Friday, March 30, 2012

Les petits bla-blas

 There are so many wonderful little shops in Paris full of delightful nonsense.
 Les Petits Bla-Blas fills the bill parfaitement.
7 rue du Crussol 75011
 These shops are meant for bebe shopping...
 But Paris brings out the enfant in us all.
 I fell hard for toys at Les Petits Bla-Blas.
 Adorable dollies!
 Ladybug/coccinelle buttons.
 If you're packing for Paris by all means bring something with a bird on it.
 Polka dots are IN big time even at La Bon Marche!
 I couldn't resist vintage facsimili French games by Marc Vidal.
 Do I really need to learn my ABCs again?
 On the other hand learning French politesse seems to be top of the list this trip. Manners count in France!
 A close family member has suggested I was 'raised with wolves', ahem. There were lots of books on wolves/les loups at Salon du Livre so maybe that's not such a bad thing in France.
 Yesterday I picked up Calme et Attentif Comme Une Grenouille(calm and attentive like a frog). It's meditation exercises for small children. Click and watch the video. You'll be instantly calmed and sleep through your nights.
 I've abstained from eating ice cream cones for a week.
But gorgeous weather in Paris has caused me to fall off the wagon. I'm hoping with daily froggie meditations I'll regain some restraint...
Bon Chance et Bonne Week-end! 


  1. Lucinda5:51 AM

    wolves, frogs, ladybugs,bunnies, bears
    Paris is full of animaux!

  2. Thank you for a post full of Parisian delights, again!

    " Simple double triple" - ingeniously illustrated, even I can understand that! :-)

  3. .. all just so cute ... I would have had a hard time in that shop as well ... have fun

    tres mignon

  5. THOSE BUTTONS! They are tres adorable. Makes me want to knit up a little sweater for somebody's child and put them on it. Funny, how a little thing like that can inspire bigger artistic dreams (well not so big...child sweaters are pretty small). But still.

    And what a delicious way to fall off the wagon! mmmmm.

  6. Absolutely "j'adore " the sign above the shop door.

    Eat Cake

  7. I pity the child who gets lessons in manners from American rabbits! And when I meditate like afros, I meditate on what flavor of ice cream to try next.... :-)

  8. Aren't French kids' stores just the best?? I can't get enough...and I don't even have little kids anymore!

    1. Exactly Connie the point I was making.
      I think these shops are for so-called 'grownups' who want to play a bit.

  9. Blah-Blahs -shop has something to say!

    I Love the way You have fallen off the wagon!

    The right Button at the Meditation exercise might be the thing! :D

  10. I say forget the restraints, indulge in that part of you that is still child-like, and all kinds of other goodies.
    Yer only young once...even if it is in spirit, these days.

  11. I agree with Mr. Ternay - indulge the inner-child.
    Have your ice cream while looking at vintage childrens' illustrations.
    I'm glad that the weather is cooperating!

  12. Thank you very
    much but the link to the web site is wrong.
    you have forgotten the "S" at the second "bla"
    with best regards

  13. Les Petits Blah Blahs is such a cute name for a store. And meditation for children looks so cute. The voice on the video would send me straight to sleep.


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