! :)

    x Milsters / Little Pieces of Light

    1. Thanks for a great list Millie!
      Bistros never have those assette de cruditees anymore so I've given up on them and go to Rose Bakery...
      I do plan to hit the Doisneau...forgot to list it!

  23. Carol, looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday. Sounds like we may just be macaroned out! Bon voyage! BTW, you'll love Frank et Fils - esp the ladies who lunch there: that's where I tasted my first macaron, as I worked around the corner for 10 yrs. Their café on the top floor used to be la Durée, now it's not the same but le shopping is ultra chic. :-)

  24. When you go to Franck et Fils, be sure to bring 10 euros for the special photo booth they have in there where you can get a "Harcourt Studios" portrait done of a real Hollywood star!

    1. Thanks for the excellent tip Paris Chronicles.
      Harcourt studio looks FAB!
      I'll definitely do it.

  25. Reading your posts and all the comments makes me very jealous.
    It all sounds wonderful...I'm taking notes for my next trip.
    I know so little of the 11th and look forward to PBs point of view.
    Have a wonderful trip!

  26. I need that top postcard, Carol! (I don't have enough...)

  27. Anonymous7:32 AM

    hello do you sell the card la petite robe noire? thanks


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