Friday, March 02, 2012

On rue Vavin

 Strolling down rue Vavin is a good way to experience a slice of a Parisian maman's life. Get out at Metro Vavin (ligne 4), cross bd Raspail and head down.
 Try not to get run over by the pousettes/strollers or better yet avoid the late afternoon stampede home from la creche. But then where would be the fun?
 I can never resist a pistache/framboise cone at Amorino at #4 and neither can anyone else.
 Paris dads come to browse on rue Vavin -the Avenue Montaigne of kids clothes. It's lucky the street is pedestrian, since you'll be zigzaging to look in all the windows of the best children's shop in Paris.
 Jacadi, Petite Bateau, Catamini, Berlingot, Chattawak, Marese...
 Will keep you enthralled.
 And only the best stuffed animals/doudous.
 For maman lovely ballerinas by Jaime Mascaro at #15
 Two very good neighborhood boulangeries...
 Plus superb chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin at #3. You will never go hungry on rue Vavin.
 Two or three papier shops like Marie-Papier at #24.
 A huge kids book store with cahier/notebooks to practice French cursive  at FNAC #19.
 Keep heading down the street and you'll hit one of many entrances into.
 Jardin du Luxembourg or 'le Luco'
Once inside you may catch some French kids/les gosses misbehaving/mal élevée 


  1. I love how the ice cream cones walk in front of you, totally beguiling! :-)

    Your French kids are utterly endearing too. ;-)

    To spring and a happy weekend,

  2. P.S.:
    I shall call you "La Poetessa" from now on! ;-)

  3. The kids all look they are having a good time. Bookstores for them & a whole street of kids' shops - a new view on Paris from the sidewalk cafes & nightlife for adults!

  4. Your posts always bring back great memories of when my wife and I have visited Paris.

    One of our favourite memories was going to one of the small parks and seeing the Dads having fun with their kids.

    Great post!

  5. I love France.
    Paris has (for me) many negative qualities. For me Paris Breakfasts is about France and the French, more than Paris.

  6. Oh yes I think Paris is very kid-centric.
    The French are just bigger sized kids!

  7. The last photo showing a Parisian woman in heels surrounded by three happy children, reminds me of what it is like to raising children in France:
    Respect to tradition to ways of being French, and that the mother is a woman first,and a mother. French women generally don't surrender that role!
    Long live heels and a stroller.

  8. Hmmm... for once, I think I'm salivating more over the shoes than the pastries...

  9. Love the last photo especially - Maman's patience being tested by her three exquisitely dressed enfants!

  10. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Ah, Paris! Rue Vavin is the link from our fave hotel, The St Beuve, to Luxembourg Gardens...

    Merci for the daily escape from work! xo, Kristin(a)

  11. I really love your blog the contents and the colors... Do you live in Paris ?, if so next time I am there I have to bring you samples of our jam....
    More power to you as we say here!


  12. Good morning, Paris Breakfasts! :-)


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