Monday, March 19, 2012

Salon du Livre 2012

 Bear went to Salon du Livre 2012 yesterday at Porte du Versailles.
 So did a lot of other people!
 A lot of authors showed up.
 To sign many books...
 And make watercolors/drawings in the books...
 Tristan Banon signing her Le Bal des Hypocrites...
 I hung out at the kid's books/des jeuness
 It was a reading free-for-all.
 Just sit on the floor and read!
 Or read a sac/bag.
 If you believe you are beautiful (kiss the frog!).
 French cursive all over.
 Not all French kids are angels.
Dico des Betises/dictionary of naughtinesses tells all. I brought along Bringing Up Bebe on my Kindle to keep well-informed on Fr kiddies. When you say, 'you made une betise' it's not the same as saying 'you are bad' - a subtle difference. This book is full of funny betises.
 Some French kids don't love spinach, but they all love chocolat.
 French children don't throw food, but they might throw paper airplanes at la maitress/the teacher, ahem.
 In Peluches A Paris/Teddybears in Paris, a giant dog makes a giant crotte/poop at La Madeleine, AHEM
 A serious chocolate book with no pictures written by Jacques Pessis, président du Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat (for les adults).
Free snacks at the Salon.


 On the way home I saw a baker making bread at Boulangerie CharlotEnfin chez moi in Bobo 11th. The view from my tiny balcon. A tres mignon et tres practique chambre de bonne on the 6th floor fortunately with an elevator, Dieu merci). 


  1. Just returned from my trip to Paris...learned so much from my experience! And when I saw your picture of your view from your balcony, I had to smile...because it was one of my favorite sights while there....the rooftops and the windows.

  2. What a great view! It definitely brought back some great memories. Another great post.

  3. Interesting post as usual, but I agree about the last shot, from your balcony.
    What a great pile of shapes and analogous colors.
    The bones for a beautiful almost abstract watercolor, Carol.
    I say do it!

    1. Crikey!
      I never even considered painting the view...
      I'm working on Ze Book full stop.
      You come here and paint it!

  4. .. love the posts from Paris .. so glad to see you back again .... yes, thank God for an elevator ... have fun, Karen in CT

  5. You're lucky to have an lift to the 6th. Have you seen the film with Luchini, 'Les femmes du 6ème étage"? C'est un MUST!
    OMG, so glad didn't go to the salon this time around. I'm surprised you even managed to get in to that Stroumpf packet! A demain... xo

    1. Really the crowds were managable and polite. Well almost everyone was reading something or other.
      They were very engrossed. You could touch all the books, read them, photograph them(!).
      No one asked me to stop shooting.
      And no one was pushing you to buy either, though many bought me included.
      Altogether the Salon was a lovely experience.

  6. Great post Carol. Loved to see so many young children at the Salon du Livre! Reading is great skill to develop at an early age, and a visit to such a fun place, is sure to encourage the love of reading chez les petits! Happy you are having fun with Bear. Bonne visite! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. Fantastic view from your 6th floor! My French teacher said French parents tell children , "soit sage" instead of our , "Be good."

    1. That's a line right out of Bringing Up Bebe!!
      and these kids were calm.
      I did not see or hear ONE screaming kid among the thousands.
      And they were not walking around stuffing their little faces with snacks.
      Food/drink, like at all conventions, was overpriced.
      I refuse to pay $5 for a bottle of water.
      I'd rather faint.
      i.e. the Haribo snacks came in handy BIG TIME!

  8. Carol, it looks like you're having a blast with all the wonderful LIVRES! I have a new one for you...out next month...."French Kids Eat Everything" by Karen Le Billon. I can't wait to eat, I mean READ this one!

  9. Carol bonjour….
    Pas “merci Dieu” mais “Dieu Merci…. »
    Enjoy la lecture de ces beaux livres…

  10. What a perfect day - full of books. In Paris.

  11. Ce sont toujours de très agréables moments et parfois de belles rencontres...
    Gros bisous

  12. Anonymous2:13 PM

    I have only discovered your blog just a few weeks ago and am enjoying it immensely!! Not only your amusing and pleasurable posts about Paris but your lovely artwork as well. I'm so glad that you are there having a wonderful time in Paris. I will be there at the end of May and I'm going to take a tip from you and start climbing stairs in preparation! Have a wonderful rest of your trip and am looking forward to your future posts. -Victoria in Los Angeles

  13. That's quite a crowd at the book show. You did prefer the kids' section!
    Ms. Druckerman is going to be very rich...
    Your roof view is fabulous - at the blue hour no less!

    1. it was l'heure bleu all day yesterday...
      Darn cold too-I am wearing layers and bought a cardi at Monop this evening.
      With all that time and talk I did not prepare weather-wise it seems!!

  14. A fun post again those Haribo gummies....can't wait to see more of the Bobo 11th arrondissement. Really liked that Dictionary of Naughtiness! Very cute!

  15. Foodwalker5:46 PM

    Hilarious those naughty kiddies!
    Very giggle-inducing

  16. OK when did you get back to paris? You were in London on last post..Oh yes.. I can see why people paint rooftops its a lovely view. and what book are you working on full stop. Are you doing a book or just reading one?

  17. Siiiigh... you just made me so very wistful. (I hope you're having a ball!)

  18. "Read and the force be with you" my family still say. Now where's that damn frog? Therese
    P.S Those rooftops look whimsical. Thanks.

  19. Argh! I missed this and am really disappointed about it.


  20. I wouldn't mind living in a chambre de bonne if it meant I could live in Paris. :^)

  21. Going thru a bunch of your posts right now and I love how you end most of them with your balcony view. What a sweet way to way to wrap it up:)


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