Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Put A Bird On it

 Adorable little chickie in La Mere Du Famille window.

 And loads of chocolate eggs and nests as well.

 Annick Goutal nestles parfums in green grass.

 Au Nom de la Rose is showing greens for your petit balcon.

 Spring is in the vitrines (butnot the air)in Paris. I bought a cardi at Monop.

 Paris adores Pantone springie colors.

 You can color your life in Pantone completement.

 Pantonie kiddies shoes

 Serious, sobre white gauzy Spring dresses from Jacadi.

 Does Paris watch Portlandia? There are birds on everything?

 The Easter bunnies have invaded Paris.

 As have the chocolate chats at La Maison du Chocolat for Pacques.

 Even Monoprix is showing it's Spring colors for yogurt!
Bien sur Pierre Herme has his Springie macaron colors on. Today is Jour du Macaron Day! Big report demain/tomorrow. 


  1. Carol, Loving the posts. I was behind a day so just to catch up... books, bread, balcony and today birds? OK good. Sounds absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to see what you are going to paint from this trip. Enjoy it all... ~Jen

  2. Parisbreakfast is like a Paris mood board!
    Who needs Pinterest when we have this?
    Love yr combinations.

  3. It's birds season :-)
    I loooove it !
    Plus, I loveeee easter, so much chocolat to try!

  4. I am waiting (im)patiently for the report on Jour du Macaron... I hope that you and Jill are rounding the last PH pâtisserie as I am typing this! They have cut back from 3 macarons at each stop to one? Quelle horreur! Please tell me they are still giving a box of 35 for making it to all the shops.

    Wish I was there with you two and Bear!


  5. .. how exciting Macaron Day ... can't wait for many pics and updates as the worshipers flock ... meanwhile here in NYC, it's going to be 80 degrees tomorrow ... yee gads, what will summer hold !!! ... have fun, can't wait to hear/see ... xo .. Karen in CT

  6. Very sweet vitrines....I love Portlandia!

  7. Hope you have/had a successful Macaron Day! Everyone is waiting for details and photos!

  8. Absolutely, breathtakingly gorgeous work. Thank you for being a muse.

  9. I hope you bought a deliciously colorful cardigan! And why don't they make those flowered little slippers in grown-up girl sizes????

  10. Love the sweet little birds--and glad to hear you have birdsong there, too. It's that time, here, when they're all cannoodling...

  11. Genius!!! Love all the Spring-iness. I'm always saying "put a bird on it" and usually nobody knows what I'm talking about!

  12. 2 sets of goatie kids just 3 & 4 days old are sure sign of spring here, Carol! And little fluffy chicks any day now! Your bright cherry post today lightened my spirits after just getting in from battening down the barn for the deluge that has us in flood watch. Look forward to Macaron Day report too!

  13. I want some real fluffy little yellow chicks. My wife won't let me get any. She's no fun! I guess I'll have to settle for some chocolate ones.

    1. There's always divorce Bill
      or you could, alternatively, go in the back yard and eat worms as we used to say...ahem

  14. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Happy Spring from Portland!
    Love the blog, I'll keep dreaming of Paris...

    -Kristin in PDX

    1. Wouldn't it be grand if 'Portlandia' visited Paris!?


  15. I love that opening shot!
    The birds, and chicks, and that bunch of greenery all point towards spring!
    It's nice and warm here - I hope that it warms up for you there...

  16. Love the patent leather shiny pantones! Not only have the enormous bunnies invaded KC, but in today's paper I learned that they have NAMES!!! Note to self: Must post on Flickr.

  17. Lucky you!!!!
    Thanks for the link at jacadi...
    I agree with you... nice dress!

  18. Anonymous12:01 PM

    I am looking forward to a time when Portlandia visits one of the great purveyors of Macarons .Then they really should visit Paris and and Put a Bird On IT!!! Oh, the possibilities you have stirred up.I am loving your trip to Paris posts. Merci, fan from rural Oregon

  19. Hey I've got a questions for you? How do you say:
    "Put a bird on it"
    in French.....Why do you ask? Well, I entered an Art Call for ten artists, to get ten items and to turn it into art in ten days. I want to title it....you guessed it....
    "Put a bird on it"
    However, I'm not French. You are the first thing that popped up on Google. Can you help?



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